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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. rwelles
    Thanks, Matt! I'll send you a pm in a sec.
  2. keithmarsh
    I just noticed that Chord posted this on their Facebook page 4 days ago (replying to a question about the GoFigure app):

    “GoFigure will be launching very soon - the app has passed all testing and is with Apple”

    So I guess we should be seeing the app tomorrow as Apple usually take 24-48 hours approve apps these days.

    I’m sure Chord wouldn’t mislead its customers by promising something was ready when it wasn’t
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  3. GreenBow
    Does anyone know if GoFigure works with Android, please.
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  4. keithmarsh
    It will eventually. The Android version is apparently 6 week behind IOS.
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  5. ubs28
    Guess you haven't been here very long? Chord said the same thing in November that it was waiting at Apple to be approved.
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  6. keithmarsh

    Exactly! I meant it with a bit of sarcasm - hence the tongue poking out!
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  7. keithmarsh
    Ahhh, just noticed that my emojis aren’t appearing!
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  8. ubs28
    I see. For some strange reason the emoji's are not showing up in my browser :p
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  9. NaiveSound
    Anyone know of a way to EQ Tidal on Android and push the EQ music. I can use bubnleupnb or ak connect to push it to Poly but how do I EQ the tidal stream first ?
  10. styks

    So we no longer require one of these? [​IMG] ... i shall miss mine we had become close friends! CViw2OyW4AAAPZw.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
  11. TarheelMe
    Did Poly price just increase $70? Not making this an easy decision.
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  12. NaiveSound
    What? Why? I doubt it got any better
  13. huangwan
    I think Chord was planning a price increase for Feb. My dealer mentioned it mid Jan. Which is one reason I bought it.
  14. Scorpion667
    You how with a DAP you can power it on quickly, plug in headphones press play and enjoy the music all under a minute from power on to music being heard? Has Poly been able to do that for anyone in the way a DAP can? You know how most people use their ipods, DAPs, smartphones and such, plug in headphones and press play, without fiddling with networks and pins and such.

    I'm finding with Poly there are several other steps that sometimes behave consistently, sometimes not so building muscle memory around it is impossible. I tried to build a routine but the device often surprises me in the way it behaves with regards to network connectivity to A) the phone and B) the MPD/DLNA app, pin sometimes being required, sometimes not and finally the phone (iPhone X) having to be restarted to connect properly somtimes. I often find myself sitting there awkwardly waiting for music to play after I paused it for two minutes to have a conversation, or for no perceived reason whatsoever, and I have to go through like a troubleshooting procedure halfway through my relaxation session or worse yet on a crowded street in which case I have to completely abandon the idea, put the Poly and headphones in my bag and curse a little bit.

    The way I see it Chord already got my money so I have purchased my right to complain about this device being a royal nuisance to use. I'm sitting on like $1.5k CAD of Chord hardware that makes me want to break stuff every time I use it without exception. I don't know how to resolve this situation.

    I will be selling the MojoPoly through Headfoneshop next weekend, a local Toronto headphone store. So if someone local is looking to snag one for a good price keep an eye there.

    It's ridiculous that several months after the (late) official release I still prefer using a mid tier DAP over this clunky contraption simply because the ratio of listening to music to fiddling with my device is superior on the DAP...

    I have to do this for my sanity but make no mistake, I still give props to Rob Watts for the brilliant work he does.
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2018
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  15. NaiveSound

    Mine keeps loosing connection to bubble upnp/ak connect.

    Definitely not plug and play
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