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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Andreeas1978
    Absolutely no sarcasm here, brothers, I also foresaw the logics of 0000 in factory reset during the update, I appreciate any help!
    It's just crazy frustration that now I just look helpless at it ..I also deleted poly from BT in my phone...I don't know what else to do.
    I apologise if it came through as sarcasm, I promise it was not! I also slept only 3 hours last night and today am like a zombie at work with the only outcame of ” loosing” my Poly... I trust I'll fix it somehow, all of us.
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  2. didge70
    Yes, complete update done in about 15 min by following exactly the steps pointed out by Chord!

    The initial firmware update to 1.0.41 took about 10 min.
    Then via the GoFigure app I started the version 2 firmware update.
    Poly didn’t do anything at first. The P. status light stayed white.
    So I switched it off for a minute and then switched it on again. The Poly P. Status light immediately started colour cycling and only did that about 3 times after which it stayed yellow. That took another minute, before the status light switched off.
    I then switched Poly/Mojo off and on again and the update was done.

    I mainly use Poly/Mojo with Roon, which was up until now unusable. I had constant dropouts when listening to music while surfing the Internet or even when someone else used Roon with another device, Poly would stop.

    Now... everything works perfectly, no more dropouts.

    Thank you very much, Chord! @Matt Bartlett
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
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  3. ZappaMan
    How do I get qobuz to stream to poly then ?
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  4. Mr X
    Same here, only took around 10 for the whole process. I do have a 1GB fibre connection so perhaps that helped along with doing it yesterday the minute it got released so perhaps i missed the server being hit.

    Anyway, so far so good :)
  5. Matt Bartlett
    Someone mentioned on here a while ago about connecting the Apple watch to Poly via Bluetooth so they could listen to music on the go without having to take a phone with them.
    I can confirm that this does work with the latest firmware and is another interesting use case I hadn't even considered until it was suggested.
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  6. ag18
    Just adding my own „worked as advertised for me“ line here. Followed the steps, had one moment of the light indicators being unclear to me, restarted poly and then it all worked the way it was supposed to for me. Thanks, @Matt Bartlett & gang! I have to say, while the firmware update procedures were unorthodox (up until now), they have always worked for me. And I do appreciate the security design of the device that prohibits code execution from the SD card. I do not need another hijackable device in my apt, there are plenty of sketchy IoT devices already! :wink:
  7. ag18
    What’s the verdict on #1?
  8. Peter Hyatt
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
  9. didge70
    One more thing, Chord Poly now shows up as Roon Ready in the Roon app!
    I didn’t have to do anything.
  10. supervisor
    MConnect has a built-in MQA authenticator--so it will work. Not sure about 8player.
  11. supervisor
    all i encountered yesterday was brief hiccups--no speeding up effect. I think the breaks in iPhone hotspot connection are impossible to escape in a city like NYC. so much interference everywhere. a fire truck passed with the sirens on and the connection briefly stopped. a train pulls into the subway and the connection briefly stops. i think this is an iPhone/wi-fi problem and not a Poly issue.

    regardless--no more speeding up!
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  12. AndrewJ
    Thanks. My issue was more to do with the connection - in the end all I did was to clear the cache of MALP and the connection started working again.
  13. Progisus
    Successful upgrade to 2.0. One thing I might mention... when turning off remember to wait until the green connected light goes out before restarting. The update is fantastic. Switching between Roon and "other sources" works instantly with no need to reboot. Gapless also is a joy. I can't see the need for the Tidal, Qobuz integration as apps like mConnect have that already. Maybe someone can clarify this integration for me.
  14. AndrewJ
    One immediate bonus for me is that recently I had given up on redering sound from MusicBee to Chord Poly. This is working like a dream at present. Well pleased! Thanks to all at Chord.
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  15. popof94
    Poly light always circle red, green, blue. 1 hour, 2 hours and still no yellow color appear. No sd card inserted, connected to the charger, .41 installed but impossible to upgrade to the new version. Any help much appreciated.
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