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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Lurk650
  2. Roen
    So I finally got around to playing with some tips after burning in the IEMs I bought, and here are my preferred configurations:
    Senfer 4in1: Spiral Dot, size ML (though I think the L would fit me better)
    The Spiral Dots help bring the V-shaped nature down to something closer to Flat, but the mids are still recessed ever so slightly. It still tamed the treble, but made the bass a bit weaker than I like. Nevertheless, it's my preferred tip compared to the stock narrowbore or stock widebore.
    LZ-A2S: Comply T-200, installed reverse
    Both the T-200 and the T-400 fit, you can think of them as narrow and widebore versions. As the A2S suffers from clarity issues where the mids bleed into the highs (i.e. the lack of separation for in instruments and some pop tracks with synth where things in the upper mid to lower treble range get muddled together), I didn't want to flatten the wings by using the Spiral Dots. After using Spiral Dots, I switched to the comply's which boosted the bass more so than the treble. As the treble was already less harsh than the 4in1, the resulting combination worked well.
    If I had to pick one as a DD IEM, I would pick neither. They both have two giant flaws for my personal preferences.
    I use deep insertion on all my IEMs.
    Senfer 4in1: These housings aren't designed well for deep insertion. They cause pain after a relatively short amount of time. I do enjoy listening with them on a short period basis. Now I just need to see if the Spiral Dot L fits better than the Spiral Dot ML.
    LZ-A2S: The mid-treble bleed takes away from the listening enjoyment.
    Havi B3 Pro 1 will be coming soon, so hopefully that will test better for my preferences.
    I do have a monitoring IEM in my DBA-02 MkII. After burn-in, they sound just as flat as they did before, and for monitoring and critical listening purposes, I'm happy with them.
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  3. Holypal
    Good luck. Hope you can get a good quality Havi B3. Looking forwards to your impressions.
  4. ozkan

    Thanks for the comparison. Have you tried wearing the Senfer 4in1 over your ears? You may have more and deep isolation if the housing allows. Btw, ML size Spiral Dots should be almost the same size as M of other silicone tips if I'm not mistaken.
  5. zato23
    Which is the best mmcx cable (without mic) under 20$ on aliexpress i have the tingo but i want something better ?
  6. Roen

    I do listen to them over ear.
  7. Inszy
    From Easy on Aliexpress.
  8. roy_jones
    Get the super audio 6s (or better yet the SA5) because I want to read more impressions about them before I decide for myself!  [​IMG]
    I'm super annoyed that there aren't more value-oriented chinese BA IEMs on the market.  There are a million value DD IEMs to choose from, but very little in the way of BA IEMs and balanced armatures are a superior solution for portable listening with their increased isolation, IMO. 
  9. Tonx
    This store is banned here, pls delete or edit your post[​IMG] 
  10. Majin
    Do you have a link to the SA5?
  11. d8n0g
    The senfer 4in1, truly, is a great iem

    I've recently tried the boss HiFi b3 (fantastic)

    And the ultimate UE
  12. Roen
    If I had to pick between the 4in1 or A2S:
    4in1 for SQ, after tip rolling and EQ (Though I feel EQ isn't necessary)
    A2S for DD use
    4in1 over A2S overall though.
    I am treble sensitive, though, but I find the A2S treble a bit too rolled off. Any ideas for something slightly more aggressive than the A2S for treble, but not as harsh as the 4in1? Would look to have bass stronger than the A2S and mids representative of something flat or slightly forward.
  13. Subhakar
    Damn, really?! :frowning2:
    Could someone suggest a real OCC 6N upgrade cable from AliExpress with 3-pin mini-XLR plug to 3.5mm termination?
    Like this one but real OCC silver: 
  14. loomisjohnson
    hlsx bk50 or bk35
  15. boblauer
    Contact Ted from Headphone lounge. I believe he can make and source 6N OCC wire for the cable you want. I got to ask though and this does belong in the Sound Science sub forum, why OCC that far down the signal chain? I can see in transformers or amp circuits but at that point I doubt any reduced resistance will be heard and barely measured. 
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