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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. FUYU

    I thought at first: "What? Wokei where are the GIFs?" *Scrolling to Installation Instruction*

    There we go. :D :D
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  2. crabdog
    Piano is brighter overall than the 4in1 but doesn't have the harsh peak at 7kHz. The 4in1 has better detail but the Piano has loads of detail for a single dynamic. The bass on the Piano is definitely more satisfying - punchy with amazing sub-bass rumble. Piano works well with hip-hop and edm but if you're NOT into bright signatures you'd be better going with the Tennmak Pro which is an amazing IEM. The Pro has a warmer sound overall and no harshness whatsoever in the treble.
  3. GeMo125
    Thanks, this was really helpful. I think i might go with the piano purely because its cheaper but still sounds great. The only remaining question i have is how easy is it to drive? I don't have an amp so it would be straight out of my phone/laptop so its a bit of a deal breaker if it's hard to drive 
  4. loomisjohnson

    both the bk50 and the shozy have a warmer signature--i personally prefer the bk50, which has a much bigger stage and more detail. i'm sure you'll be happy with it.
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  5. crabdog
    It's very easy to drive. Just keep in mind that it is bright! A few dollars more will get you the Pro which is a "safe" buy. But regardless, I still love the Piano.
  6. Ahmad313
    Please can you write bit more in details about the boss hifi b3,  and how you compare them with 4in1,  thanks. 
  7. obelisk619
    Thanks for this, though I think it would be hard for me to look for this in my country, I'll try.
    Thanks! though I think it wouldn't fit with my grado sr80e coz that alone is bright AF and it kinda irritates my ears sometimes HAHA
  8. squallkiercosa
    I tried those. Vots: The nozzle is plastic and the diagphram flexes at the slightest movement. Bassy, unbalanced sound. They died on my colleage in 2months. Avoid
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  9. Subhakar

    You maybe be right. I just don't know much about signal path and resistance. Just wanted to check if I could try an OCC silver-plated cable like that one. Thanks.
  10. crabdog
  11. Vidal
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  12. peter123
    Someone asked me about the XE800's so I digged out my old pair (haven't used them for over a year) and I've got to say that with the current prices (given that the product is identical) these would be the best value overcome a use far. Iirc correctly I paid about $40 for my pair and would still consider them some of, if not the, best value among the over 100 IEM's that I own.

    I'm a bit concerned that so many people describe them as bright though. I would never say that so maybe the old and new ones are not identical after all, did someone who has the old ones also purchased one of the cheap ones available now?
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  13. raszcagalJK
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  14. bhazard
    I liked them in the $40+ range myself as a bargain value. $18 and less is a must buy if neutral bass isn't an issue. It's an inexpensive taste of what $100-$180 sounded like a few years ago.
  15. Tonx
    I hope it is true kinera and not renamed version of hotfi 800 from this seller[​IMG] Hotfi z800 is like the hybrid version of Ingping, muddy bass.
    Anyone ordered? If i remember right Yinjw make pretty good iem's
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