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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Cinder
    You are correct.
  2. Doodier
    Now you need to delete it from the quote, if it is banned here.
  3. lesp4ul
    Hi, i currently own Shozy Zero & Somic v4 paired with Cayin N5, Both are very good IMHO. Is BK50 or BK35 or which one is better than my Zero? I read so many good reviews about those two. I'm little sensitive of high freq too.
    I saw Remax RM-800MD too, duh so many gems....
  4. originalsnuffy
    In the last 2 weeks I picked up two sub $100 IEM units.  The Senfer 4in1 and the Trinity Vyrus.  My plan was to create a personal  shoot out of modestly priced IEM units; with the two other contenders being the now discontinued LZ A2 and the now overly popular Carbo Tenores.  
    A few thoughts.  The only tips that I could find that provided a decent sound balance for the Senfer 4in1 was the JVC Spiral Dots ML.  With those the treble balance was not overly cooked.  Otherwise I found those units almost unusable.  With the Spirral Dots the sound is surprising good at the price point.  The bass is pretty interesting and probably the highlight of the unit.  Good definition and definitely there.  The treble remains a bit than I would ideally want but is somewhat workable.
    It is hard to give a single impression of the Trinity Hybrids as they are tunable.  They are good for the price ($65 US with the headfi discount); and are comfortable.  And efficient.  My preferred tuning at this second is the gold with the rolled off treble.
    Of the 4 units my favorite is, of course, the only one you can't buy at the moment.  I still think the LZ A2 is a well balanced unit.   They are not overly comfortable.  I also use the JVC Spiral Dots with the LZ A2.
    I should note that I like listening to music before falling asleep.  The carbo tenores are the king for this use as they do not need to be inserted particularly far into the ear to provide a balanced sound.  The Trinity Vyrus are not bad for sleeping either.
    If I were to do it again I would probably try the next level up in Trinity (Atlas Delta which is due out soon) instead of purchasing the Vyrus and the Senfer 4in1.  In fact since I am still just within the 30 day exchange period I will contact Trinity to see if that can be done.  But even if an exchange can not be made I think these are a good unit.
    I think the Vyrus is a good compromise piece if you want to keep the budget down.  Given the recent price increase in the Carbo Tenores I think I would point somebody that direction.  Surprisingly, even though the Spiral Dots fit the Vyrus I actually like the similar sized tips that came with Vyrus.  The ones with the yellow inside.   
    But I am not even 10 hours into either of the new units so the opinion may change over time.
    ​I did most of the listening with the Shanling M2 and a bit with the FIIO X3II.  I have not tried many of these with the Iphone 6plus.  I did run the Trinity Vyrus units with an ipad and my Surface for movies on a plane flight and they were comfortable and dialog was easy to hear.  Bass was fully present also.
  5. Lurk650

    MusicMaker KK-Ting
  6. Roen
    The senfer is a bit....more or less? You didn't finish your thought. If it's a bit more, then those are my thoughts exactly. I still crave more detail from them, but I recognize they're not exactly monitoring IEMs.

    I'm also doing a personal shootout with some budget IEMs, the Havi B3 Pro 1 and possibly the Tennmak Pro will be coming soon.
  7. CoiL
    I use Spiral Dot S size and it goes very nicely deep into ear-canal and I personally don`t feel and pain or discomfort from the housings. Maybe it`s just my ear shape that fits well but I recommend to try S-size Spiral Dots with over-ear wearing and deep insertion. 
  8. Roen
    Probably just difference in ear shape, it's the housings near the nozzle ring that cause me problems.
  9. newhere
    Okay, I've been using Senfer 4in1 since past 2 weeks.
    Regarding tips, Piston 3's medium size eartip works the best with 4in1 for me.. good fit and also better sound quality.
    Stock tips are meh, extra black tips provided with the package and even memory foam eartips do manage to lower down the treble but compromise vocals and bass quality
    or rather they sound unnatural
    but with piston 3 ear tips, they have wider soundstage, quality bass(INSANE sub bass, slightly deeper mid bass), natural vocals(sibilance is there) but treble is also more present.
    So as a final step I had to EQ down the treble and sibilance and now they are perfect for me. sound quality is on a whole another level.
    Hope it helps someone.
  10. GeMo125
    sorry to barge into this thread, but has anyone tried the tennmak piano and the senfer 4in1? how do they compare and which one would you recommend?
  11. Vidal
    Yes, if you can stand a bright sound then 4in1 every day. I was disappointed with the Piano and I much preferred the Banjo.
  12. GeMo125
    thanks. in what way did you find the pianos disappointing? 
  13. Vidal
    I can't remember the specifics, it was at least a few months back and there have been so many IEMs under the bridge since then.
    Normally if I like a pair I keep hold of it even if I'm not selling them - Banjos would fall into this category. I didn't keep a pair of Pianos.
  14. Vidal
    Spotted these on Gearbest
    They're similar to the XE800 - same twisty nozzle but no U clip. The cable is different and there's other colours than white. Ordered a pair with little expectation, probably something to watch out for if they turn out to be poor compared to the Vivo.
  15. Wokei
    Brainwavz Krudul Duo review is up ...thank you for reading

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