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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Amberlamps
    This from 10 years ago has more control over sd card and it has a screen, its also smaller than my pinky.

    I am sure whatever is running inside poly is waaay more powerful than this thing that I still use to this day depending on the situation.


    The thing is basically a AA battery, yet it has a screen and can connect upto 4 devices and is slightly more capability than what we have been told poly is with regards to sd cards.
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  2. NaiveSound
    Well if Bluetooth will support playing preset playlists via gofigure, maybe it can be ok, i don't know how to preload a playlist,but if it can be done and gofigure allows Bluetooth control, then i guess it will suffice
    Definetly not what we expected, but it may be ok
  3. StevieDvd
    By full support I would envisage:

    • sdcard on Poly has built it's database and stored cover art
    • App on phone builds a cached copy of the cover art and database (could be synched over Wi-Fi)
    • Commands such as play track x on database, play next, pause etc are sent to Poly over Bluetooth (wifi not activated for on the go listening)
    • Music comes out of Poly locally to headphone so no Bluetooth/wifi transport of the music files takes place.
    • commands are minimal so hopefully doable via Bluetooth - a bit like the communication between phone & smartwatch
    Benefits are the battery life of Poly/Phone less drained by the need to maintain a hotspot - I doubt Poly will do 9 hours if its the hotspot provider and we all know about the poor battery life of mobile phones. The user experience on the go is less troubled by wifi drops or glitches and more frequent flier friendly.

    Perhaps this is a question for the app providers, is this asking too much?
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  4. NaiveSound
    My poly does 4 and half hrs on network mode
  5. dontfeedphils
    +1 This is exactly what I was expecting, and why I waited for the app prior to purchase. Broken promises, left and right.

    Also (not directed at the person I quoted), if you don't like people complaining then ignore it. Many people in here have real problems that aren't being addressed. Just because your Poly works doesn't mean everyone's does.
  6. emgeebee
    MPD docs are very clear - don't cache the DB: https://www.musicpd.org/doc/protocol/database.html - "Do not manage a client-side copy of MPD's database. That is fragile and adds huge overhead. "
    For Android user:
    Actually with BubbleUpnp i can not write a playlist in the Polyserver.
    Can the go figure app copy a local playlist from my S8 to the SDcard?
    Must we to find an app to do it?

    For the user of Qobuz:
    If you do not like the bubbleUpnp environnement to find a song :
    You can from the Qobuz app send your selection to the playlist of BubbleUpnp.
    Push on the 3 points
    select share:
    select bubbleUpnp
    The windows of bubbleupnp opens and your selection is now in the playlist.
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  8. emgeebee
    The playlists viewed by GoFigure will be MPD playlists, I imagine. To create these use an MPD app (MALP, MPDroid). BubbleUpnp is a streaming app.

    You should really wait for the app to be released to confirm this, of course...
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  9. Cloten
    I'm feeling very ambivalent about Chord at the moment. On the one hand, I'm now listening to my new (and superb) Qutest, but on the other I do think that the handling of the Poly and its app has been pretty disastrous. I got my Poly replaced, and it now switches on so that, three or four months after buying it, it is quite usable. Its uses are quite limited, but considerably less than advertised: it streams Tidal from my iPhone fairly reliably on the go (using the Poly's hotspot); it also works well as a Roon endpoint at home, with only occasional dropouts. Switching between modes is a hassle, but the app will sort that out at least.
    However, the SD card element of Poly simply doesn't work: it drops out all the time on every single app (I've tried Glider, AK Connect, as well as those suggested by Chord in the manual). As others have (re-)posted, there were fairly clear promises from Chord that the GoFigure app would sort this out. Not only has it been delayed (for whatever reason), and not only are we now told that its functionality will be very limited, but we are being told that we should not have expected the functionality that was promised. There is something very disingenuous in the responses from Chord today; of course their previous statements about the app's functionality can be read equivocally, and they can deny that they really promised full SD playback capabilities, but they would be better off admitting that they've found that they can't do this. That means that the device--in one of its major advertised functions--is wholly reliant on third-party applications. If we can't use their app to control the SD, and if existing apps won't do the job, then the Poly won't be able to play HD music on the go. That's a fairly major failing. Chord handled the switching on problem very well in the end. I hope that they manage this one as well.
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  10. audionewbi
    I should have read this thread properly. I bought the poly for SD card usage.
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  11. Srgyoel
    I'm a mojo owner for 8 months now and at first I used it every day all day, but eventually I got tired of the usb cable and i stopped using it.
    I started to read this thread when the poly was announced and I was hesitant of buying it because of all the reported problems. Eventually i decided to take a leap of faith and last week i bought one.
    I missed the mojo so much but I always got interference through the usb cable so the poly was my only option (i wanted to use the full potential of the mojo so optical was out of the question).
    I'm happy to report that with poly the mojo never sounded better, startup is instantaneous, no interferences, no drooped connection, I use it in network mode with bubbleupnp on my pc and on my axon 7 and the shure se846.
    Until the gofigure app is released I'm satisfied with the performance, only then I will check the sd card control and the hot spot mode. I believe that chord will do right by their costumers and fulfill all the things they promised the poly can do.
    The only bad thing with the poly is Bluetooth mode, the sound is just awful, don't use it in this mode.
    One last thing I noticed is that with poly the mojo doesn't heat up as much even after 7 hours of continuous use, when I was using the mojo with the usb cable it got so hot that I couldn't hold it in my hand, with poly the mojo gets lukewarm.
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  12. NYanakiev
    I for one couldn’t care less about the Bluetooth aspect. I haven’t used this once and do not see myself even trying it.

    I am playing music from the SD card on Wi-fi and Poly/iPhone hotspot with Glider and the thing is near flawless.
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  13. jarnopp
    I think via Bluetooth control, there isn't a way to avoid having a cached copy of the database on the phone/controller. But wouldn't that mean that every time you open the Poly app on your phone the database and cover art would need to sync? this already takes a good minute when Glider does it. Maybe it wouldn't have to be every time - could be controlled in the app? I'm simply just as happy to have a 3rd party app do it. Don't know why that is such a big deal. Even if it has to be on WiFi. I know we'd all like to have Poly with 20 hours battery life, free Chord apps that control everything, magic protocols, and a price of $99; but then there is reality.
  14. supervisor
    have you tried a different SD card?
  15. Amberlamps
    I wanted qutest but they never added a headphone amp, probably because it would compete with hugo.

    I hate when companies do that, deliberatly remove a feature from one of their products so it doesnt compete with another one of their products.

    Plus, qutest much cheaper

    For 600 more, you get an amp and a couple of batteries, scam.
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