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Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
  1. chihangs
    After updated to the latest iOS 11.1.1 8player DLNA and MPDLUXE seems to be more stable . 8player start to recognise and display my dsd file in the music folder but it still not able to play dsd with a error command message. Other files like flac , wav .....all play as usual.
  2. McCol
    I’m not saying it is ok, merely pointing out the fact that this is normal and if anything the PolyMojo combo works it seems for most people as oppose to daps from companies that are riddled with issues that never get fixed.
    Like I say - not implying it’s ok though.
  3. Mojo ideas
    However sorry guys but I’m defending our position once again
    I feel that of the few complainers perhaps they should consider that most of our so called issues” are not really to do with Poly at all. Just like solution to the issues of chihang in the previous posting to yours and several similar over the weeks since we launched It’s just too easy to lay blame, when the actual solution is not within Poly and is elsewhere. So it seems to me that is certainly “not okay “ by us, as I believe we have hit the ground running with a truly great unit. A world first product and we are working hard to adapt to accommodate our operating software to the many and various foibles of a multitude of WiFi set ups and apps that our global customers are wanting their Poly’s to work with. So please don’t imeadiately point the finger at Poly if you have a problem setting up please just contact our helpline and we will do our very best to sort your issues.
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  4. ubs28
    I see, that is an understandable choice. It's not good Aptx would take up 50% of the circuitry. Better use that space for something more useful.

    Anyway, keep up the good work. I see alot of potential in the Poly + Mojo that hopefully we can make use of once it's working 100%.
  5. Mojo ideas
    Hi thanks for your understanding I’m respectivvely answering this as I had to wait for Matt to give me some detailed info. We are maintains that on Poly the Bluetooth is just there as a last resort.
    If you have a Mac or iOS device then it is better to use Airplay.
    Although actually our Bluetooth on Poly sounds really good as we’ve added a few aspects of our own so I
    think I like to strongly suggest that you just have a listen..... tell us what you hear before judging it on what standard it supports. After all SBC, AAC and Apt-X all use a form of compression to transmit the audio. I hope that further reenforces our reasons for making the design choices we have taken for Poly.
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  6. Whippler
    So Poly has AptX, but does it have AptX-HD (upto 24/96)? Some Android phones already have AptX-HD.
  7. Matt Bartlett
    Yes had confirmation back that stock will be in the dealers from the 14th November.
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  8. Andreeas1978
    Poly does NOT have APT-X, the board for that would take 1.5 inch, thanks Cord they did not put that brick in!
    Bluetooth in Poly is just PERFECT the way it is thought, for control only. I don`t even understand why so much talking in the last posts for using such a lossy and ****ty codec in such a great ultra HI-FI product! Do you buy a Ferarri to work on a farm with it? I wouldn`t even care if my arriving Poly has no BT at all. The only thing I appreciate with it is low power consumption, great for controlling microSD play. Are we talking F1 cars and got stucked on fuel consumption? (Even that would make more sense than BT play in Poly!!)
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  9. Whippler
    Yes i would if i had the money for it, would be great for getting replacement parts for machines quickly. Networking solutions are so cumbersome on the go, I'm already sick of initial delay on upnp playback, and running a hotspot is just silly. Yes bluetooth streaming isn't up to the quality, but its just so much more convenient.
    Until the app is released and the mSD playback control is possible (over bt), i'll be streaming trough bt on the go.
  10. Andreeas1978
    As I keep reading this thread I feel more and more grateful to you Chord engineers for your brilliant ideas! If you didn`t select the right points in projecting Poly, keeping some and excluding others (it`s an art to know which), Poly would have ended up being like all the chinese crap on the market that does it all but nothing well, not to mention larger and heavier than Mojo itself. I think we should really try to understand what Poly is first then decide if we need it or not. Simple as that. Poly is a product that does this and that. No what ifs. And if someone feels smarter and more efficient in producing smth like it, is free to try starting their own company or whatever. We are here talking to get some help in using Poly at it`s full potential and we do get plenty of it! We`re not here to argue with Chord. If I were M ideas I would have been faaar less communicative, to put it nicely.
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  11. McCol
    Sorry John but I think you misunderstood my post, I wasn't having a go, I was trying to defend the Poly although admittedly not very well. My point was that with any new product there will be teething problems whether it be from the end user's own set up or the product itself. In the case of the Poly I think it can be seen that it is on the whole a working product that will have any slight issues (for me) made easier with the app when it is released.

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  12. Andreeas1978
    :))) of course you could do that, but you would not even come close to the efficiency of using a proper machine for the proper job, or that Ferari on a racing track. It`s about efficiency. don`t get me wrong, I also wait with emotions to see the App, I have great hopes for it, I wouldn`t go around with the reset pin in my pocket. There are things I expect to do with my Poly, just for it`s real purpose HI FI STREAMING!! BT is never included in HI-FI phrases! Never listened to Apt x hd, but I dont`t trust it as HI FI either. BT is LOSSY! It takes the data, chunks it down, compresses it and sends/receives it. What else is to say?
    And Hot Spot is not stupid! It`s the way to have HIFI on the go wireless! Many times, annoyed by BT SQ, I was wondering why no one does that...WIFI instead of BT. I know it eats up more battery, but we can choose, battery life, SQ, to each his own. Why not buy a regular BT player for BT play? If you don`t care for SQ so much there are tons of solutions out there.
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  13. Matt Bartlett
    No Poly does not have Apt-X or AptX-HD - actually as far as I understood AptX-HD only supports up to 24/48KHz. If we had developed Poly as just a Bluetooth receiver then of course
    we would have considered all the different versions of Bluetooth but to include them all requires additional electronics, chipsets and so more space is required and inevitably more cost.
    Our goal has always been to get the best possible sound quality and Bluetooth doesn't allow us to do this so instead we concentrated on WiFi connectivity in Poly as we believe more customers
    would prefer it this way. Of course we haven't ignored Bluetooth and you still have this as an option for convenience and although it doesn't support all the different versions it still sounds pretty
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  14. Andreeas1978
    Yep! GREAT! Just what I was trying to say in my own, less efficient words! Poly is HIFI! Not a BT module. Thx for also having the BT option, but let`s not make it it`s main purpose and let`s not get confused!
  15. Sim MacLean
    I agree with Andreeas1978. There is too many complainers here. If you have a support issue, take it up with Chord support.

    All these complainers are just wiseacres. I highly doubt any of you could have done any better than the Chord team and there is no need to discuss what ifs. Poly is what it is and it is awesome.

    On a personal note, @chord - please update on ballpark US delivery if at all possible. Cannot wait to start the Poly-Mojo journey!
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