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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. ZappaMan
    Just wondering, do you play tidal via air play ?
  2. Cloten
    Yes. I suspect that Airplay is not quite as good as the direct connection between Poly and Mojo. Still, why should the latter be louder?
  3. NaiveSound
    My poly still disconnects from akconnect/bubble upnp every 5 songs or so.... Just wish I didn't have to reconnect all the time... Sigh
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    Last edited: May 22, 2018
  5. Chip B
    I've just been putting it in my pocket, in the hard case, but I like this idea, can you give me source to look at it?
  6. NaiveSound
  7. Chip B
    So a few comments for the group. About 1 week ago Darko posted a newer review of the Chord Poly called, Home and Away with the Chord Poly. At the end of the article he stated the Poly duplicate issue was tied to Bluetooth, which was news to me, "Footnote #1: Chord’s software team are currently trying to iron out a glitch with iOS Bluetooth where the host device fails to drop the previous Poly connection and shows duplicate units in iOS’ Bluetooth panel. The workaround before reconnecting is to tell iOS to forget both Polys, reboot Poly and restart iOS’ Bluetooth."

    Finally, I have had some problems, negotiating volume control level between, my iPhone, Apps and the Chord Poly. Initially I thought I wouldn't use "Bit-perfect" playback, but now I'm thinking maybe that makes the most sense. I haven't used it, are there pros and cons and use cases anyone wishes to share? Thank you!
  8. JeremyLaurenson
    Got a replacement poly who turns on immediately. (Of course this makes me very happy) and now, I’m off from the US to Prague and London...

    Let’s see how she does
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  9. NYanakiev
    I decided to give Hugo 2 a first listen after all the glowing reviews from both the media and the user base alike. I also brought Mojopoly along for comparison purposes.

    My hidden intention was to buy myself a unit, in spite of the price, which along with the case is double that of Mojo and Poly.

    My first thought was that I quite like the design, which it seems has proven to be quite polarising. What I liked less was how light H2 felt- it almost felt “cheap” next to Mojo as the two weigh almost the same.

    While I could hear a difference listening to tracks on Tidal HiFi already (I’m sure it will grow along with a file’s higher quality), I didn’t feel blown away by it. Yes, the filters were great and there is undoubtedly a LOT of power in H2;

    HOWEVER- in my opinion Mojo wasn’t too far behind. Had I bought the H2, it would have ended up seeing very little use like Mojo did before Poly.

    I realised that the sort of versatility gained through Poly is what is allowing me to enjoy using Mojo. I still plan to purchase a H2 as and when 2Go becomes available but I am more than happy owning M+P;

    EDIT: I guess I am probably not the usual suspect for H/H2 as I currently don’t have any other use for it than as a headphone amp and a dac for my PC/TV etc.

    EDIT 2: I also can't help but think Mojo probably turned out a little too good:DD
    Last edited: Mar 17, 2018
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  10. Amberlamps
    I had a similar experience as yourself

    Since February, I have sunk roughly £3000 into buying new Chord products, A second mojo and another Poly and case and a Hugo 2 and hugo case.

    I love the hardware that Chord makes, like you I still prefer using my mojo/poly more than Hugo 2, mojo is so good that I use it much more than my Hugo2.

    I think I use it more because its so portable, unlike hugo2 which is attached to an optical cable, so its static and cant really be moved unless I disconnect the optical cable, hence why I can’t wait for 2go to be released.

    My library is a mix of flac/alac/dff/dsf/dxd and a handful of wav and the same again with ape and the ubiquitous mp3 from the olden days which just doesnt want to die.

    With the above filetypes, their has been a few times where I have said to myself, What was that noise ? I dont recall this song sounding so bad, or, hearing a noise/some instrument in the background that I couldnt hear before hugo 2.

    I did some tests and it turns out that Hugo 2 is so good at doing its job, its showing just how bad some of my files really are.

    The clarity of hugo 2 is so good that it quickly lets you know if its being fed manure.

    I know mojo is a small Hugo 2 with less taps and running at half speed of the hugo2 if I recall correctly, but even so, I love the sound of mojo and in my opinion Hugo 2 takes some getting used too, I think because it has a crystal clear and sharp sound whilst Mojo has a warmer sound.

    They are both great and I cant wait for 2go to come out as I will snap that up in a heartbeat, regardless of the mess that was poly’s release.


    I am waiting for the new upgraded intona to come out ( they are in the process of updating them, hopefully to usb3 ) so I can add usb galvanic isolation to hugo2.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2018
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  11. JeremyLaurenson
    I am happy to report that my new Poly, an entirely new WiFi network at home and a new version of Glider finally are delivering on the promise of actually using Poly.

    The poly hotspot certainly needs a password or even a hidden mode. On my flights from the US to Paris and then to Prague I had all sorts of people accessing Poly and making it glitch (as it does when you connect or disconnect WiFi) especially at the start of the flight. I’m guessing about 8-10 times during my short Paris/Prague flight!

    I saw the lady next to me browsing my poly and getting a great advert for Mojo the first time, so this is certainly an issue.
  12. NYanakiev
    Interesting to hear, coming from someone who owns both (or should I say all three) units.

    I would have been a tad disappointed, had I bought H2 without taking a closer look first.

    As it stands, I am much better served by Mojo+Poly and the history of Mojo gathering dust would have repeated itself. As such I hope that 2Go is real (and sort of don’t because I will have no excuse not to buy myself a Hugo 2+2Go!!)
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  13. suixt
    I had similar issues multiple times. Really frustrating...
    Luckily this will be tackled by GoFigure according to the last comments from Chord when it finally gets released
  14. AudioBear
    My Poly was mailed last week. Can't wait to see how it works. Lately it's been gathering dust while I enjoy Hugo-2.
  15. Priaptor
    As if this crazy ride with MojoPoly has been crazy enough, Drew from Moon Audio who has been incredible in coordination with the people in Chord and NA distributor, did replace my Poly. Well the USPS in it's infinite wisdom shipped it to a PO literally a 1/4 mile from my home but for whatever reason decided it should go to the west side of Lake Okeechobee which is about 2 hours from my house. It never ends BUT luckily they realized their mistake and delivered it yesterday.

    Charged it and attached it and amazingly it immediately turned on. A joyous event.

    Anyone who was having the kind of troubles some of us have been having need watch the movie with Tom Hanks called The Money Pit. I felt like Shelly Long when she turned on the faucet and FINALLY had running water after months of being promised her house would be finished in "two weeks".
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