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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Andreeas1978
    I have ordered on Amazon uk and I live ''nearby'' in EU. It took them almost a week only to dispatch though in stock, still shipping. Other items were dispatched within hours same day and arrived 3-4 days later on regular postal services. I think everywhere it`s a little patience testing to get one, we have to wait some, they will eventually arrive. I am also waiting for one way before the launch. (a year maybe?):)
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  2. NYanakiev
    I initially thought of not replying but I can’t agree with the tone of your response. Assuming that it is always about user error and not accepting for a second that there may be an issue with the hardware of a particular unit is not a great approach in my view. To draw a comparison, my iPhone X developed an early fault- Apple did not give me a lecture on how am I not using the phone correctly and accepted there may be an issue even though they have multiple rounds of QC as well.

    I attempted to troubleshoot the issue on my own to no avail. I exchanged emails with your support team, who were also unable to solve the issue and suggested going back to the retailer to have this looked at. Spotify/Tidal/8 Player were not seeing Poly at all and my iPhone X's hotspot was not being utilised no matter what.

    To my great surprise, things worked out fine the following day in the exact same location using the exact same type of setup. Which led me to suggest that Poly is so far being unpredictable/unreliable in my use case.

    I am happy to have bought the product and equally happy to help contribute resolving the issues that us early adopters are facing. Hopefully this is being appreciated by Chord.
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  3. PhilW
    I look forward to seeing you tomorrow :D
  4. Andreeas1978
    Please dont`t forget to let us all know what the problem was exactly, when you get to the bottom of it! It would be good to have some in the ''SOLVED'' category! Maybe even make a clear collection of the solved ones, that would help us all understand Poly better. I`m sure it will eventually work out and once it worked under the same conditions it might not be smth so complicated after all!
  5. NYanakiev
    Here is my little "guide to self" that I put together using various different sources. I hope that people, who recently purchased a Poly will find it useful.


    This is a setup guide for using your iPhones Mobile Hotspot.
    (If you have already set-up Poly on a WIFI connection in the building before this process, you must turn off that network or leave its range because Poly always chooses the strongest connection and will over-ride your command)

    Plug some headphones into Mojo and plug Poly into mojo with an SD card already inserted. Turn on Mojo and allow startup (could take up to 30 seconds)
    Hopefully at this point Polys status light should be flashing green and blue for access point mode.
    *(If poly is not flashing blue and green, you need to put the reset-pin in the CONFIG hole and hold it there until Polys light goes out completely. Be aware that this can take up to 15 seconds as Poly cycles through modes. If you leave your headphones in you should be able to hear Poly telling you what Mode it’s cycling through)

    So once Poly is flashing blue and green, you can use your phone/computer to access Poly under WIFI settings. Once you click on poly it will take you to the configure screen (also can take some time because it uses data; this has been rectified and in the future poly will have the configure page internally stored)

    *Please make sure you delete all the text in the boxes provided, if you don’t rename Poly from scratch, it will stop poly from completing the process. Poly is case sensitive regarding the SSID and Password so that should have been correct.

    Once you’ve selected ‘other’ and pressed ‘save’, poly should begin searching for the network.
    Now you need to watch Polys' status light as it flashes blue (searching for network) then eventually it should turn Solid (hopefully either green or blue). This means that it has connected to the network. From this point onwards, Poly should be available as an output under airplay. (If you drag the bottom of your iPhone screen up and slide to the left) This means you can stream to Poly via your chosen streaming application.

    * If you want to use the SD card on Poly, then after poly has connected to your hotspot, you must open your 8Player application and Poly should appear under DLNA (Server). Selecting Poly as the output inside this application (bottom right-hand corner) means that you will be listening directly from SD Card to mojo.


    Q: Does Poly’s light switch off when charged or is it solid blue?
    A: Poly can never be switched off whilst charging. The light should go to Blue when fully charged as it’s not longer charging.

    Charging noise

    The charging noise is caused by high frequency switching circuits that supply the precise power that both the Poly’s and The Mojo’s batteries require to be safely charged as rapidly as possible without degrading them to insure as long a serviceable life as present battery technology allows for. The actual noise is generated in tiny ceramic capacitors which can act just like the ceramic resonators in earpieces they are virtually the same sort of device and the noise can come from the tiny wound inductors in our units especially if the bulk input wall charger give out an irregular or pulsed output- some do! -some don’t! This matters for noise heard coming from our devices but it doesn’t matter in terms of the reliability of our units. Therefore please don’t worry no damage is being done to Poly Mojo or your charger.


    Keep headphones connected and press the config button until it tells you. Going into roon mode. When you hear that release the pin. It will be in roon mode without access point mode

    During access point mode, nothing is deleted, so you don't need to set up anything again.
    When you want switch playback mode to roon, you just need to set the mark and save. No network data required

    Here are some additional tips put together by Matt Bartlett (Chord’s Manufacturing Director)

    1. Poly Lights:
    a) Flashing blue then green means Poly is in access point / hotspot mode.
    You will be able to see a WiFi network called Poly to connect to and then use the
    config webpage to make changes to Poly setup. Bluetooth will not function in this mode.

    b) Solid light means Poly is connected to a WiFi network. The light will be blue when fully charged,
    then green, yellow, red as the battery depletes. The important thing is that the light is solid and not flashing.

    c) Flashing Blue means Poly is connected and playing via Bluetooth.

    d) White means Poly is on charge.

    2. To access the config webpage Poly must be in access point mode and the light must be flashing green and blue.
    You will see a WiFi network called Poly followed by a number. Connect to this and the webpage should automatically
    appear. If you don't see the webpage open any browser and type poly.audiointo the search bar.

    3. Poly hotspot mode can be permanently switched on. In this mode it will always use it's own internal WiFi router and will not
    connect to the internet or any other WiFi network previously stored. On the config webpage navigate to the Play mode settings
    tab and check the tick box marked Keep in hotspot mode.
    Note:- Hotspot mode is the same as access point mode where Poly will be broadcasting and connected using it's own internal
    WiFi router so the lights will flash blue and green.

    4. Phone hotspot mode should be setup in the same way as any other WiFi network.
    Enter access point mode on Poly (flashing blue and green lights) and open the config webpage.
    On the WiFi settings tab add your SSID for your phone hotspot and the password. Tick the reboot
    on save box and the click the save button.
    Note:- Make sure your phone name (SSID) does not include any special characters like a dash or apostrophe.
    So don't use the name Bob's iPhone - instead use Bobs iPhone.
    On the iPhone you can rename your phone by going to settings - general - about - name.

    5. If you are having trouble getting Poly to remember WiFi settings then make sure you tick the reboot on save box
    before clicking the save button. This will force Poly to reboot and change settings.

    6. Apple Airplay will only output a 44KHz sample rate signal. This means the light on Mojo will always be red even if
    you are playing a high resolution file. To play high resolution make sure you use a DLNA/UPnP app such as
    8Player or BubbleUPnP where you can select Poly as a renderer output.

    7. Tidal on the iPhone will only output using Airplay or Bluetooth. On android phones you can use apps
    like BubbleUPnP which include Tidal integration to play music directly to Poly as a renderer.

    8. Checking the saved WiFi networks. On the config page is a tab called Manage Connections.
    This will show all the WiFi networks setup inside Poly. Here you can delete them if you want to.
    Poly will automatically connect to all the WiFi networks listed providing they are in range and
    then it will connect to the strongest first.

    9. If you have your headphones or HiFi system connected to Mojo then you can make Poly
    'speak' the mode and IP address it is connected to. Just give a short press on the config button
    and you will hear Poly announce the settings. If you press and hold for more than 2 seconds then
    Poly will say 'entering access point mode' and it will reset

    Poly/Mojo playback quality

    There is absolutely NO difference in sound quality when playing music via poly/mojo, wether lossy nor 192/24 up to DSD256 or any in between. How could it be? Mojo gets feed with the same file, be it via Network/NAS or SD-Card. Poly hands the data unaltered to the Mojo, so, if there is a difference then it is coming from the app which feeds the Poly (DLNA/uPnP-App or MPD-App or Roon or Audirvana). Playing a File with these different apps/transport-technologys COULD result in different Soundquality of the same file.

    But feeding the Mojo direct via USB or via Poly makes only a difference in stability of the transport: A direct connection via USB from source to Mojo is safest and couldn't get disrupted without manipulating the cable or the source. A WIFI-Connection is the same as USB as long as the WIFI-Connection is stable enough and your WIFI could provide data fast enough (which should be good up to DSD with 2,4GHz).

    Could it sound better via Poly then via USB direct to Mojo? NOPE. Be it with or without Poly: Mojo is your DAC and is therefore responsible for Soundquality. Poly doesn't add up to the soundquality, its just a convenient addition to play your files without being thetered to Mojo. It's a WIFI-Transport for different underlaying technologys (uPnP/DLNA, MPD, Airplay, RAAT (Roon-Protocol).


    There is NO difference playing a file be it from your PC via USB to Mojo or via WIFI from your PC (or your NAS, or your Phone [if it's the same file/resolution]) to Poly/Mojo. It's not "worse", it's the same! Poly give's exact the same PC quality, not worse, not better but more versatile because your no longer thetered alone to your PC! Copy your music from your PC to a compatible SD card and fire it up via control from your Phone to play it with Poly/Mojo wherever you are.

    Poly adds a Host of opportunities to your Mojo, you just have to dig a little deeper to understand and use them how it comforts you best.
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  6. Andreeas1978
    Amazing! That`s hours of work and not always pleasing experimenting!
    Many thanks, NYanakyev, I`m not lazy, I like doing my research, but just as you said, my Poly hasn`t arrived yet and it`s great to start with this help in hand.
    And it was about time we start acting constructive here!
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  7. Andreeas1978
    Can you please tell us, about the microSD card a few things? I bought a 256 Samsung, but since I don`t have my Poly yet, it makes me wonder:
    What format should it be? I see it exFAT by default.
    Should we format it before inserting it to Poly?
    Should the music be in one folder, or many album folders?
    THX again!
  8. DavidW
    Super news. I (and others in the U.S. and Canada) have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Poly and to learn from the others who have posted here. And thanks too to @NYanakiev for your "guide to self". It will be a big help to us soon-to-be owners of the Poly.

    November 14. Just days away...
  9. mandrei83
    Another approaches I've seen are:

    1. Not to respond to everyone's postings. For example I have posted previously my guessing about the choice of 2.4GHz WiFi and not dual-band or 5GHz, but no answer. It's always more easy to ignore than to admit that it was a marketing or uninspired engineering decision. And of course, if Chord is so active on this topic, they should at least get more involved into the technical discussions and offer transparency. Always I feel that the response points to the hard work of developing this product and not actually the problem itself.
    Conceited Customer Service, if that’s the English word...
    2. Putting Poly on a pedestal and the hard work dedicated to its development, as excuse behind the bad planning and marketing. The UK release has been made different than the one from the other countries: UK residents got free cases, for example. Poly GoFigure app is not being released on time (and there is no humble approach towards this, but only excuses like "we're working to improve it, or GoFigure yourself when it will be released").

    Still, do we have a clear date when this iOS/Android application will be released, or only promises for closer future?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
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  10. NYanakiev
    I am not seeing how what you posted is relevant at all.
    I am tired of seeing people go on complaining about WiFi and other design choices for Poly or any other product. If you are not happy with something to such an extent that you keep posting about it just don't buy the product.

    Please do not try to turn this into yet another rant (plenty of those on this thread already). I, for one, am glad that Chord is so active on these boards and would hate seeing this change.
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  11. TokenGesture
    For me the GoFigure app is going to make all the difference. Being able to easily control SD Card playback over BT is going to radically simplify the user experience and liberate me from dodgey wifi signals...
  12. Mojo ideas
    No Mcol thank you I recognised you were supporting I had attempted to explain a little more though I do tend to ramble on a bit.
  13. Mojo ideas
    @ Mandrei Sorry I hadn’t answered you I thought I’d covered that point enough about choosing 2.4 GHz but your asking about dual band and why didn’t we that is simple - Circuit Board space and the component leadtime for dual devices was in excess of thirty six weeks for the volume we require that would have pushed out our launch to well into 2018. For some thing that would not have helped the performance in our application would have been Daft.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  14. GU1DO
    Does poly support EQ for SD card playback ?
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2017
  15. paulgc
    The wait could be getting close to over for us in North America. Hopefully there are enough to satisfy the pre-order demand. But like many things in this launch... time will tell. Fingers crossed.
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