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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Lurk650
    So I guess I'm still the only one with the TKH1? Like pretty much all MM they require quite a bit of burn in, these seem a bit tip picky but once you got both nailed they will reward you. Only bassheads need apply
  2. lesp4ul
    Alright, added to wishlist!
  3. Vidal
    Yes, both the Maples and TW1 are very bassy - not to my taste but if that's your thing they do it very well.
  4. Lurk650

    The TKH1 is even more bassy, it's extends lower than the SW3 and hits with authority. It makes music exciting. You still get details and forward vocals.
  5. Vidal
    Seems a lot for a dynamic (AK Audio price) and for me I find the sub bass on the 4in1 sufficient. If the other MM stuff sell through I'll look at these to fill the gap.
  6. Lurk650

    Sennheiser IE800 is a single dynamic and is $800. With budget Chinese phones sporting BAs I understand, I'm surprised the TFZ S5 is able to sell.

    TKH1 is if you want big rounded bass, it's more sub than mid focused so I don't personally don't find it bloated. I find it giving a nice groove to music.
  7. Vidal
    Very true with the IE800, I keep seeing them on CEX and I'm tempted to buy a pair and return it just to see how good they are. I'm not sure the MM stuff is tuned to my preference and from a sales perspective you're dealing with a very small audience.
    I think the TFZ would sell and I am tempted to bring some into the UK to see if they're popular.
  8. Vidal
    Anyone else having issues logging into Aliexpress this morning?
  9. Ahmad313
    Never had faced any issue ,,, 
  10. Vidal
    I'm getting security certificate issues.
  11. Sylmar
    I've had those before in the past but it went away as quickly as it came. I can log in without any problems today. 
  12. Saoshyant
    While I love the Senn IE800, I feel for a bit less you can get close enough in quality in the Chinese/Asian market to not necessarily justify it if there's any question about the cost.  I won't say my Rose Pudding is as good as an IE800, but honestly it gets me close enough that I keep the Senn in storage.
  13. Vidal
    I wouldn't buy a pair to keep as it's rare I get to sit down to really listen critically these days what with dogs and trips to the post office. 
  14. Sylmar
    It struck me that having a lot of Chinese/Asian IEM's gives you a lot of interchanging opportunities. The Sendiy M2 (not the banned seller's ones) + copper filters of KZ ED9 + big biflangle tips from the Hifiman RE400 and I've got a wonderful combination. Experimenting like this can be a lot of fun. 
    Meanwhile I'm still waiting for my Senfer 4in1's. They sure take their time.
    bhazard likes this.
  15. Saoshyant
    @Vidal I'm aware as you said you'd pick it up and return it just to see what they sound like, but I was just commenting as I have experience with both the IE800 & the Asian market on whether or not I'm convinced they're worth it.  Of course sound sig preferences play heavily into this.  All in all, I think people here will be happy if they keep trying out various IEMs in the Asian market.
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