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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. mechaMecha
    I don't own a smartwatch at the moment, but what I'm hoping to do is control playback of the music on my Poly's micro SD card without having to also carry my phone with me, mostly while exercising, taking walks, etc. Is that possible? My current (non-ideal) workaround is to turn on my (Android) phone's hotspot, connect the Poly to it, then start playing music using the MALP app installed on my phone. The Poly will continue to play music on its own even after it disconnects from the wifi network, but without my phone I obviously don't have any way to select specific music or even skip tracks.
  2. mightyKyn
    in the apple watch scenario you need your iphone but it can be tucked away in a bag. and your Mojo can be in a pocket.
  3. mightyKyn
    i stumbled across it yesterday on a hike.... using LTE tether to poly listening to tidal in hirez streaming. looked at time and saw mconnect app on watch was running.... skipped tracks... adjusted volume with the knobsweet... stashed iphone in fanny pack...

    apple watch for control is GREAT.

    Native support would be insane... leave house with apple watch and only mojo!! but would require apple to enable tethering to apple watch not currently possible.
  4. mechaMecha
    Ah, OK. If I have my phone with me, I'm usually perfectly fine with using that to control the Poly. What I'm looking for is a solution that doesn't involve the phone, just a rudimentary controller via smartwatch to navigate the music on the Poly's micro SD card. Thanks again for the info.
  5. mightyKyn
    Love my Mojopoly + Sony Z1R

    Transcendent combo for walking ... hiking...around house office.

    However my Sony PHA3 sounds better... was taken aback at how much clearer breathing was on PHA3.

    About time for Mojopoly 2 guys.

    Bought the Powerbeats 2 today for my iphone... Mojopoly/Z1R spoiled... sounded like tin can.

    Sony WHXM100XM3 paird to galaxy 9 with LDAC and hirez bit rate streaming BLOWS Powerbeats pro out of water. Best middle ground to Mojopoly/Z1R for gym and other use cases.

    Powerbeats pr 2 use case primarily phone calls and other verylight weight scenarios.

    LCD 4Z not good Mojopoly pair... really if going this direction you need hugo 2 + the to be launched streamer... HOWEVER this combo woudl still be a little heavy... Z1R is very light... One of the best Mojopoly combos.

    I'd say best portable package tofay would be mojopoly + Z1R

    Have Sony WHXM100XM3 + Android for hibit rate LDAC as other option in arsenal.

    LCD 4Z for stationary use.
  6. StevieDvd
    Here's a free idea for Chord to think about.

    Have a small bluetooth gizmo that can go on a keyring or belt that sends simple bluetooth commands to Poly to control sd-card playback in quickplay. Good for joggers & commuters and keeps the phone safely tucked away.
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  7. miketlse
    [Deleted for incorrect suggestion]
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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  8. Daniel Johnston
    $750 isn’t cheap by any means. However, for a:
    1) Portable Roon endpoint (using RAAT)
    2) DLNA and UPnP player/server
    3) Integrates with Tidal and Qobuz natively (not just via airplay via the tidal or Qobuz phone app)
    4) Airplay compatability
    5) Onboard unlimited capacity SD card with MPD function

    That’s pretty impressive from a small box. That’s not including the onboard battery life and ability to augment the Mojo’s battery life. I’m sure there’s other cool features I missed. Unless you build a raspberry pi type situation and mate it to a DAC or DAP, I don’t see anything else that can do this. AK is supposed to release a firmware update for their DAPs. The AK SR15 is the closest in price to the Poly. AK DAPs are the closest I could find in an all in one product that competes with poly/mojo.

    I’ve read the trials and tribulations of the earlier firmwares for Polys. And if my experience hadn’t been seamless, I’d agree 100% it is overpriced. However, given they cleaned up most of the mess and made a really solid combo, I’d recommend it to anyone. Just my $0.02.

    Not attacking you, just giving a little praise to Matt and his team for creating a pretty darn impressive product.
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  9. Gr8h8m
  10. AC-12
    I believe I could of used a BT remote for my setup, but I needed a way to control the volume on the Hugo2. The only way to do that is with IR so I went the IR remote route.

    It's just a simple keyboard mapping. So if 'U' == VOLUME UP, a BT or IR remote button just needs to be mapped to the 'U' key.

    The Poly could probably provide that service for volume, but since there is no software player internally in the Poly I don't how you would map navigation. Third-party software would need to be involved unless Chord develops a tiny software player to reside inside the Poly.

    Note: I left this thread after the first few pages a long time ago so have no idea about quickplay. If quickplay can provide a service to capture a keyboard event then map to a function, it may be possible. Maybe test with an Apple keyboard connected to the Poly at first. If that works, you will just need to find a BT remote that can custom map to a keyboard key.
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
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  11. AC-12
    I'm assuming quickplay is an Chord app....

    Just have Chord map a keyboard event like 'P' for play/pause in their next update. Then connect a BT keyboard and check if that works. Then you just have to find a remote that can custom map keyboard keys as well as being pair-friendly with the Poly.

    Would be nice if quickplay can work independent of a smartphone once it's loaded. I can bypass iPhone/Apple Watch if it's not needed on my setup and just stick with the IR remote. This may trigger my interest in the 2Go/Poly again one day if this becomes a reality.

    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
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  12. Gr8h8m
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  13. Peter Hyatt
    The quest for simplicity sure is complicated.
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  14. rwelles
  15. vkvedam
    @Matt Bartlett Just making sure that this hasn't got lost :)
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