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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. mashuto
    I have been a very vocal critic of the poly. I think it certainly has its share of issues and still could use some extra features, specifically chromecast for us android users to have parity with apple, esepcially considering the lack of bluetooth codecs available.

    But, you are wrong about this one. This update does have some new features. Though like you, most of them I dont care about (not about to spend hundreds to set up roon). But in all honesty, I would say the main feature of this update is stability. Two days ago I loaded up the poly and couldn't use it for more than 3 or 4 minutes before getting issues, at home, on my home network. I listened for an hour last night switching between using hify (for spotify), dlna, and mpd. And the new firmware handled it like a champ. I am at work now, using a hotspot on my phone, something I tried a few weeks ago and had major problems with. Today, running almost perfectly (had one minor dropout, though thats likely due to more to the phone hotspot).

    I feel like this is the update that finally brings the poly to a place it likely should have been at launch. Its unfortunate that its now 18 or so months since release and we are just there. But as vocal as I have been, I am very happy that chord has not given up on it. I am actually excited again to use my poly. Its still not perfect, and I do hope they keep adding to it and updating it. Chromecast integration is sorely needed in my opinion, and theres still some question about gapless playback via dlna. But either way, this is a great update.
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  2. darkflame808
    I can’t wait to jump on board. Hoping you all hurry up and update so my poly can get in lol.
  3. rodee13
    Updated to v2.0 without much issues, was hoping for spotify connect but alas will have to continue with the airplay option, thought it spotify connect would be easier to add since most av receivers now come with it.
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  4. Gr8h8m
    Echoing others here, (putting aside the pain of the upgrade process) firmware v2.0 has been a revelation. Well done Chord. If this had been the initial release I'm sure Poly would have had a much more positive welcome. Still, got there in the end! I hope now Chord carries on with development and implements outstanding features (Chromecast, Spotify etc).
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  5. tekkster
    So....Once it's bricked, that's it, right? Nothing Chord can recommen, right? No undocumented hidden little tricks to get it working again?
  6. keithmarsh
    I'm on FW 2.0 now. On my home network everything is working fantastically. Especially with Roon

    I'm still getting issues on hotspot mode though :frowning2:

    After only 2 songs Poly's hotspot just disappeared and couldn't be discovered on any of my devices. I then discovered that every time I switch hotspot mode on/off Poly decides to rebuild the SD database meaning I have to wait 20 mins or so for my music to be fully available.

    Is anyone else experiencing something similar to this?
  7. MaxD
    I normally don’t say too much but I have to colour the negative posts here with a bit of positive feedback: I am really happy with the Poly/Mojo. It worked for me on the go and at home / work (3 networks) with no issues. When I leave the house I just start up my hot spot and power up the Poly. Everything just works. The update was not flawless but it worked for me. The update made my Poly faster and a bit more fun, The Germans out there will have heard the saying "He who loves his car, pushes" Same with the Poly, if you love music then just try harder….. You folks at Chord, A big thank you for the Poly and the Mojo. I don’t think there is a more flexible and brilliant sounding device out there for this price. It's good to see a company who stick behind a good idea and resulting product through thick and thin.

    Good Job well done.
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  8. joshnor713
    Tidal does use Google Cast, which is what makes it even more sore for us Android users that the Poly (coming onto 2 years of release) still doesn't support it, but has had AirPlay. Chord may favor Apple, but the fact is that they're leaving a large portion of potential buyers on the table.
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  9. paulgc
    @Matt Bartlett @ChordElectronics @Mojo ideas ... I am sure you are all super busy supporting users through the 2.0 process. Enjoying the Internet Radio find! When things calm down can you explain the Tidal integration? I entered my credentials under Users. But just not sure what to expect/look for (and where) after that. Or if someone else on the forum can share I thank you in advance.
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  10. mashuto
    Chord has said a number of times that they have planned and are looking into chromecast support. And I believe they had mentioned some challenges getting it implemented. So I dont think its that they have left us on the table, it just hasnt arrived, nor have we had great communication as to the status or priority of implementing it. Dont know if its still coming, or what the status is, but I certainly hope its still on the table and can be made a priority because it does feel like for android users, streaming options are limited.
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  11. tekkster
    Thank you @Matt Bartlett for your help via this thread.

    I'm sure it's been a real struggle supporting so many users, some very satisfied, and some rather disgruntled.

    Customer service on days like this must sometimes feel like a thankless job.

    Appreciate the help.
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  12. PrittiPoly
    Be careful. I think you will probably get 1.0.41 forced on you if you connect to the internet and you may brick Poly if an sd card is on board.

    Has anyone installed 1.0.41 but not 2.0.0 and checked if Poly still has all the functionality of 1.0.26? Or is 1.0.41 just an installer for 2.0.0? Paranoid question I know.
  13. darkflame808
    Well given that they just came from a complete rewrite of the code. I'm confident that many of the features we are requesting will eventually be incorporated. I think Chord wanted to take care of the "foundation" before moving on to the renovations and additions. :)
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  14. MikeRight
    I have changed my charger and now I am using an Hugo2 charger.

    Repeat the process again. This time the main light of the mojo (the big one) stills off (not changes to red) and the dancing colors in the Poly light come to white after several minutes (20’ more or less). No orange or yellow color in Poly light at any moment.

    After that nothing happens.
    I turned off and on but is not updated.

    This is a nightmare :frowning2:
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  15. scook94
    At what point should I assume my Poly is bricked?
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