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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. mandrei83
    Did you know that Steve Jobs got heavily criticised for sending to an owner of iPhone 4 phone the message: "Just avoid holding it in that way", instead of maybe writing "Gripping any phone will result in some attenuation of its antenna performance with certain places being worse than others depending on the placement of the antennas. This is a fact of life for every wireless phone. If you ever experience this on your Phone 4, avoid gripping it in the lower left corner in a way that covers both sides of the black strip in the metal band, or simply use one of many available cases." ?

    Customer service matters! I would rather understand the technical background of a decision or search for fixes, instead of listening to a suggestion like "just don't buy the product".

    It makes sense your decision and I appreciate the answer. This feature is not a deal-breaker for me; it's just that it would be good if someone would mention this from the start, as it would not raise further questions related to the 5GHz WiFi networks propagation indoors which is debatable (or in practice it does not really affects the majority of users).

    I look forward to see the iPhone application being released and then I'll jump in buying a Poly.
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  2. NYanakiev
    I do understand where you are coming from but writing the same thing over and over again across multiple pages now that the discussion has finally moved on is nothing short of annoying.
    If you are so keen to find something out, please contact Chord directly (as I have done on a few occasions directly)
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  3. mandrei83
    I need pre-purchase support for a product and Chord is here. Is better to share some details together on this forum, rather than keeping them four ourselves. I am sure that some users had my questions, so I don’t find your advice being suitable into this context. Thanks for suggestion anyway!
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  4. StevieDvd
    A few weeks ago I was looking to treat myself to an upgraded portable setup and though I had started looking at new IEM's I was also reading up on the new DAPs too. I saw a lot of press regarding the Chord Poly/Mojo - all raving reviews. So last Friday I popped over to a local dealer and bought it/them (Poly/Mojo) and like others in this thread managed to get a connection at home when connected to home PC/Network but had to google for the setup for mobile use.

    Usual issues, my charger was not a 2a one as I had thought so charging the pair took a lot longer than I expected, now sorted with a proper one. I think for the price a charger should have been included.

    My wish list was to have a local source of the music as tube & train travel makes an internet connection sporadic and cut-out prone. A decent display, preferably on a smart-phone, and ability to use decent wired ear phones. So loaded up with 8player for DLNA on the iPhone and a 128Gb micro SD card loaded from my PC inserted into the Poly I'm now at the stage where I am greatly impressed with the sound and build quality of the combo (especially as the free case arrived on Tuesday) and trawling through my music files enjoying the on the go music.

    I feel for you guys having to wait to get hold of a unit but perhaps when most do the app will be available. Though even with the faffing around getting the connection working it would be a small issue having got my wish list mainly complete in one go.

    My old ACS T2 iem cable started to lose its covering which is why this all started, I bought a couple of universal iem's to play with until I get some new impressions done and finalise what custom iem's to get for Christmas, so nearly sorted. I picked up a set of Rock Jaw Resonate (UK based) which sound good but I miss the isolation of customs, so I have just got a pair of the Mee Pinnacle P1 to improve the short-term solution and am pleased to say they sound great on Polly (sorry Poly).

    Been away from head-fi for quite a while concentrating on work, family and other hobbies. But still have a stack of full-sized headpones and amps/dacs to keep me amused.

    Will be watching this thread with interest as it looks like a good interaction point with Chord - hopefully a place for Chord to announce new firmware releases as well as the availability of the app which will be the icing on the cake for me.

    Best regards

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  5. supervisor
  6. Whippler
    The configuration web server is only running when poly is in hotspot mode? Would be convenient to access that page with a browser when poly is just connected to a network.
  7. vkvedam
    Well, here's a funny phenomena I observed yesterday.

    1. Plug in the micro USB power cable in the back without turning on the Mojo, you could connect to Poly via all the possible media (Bluetooth, Phone's Hotspot). In this way there's no need to wiggle the units etc to make the Poly boot up on it's own.

    2. Tried just booting up the units on battery, Poly's boot up is a bit of a hit and miss. Disconnect and then reconnect, it's a bit temperamental. Shouldn't be the contact/connection issue as powering up with micro USB cable doesn't need any disconnection or reconnection techniques. And each unit's battery is close to full (Blue).

    Update: Poly does boot up eventually but it takes sometime. Took almost more than a minute after switching on Mojo

    So far I have always been using the units on power hence didn't realise the concerns of booting up raised by few others.

    PS: Mojo makes all kinds of weird noises through the headphones when no source is being fed (Either Poly or a PC), I can hear all the RF etc. Is this normal?

    Ven Vedam
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  8. miketlse◄★☆.831347/page-212#post-13836241
  9. vkvedam
  10. miketlse
    That does seem unusual, but let's try and narrow things down a bit:

    1. For a poly and mojo working correctly together, poly should be feeding no RFI into the mojo
    2. For a PC connected to the mojo (ie no poly), even with no music playing, it is always possible for electrical noise (either pure RFI, or the pc power supply or other internal electrics) to be injected into the Mojo, and then be audible.
      1. laptops running off battery tend to be quieter than laptops/PCs connected to the mains (some owners do live in locations, where there is a lot of electrical noise entering via the mains power supply)
        1. so if you are using a laptop, you can test if the noise changes depending on whether you run on battery or mains
        2. If you discover that your mains power supply is noisy, there are many posts on the Chord (and other manufacturers) threads, from owners who have added power supply cables with associated noise filtering, and claim great results. I have never tried this, but there are several other frequent posters (especially on the threads for more equipment, eg DAVE), who are normally happy to advise.
      2. Phones and lower-spec PCs can suffer, if they are running so many software services in the background, that sometimes they have to give a low priority to the music stream being sent via USB, so you can get short pauses or clicks, when the music stream has paused, but the mojo is trying to decode an 'empty' set of data.
      3. If your USB cable is picking up RFI, and feeding it into your mojo, then adding a simple ferrite choke to the cable, will often remove all the audible RFI
    3. Some owners, especially with sensitive iems (eg shure 846) and possibly sensitive ears as well, can hear a very low level of hiss
    4. Some owners can hear a very low level of hiss during quiet periods between tracks, but the hiss disappears as soon as the music restarts
    5. In theory, everyones headphone cables can act as aerials, and feed RFI into any audio equipment (including the iems). However it is very rare for anyone to mention this issue, possibly as it could be very difficult to rectify for iems - adding an extra layer of shielding to iem cables, would make them thicker, stiffer, heavier, costlier, aand these factors would be a showstopper for many iem users.
    So try a bit of experimentation first. At the end of it, you may then be able to confidently conclude that the noise is being generated inside your mojo, and in that case the best thing to do will be to contact chord user support, and agree how to proceed.
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  11. ubs28
    If I move the Poly, it seems as the internals inside the Poly are moving.

    This isn’t supposed to be like this I assume?

    All the internals of the Mojo are secure and do not move at all, it is only happening with the Poly.
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  12. JeremyLaurenson
    Hey existing Poly users...

    How is the playlist support?
  13. McCol
    It's as good as the app that your using I suppose. I use playlist's on Tidal with no issue. Not tried any other app's playlist option yet.
  14. NYanakiev
    Quite good via 8player (sd card playback)
  15. No Disc
    Crossing my fingers, my poly should ship this week to me. Question on Poly Setup on local LAN. Do I need to use the config button to add the poly to my network?

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