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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. baskingshark
    Nice impressions.
    How are these in details and clarity/instrument separation compared to the Spring 1, or for that matter your Sony M7?
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  2. durwood
    Pretty much my impression as well. Screens went back on. Measurements were documented in the dedicated thread.
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  3. Samplingentropy
    Hi again.
    My Kz ed9's finally died on me.
    Can I find a "bigger" sound on the same tight to non existent budget?
    What I liked about them was the small form factor, the to me nice sound for an iem and of course the price.
    I can stretch the budget to say 20€
    Shipped from EU to avoid custom and taxes.

    Anything with more drivers and still a good build at my price point?
    Or should I just stick with what I know and like and get another pair of ed9's?
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  4. DynamicEars
    midrange details the Spring 1 (after grill mod) have more detail and instrument separation here, but on highs i guess the NX7 pro have more details and extended treble extension but on same time they sounded more busy in highs, I will burn in them first.
    Bass part the NX7 Pro have better tuning.

    Sony IER M7 still untouchable, they are on another class, maybe 1 department can chase like spring 1 details catching up to M7 details, but M7 is just right in every portion, very balance, coherence for me.

    I saw your graph the other day, while I agree about your graph and I do heard that high mids boost, buth they still smooth sounding. And about texture and timbre, FR graph for bass part may look the same or just slight changes, paper and cloth wont absorb bass frequencies which are I agree, but the way they are blocking the nozzle grill was the issue, if they dampening but with some opened holes or just leave 20% opening for let the air come out directly, there will be a different story. So my best trick is remove the mesh cloth and change them with sponge or put on micropore tape but dont completely block the nozzle. Do you ever believe that 1 tiny - needle size hole made different sound for bass? Its like the vent holes mods thing, once you completely block the vent holes, they are sounded muddy but a poke of needle will clean the bass, that small tiny magic trick is real.
    Anyway thanks for the measurement buddy.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  5. Cevisi
    If you tell the seller they should declare it whit 5 euro they do it for you so you dont pay any customs or tax for your budget i would say kz zsn pro ?
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  6. Tonymac136
    Sony MH750 or 755 (watch for fakes though!)
    VE Bonus IE
    NiceHCK EP10
    Blon BL01 (if you can find it)
    Blon BL03 is worth raising the budget a little for if you can.
    That said the ED9 is a pleasant little thing and cheaper than most of the above. I prefer the Sony and both the Blons to the ED9 but I think the others are sidegrades. The Bonus IE in particular - that bass is a bit "much".
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  7. RikudouGoku
    It's very annoying that all my top iems have bad fit...
  8. baskingshark
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
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  9. Otto Motor
  10. mbwilson111
    I have bought a few Betrons when Amazon has lightning deals. They have all been surprisingly good. I don't have the model that you bought though. I do wish they would offer no mic options.
  11. Dani157
    Tin T2 is a 2DD iem. Probably a double coil DD but it's not standard and many manufacturers use their version of '2DD'
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  12. Slater
    What, specifically, is not fitting?

    There’s many things you can do to help an earphone fit better.

    1. Sometimes, all it takes are different eartips. Perhaps one size larger, one size smaller, a slightly longer tip, a slightly shorter tip, etc. You can also try specialty tips, such as FlipTips, SpinFits, foam tips, Xmas trees, etc.

    2. I will also mention 100% custom eartips. You can have a professional pair made from a company like PureTone (in the UK) or Advanced (https://www.adv-sound.com/products/eartune-fidelity-custom-fit-eartips), or you can make them yourself (like I did with the KZ ED9 below).

    3. The problem could be the ear guides of the cable. I wear glasses, and often ear guides get in the way. Or some ear guides are way too thick. Others are formed with too much curve or at a funny angle, and the guides can actually cause the earphone to slowly work loose.

    4. Sticking with the cable points, the plug of the cable could be a problem. Some earphones come with straight plugs, but need angled ones. Others come with angled ones, but really need straight ones. Below shows a perfect example of an earphone that came with straight plugs but should have come with angled plugs. It’s just laziness in the part of the manufacturer. Look at how the fit is affected with the wrong plugs:


    5. Something that’s often overlooked, but dirty ear canals can cause fit issues. Too much wax buildup can cause the tips to work loose and/or break the seal. Also, tips that aren’t clean (due to a coating of ear wax, oils, or dirt) can cause the tips to work loose and/or break the seal.

    6. Then there’s the shell itself. You can’t change your ear anatomy, but sometimes you can change the shell. Some shells have a pretty big protrusion for the concha (specifically, the concha cymba). This can cause for problems for some people. Some people have sanded off some of the protrusion to resolve fit or comfort issues. I've seen it done to the ZS3, ZSR, ZSX, etc.

    7. You can always do some additional mods to the shells to improve the fit. Sometimes all it takes is $0.03 worth of thermoplastic. The 1st one was done by another member, and the others were done by me.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2019
  13. RikudouGoku
    Well the tin hifi P1 did get better fit with symbio W tips, but the tape and blon are still bad. I do have some o-rings for them on the way so that might help. But it's just that all the kzs have really good fit for me but these iems with better sound have worse fit. Nothing is perfect I guess
  14. Slater
    I have 2 sets of Blon BL-03, and I solved the fit problem on both.

    What solved it for me was:

    1. Adding a straight ended cable, swapping L and R, and wearing them down. I'm using KZ Starlines because the tip has a little longer core, but I also love Sony MH755 tips on the BL-03 as well.
    2. For the other pair, I use AZLA SednaEarfit Light tips. The core is long, and they lock on to the Blon nozzle without sliding down or needing spacers/orings.

    So maybe give those things a try?
  15. RikudouGoku
    Already use the sedna with them and prefer wearing cable up , gonna try with orings when I get them. But otherwise it's no big deal but thanks

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