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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. carltonh

    If someone is looking for a cheap IEM with that XE800 shape that is not a fake, you can check out the Ipsdi version below. Ipsdi are in the super-budget, mostly under $10 category like KZ. I have about 6 different Ipsdi, and I think this is probably the best one if someone wants to try one. In comparison to KZ, I think the sound signature is like the ZS3, moderately V-shaped, well extended at both ends without spikes, fast and moderately emphasized and precise bass, but not as detailed as the better KZs in mids and treble. I'm still more likely to recommend the KZ ATR for $6 though.
  2. robervaul
    Has anyone tried it?
    Carbon Urbasso ?? [​IMG]

  3. Vidal
    If it's anything like the original put me down for some. Where did you find them?
  4. robervaul
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  5. peter123
    My take on the bit Opus #11:
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  6. Tonx
    Looks cool[​IMG] But I don't understand - it's mmcx or something else?
  7. OopsWrongPlanet
    Do they have a name? or link to their store?
  8. crabdog
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  9. originalsnuffy
    Oh, lost a word or two in the editing process.
    The treble is definitely a bit more than I would have wanted on the Senfers.   But I do like the bass definition.
    Fortunately I was within the trade in period and am returning the Vyrus for credit towards the Atlas Delta.  Kudos to Trinity for good service.
    There is much to be said for ordering from a vendor with a US sales capability.
  10. Hisoundfi Contributor
    TFZ Series 5:
  11. thanderbird
    Well friends, I received my 4in1, and I can say that they are startling.
    Large soundstage, subbass, bass, great voicer. The treble is quite dull, but you can easily equalizes them.
    In my Xduoo X3 I have used + 2bass and -2treble. Listening Daft Punk I use 0bass and -2treble.
    Best of all is that these pearls are highly Equalizable, but keep in mind that you need equipment equalizes them.
    Already on my smartphone the animal rolls easily, do not feel the need for equalization.
    I'm using them on the ear, then problems with size and weight are zeros.
    I'm using the rubber tips that came with my TK13. The insulation is very good, I can not listen to the external environment. The head vibrates with subbass if the seal is good.
    For the rest, I have read some reviews that the phone is sharp, but the material of these IEMs are extremely durable, great equalizer, it will be hard to beat the $ 23.00 I paid.
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  12. ChickenButcher
    nice impression! also, that cable looks sweet! May I ask where you got it?
  13. purplesun
    Perhaps "dull treble" is not quite the right word for it. But I can see that your EQ setting is a bit like mine. -3db to -5db at 10khz & 14khz and switch on the bass boost on my DAC. It still sound lean for my taste after EQ but enjoyable, nevetheless.
  14. thanderbird
    I bought the cable into the forbidden. I requested the photo cable in place of the original cable. The cable material is used in the same musicmaker cables.
  15. thanderbird
    I am using the volume 35-38 to mp3 files (320kbps), and use the volume at 40-45 for FLAC files.
    I will try to use this EQ you passed. thank you.
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