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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. paulgc
    @MoonAudio make sure you grab some Drew.
  2. AudioBear
    I must confess my gullibility. I forecast, or more correctly, my crystal ball forecast that we would see GoFigure posted this week in the App Store. The working week is over and still no GoFigure. A while back I gave serious thought to bailing on Poly and buying a DAP (Sony ZX300 or A&K Kann). I decided to stick it out but now I am thinking of buying a DAP while we wait for GoFigure.
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  3. Mr X
    WOW! Pleased to report that the replacement for my launch day Poly is waking and finding my network within 5 seconds and that from an overnight very cold start. We seem to be getting there!
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  4. headmanPL
    Glad you like it. I've had it on repeat these past couple of days. It is so easy to listen to from start to finish. In that respect the album always makes me think of Screamadelica by Primal Scream.
  5. KristianFaksvag
    Hello, I was wondering if one of you Mojo-poly owners could answer me some questions. I already have the mojo, but considering buying poly.
    1) How´s the airplay connection when playing either from iphone or a mac? My experience with airplay is that the connection some times cuts out..
    2) Does the personal hotspot work?
    3) How´s the bluetooth connection compared with airplay when you play from tidal hifi?
    4) I´m gonna use the poly most of the time at home/work, and only with my headphones. Do you think the price is worth it when I´m not gonna use it with a speaker etc.?

    Thanks in advance.
  6. huangwan
    I need some help. I am running Poly in hotspot mode and I have an Iphone so I am connecting via hybrid mode, but I'd like to switch to Roon mode. I read here there is a web address to log into the Poly, but my search did not turn it up. I know I could forget the the connection and start over again. TIA
  7. mmwwmm
    I have the MPD bit perfect option activated. Theoretically this option disengaged the volume contol in MPDluxe but it’s still working. Anyone have noticed this? Is this a bug?
  8. ZappaMan
    It’s www.poly.audio, you’ll need to connected to the poly in order to hit the url
  9. GreenBow
    I need to check that album out again. I remember liking, when someone 'lent' it to me. (can't remember who, but I remember I gave it back.) ... Right now I am listening to The Fall, by Norah Jones; fantastic album. (CD - about £6 on Amazon.)


    Still can't decide whether to buy a Poly or not. I'd need a new phone too, because by old beater won't run the Poly. Then I think I might be better waiting for GoFigure, and hope it runs on Android. I will only use a Poly as an SD card reader, because I don't use wifi anyway. ... Whereas if I buy the Sony ZX300, I can run it now, and it's just dropped £130, to £471. It will also feed the Mojo if I want to.
  10. mmwwmm
    I have noticed that, if I connect to the poly through wifi, then ANYONE can connect to my Poly through bluetooth cause Poly it’s ALWAYS searching for bluetooth devices to link to it. I think the “searching for bluetooth dvices to link” function must be ONLY physically engaged by the user (i.e. with the item included) but NEVER may be “searching” all time cause this way anyone around me could link to my poly and send audio.
  11. TokenGesture
    Is it possible for Poly to join an unsecured WiFi network ie one with no password?
  12. StevieDvd
    Since the latest firmware upgrade I have found Poly is not 'always' booting up in hot-spot mode (even when I had set that as an option and saved it). I get the blue flashing only and have to reset with the pin which is annoying to do for the commute journey as it wastes time getting everything reset and talking.

    How it manages to reset to non hot-spot boot mode beats me. This together with the device number changing on reboots is making a mockery of the this being an easy configured mobile portable hi-fi.

    BTW Chord when can we expect the Go Figure app (now we have the latest app compatible firmware), is the app really ready and the delay for firmware to be updated by users not just another mis-direction?
  13. Signal2Noise
    Admittedly I haven't heard of Hookworms until your comment. So, like with any artist/group I have not heard, I went over to iTunes to sample. I have to say I like what I'm hearing! Going over to AllMusic to read more about them and which album(s) to start off with. There's a Live III album and I like live recordings. Is it good?

    Okay, back to the regularly scheduled program....
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  14. PrittiPoly
    If anyone is interested, I have Poly working very nicely with Logitech Media Server with UPnP/DLNA Bridge plugin on a ReadyNAS using Orange Squeeze as controller on Android or iPeng on iOS.
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  15. Matt Bartlett
    I would need to know a little more about your network configuration so perhaps PM me so we can investigate. It is possible the music could stutter whilst changing over networks as a lot has to happen between Poly, the phone, and app for everything to synchronize back up again. With some DLNA apps you may also have to press play again after changing networks to restart the music.
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