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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    Are your favourites in order?
  2. baskingshark
    Nope that's just an alphabetical list. I try to rotate them now and then, also depending on music genres and also whether it is for transit or home use (isolation properties).

    How bout your favourites list? I see u have lots of BQEYZ IEMs, heard good stuff about them. You have any recommendation for a BQEYZ set with good bass but not overly recessed mids?
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
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  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Mine are kind of in order but also not really. I am in the middle of picking the perfect order and i always change it. Everyone's needs a couple handfuls of iems. :wink:
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  4. LaughMoreDaily
    My fave list is mainly there to help other people. I don't want people wasting money on bad iems. K...z... cough, cough.
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  5. Infoseeker
    Save money and get a Tin Hifi P1 with a E1da PowerDac V2. Use the P1 Harman curve preset, then up bass 3/4/5 steps and treble up 1/2 step. Serious endgame.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  6. logiatype
    Too lazy to carry around a DAC. Hopefully the P2 is easier to drive lol
  7. Infoseeker

    Your call of course, but the device is the size of a matchbox.
  8. logiatype
    Do you attach it directly to your phone? Having a loose phone and DAC seems a bit unwieldy.
  9. Infoseeker
    Yeah, it is like you are imagining. Not best example of convenience.

    I use the E1da 9038s out of my pocket.

    But the E1da PowerDac, does not work out from a trouser pocket. I have it from the pouch pocket of my bag. Or from my sling bag off my chest or back.
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  10. PhonoPhi
    Does the power consumption of E1da make it practically "portable"?
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  11. Infoseeker
    Depends, with my Asus RoG Phone 2's battery it takes 5hours and a half to fully drain my phone. (Or 1% takes 3min 11sec).

    I use it for 2 to 3 hours at a time.
  12. loomisjohnson
    after two weeks with the lg g8x:
    1. others have opined differently, but i still do not think the g8x has as much output as the v30+--i generally need to set the volume closer to 50 as opposed to 40 on the v30+
    2. for some reason, the g8x will often, but not always, go into external mode with lower-impedance IEMs--i usually don't have to trick it with an adapter
    3. soundwise, the g8x is warmer and smoother than the v30; the v30 presented more detail but could get a little strident
    4. as a phone, the g8x is a mixed bag--the location of the power button is a drag and i find the ui a little less intuitive than the v30. however, battery life is really good and camera much improved.
  13. Roboturner913
    Got these Betron YSM-1000 which seem like KZ-ED clones with cosmetic differences. Came with foam tips too, although I prefer the silicone ones, better seal for me.
  14. steviewonderbread
    I have a Tanchjim Cora on its way to the states in a couple weeks. Not super happy that they won't have detachable cables.. but I was looking for a comfortable, cheaper alternative to a Harman-esque IEM like the Moondrop KPE/Blessing etc. Here's the freq response and comparison to KPE:

    Most of my recent chi-fi listening has been spent with the Vsonic GR07 (classic), Tin T2 and FiiO FA1. Of those: the T2 still seriously holds up with the others in that group (which are around $99) :deadhorse:. The GR07s beat them out in texture and tonal balance, but the T2 wins easily in build quality and value. The FA1 manages to sound full and coherent despite its single BA and isolates well for live music practice.

    I think I'm turning into a neutral-head? Is that a thing? Help.
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  15. DynamicEars
    I received my NiceHCK NX7 Pro Yesterday. The rest from 11.11 still yet to come.
    I love the cable (that is NiceHCK 16-3 copper cable), and nice transparant clear resin body shell. Love the looks of the case, different from usual faux leather black case.

    My first impressions OOTB they are a bit on bright side even though Im using the silver filter, high mids are more balanced but 7khz still there with 10-12khz tizzzziness. Hope these will be better after burn in because they have a lot of detail information there. They sounded busy but with very great extension. Mids not recessed, but not too forward, Bass part are the best part I noticed straight away. Very well controlled punch with deep extension, fast enough decay and attack, sounded clean and high quality. No mid bass bleed. I can dig these for the bass. Texture and articulation also on high grade.

    Trying the red filter which are filterless (there is no damper at all), I couldn't listen to them. Triple 3khz, 7 khz and 10-12kzh peaks were drilling my inner ears. If I left with no choice as an original NX7 owner, I will put in sponge to damper tizziness of 10-12khz and put on micropore tape but without blocking all grill holes to cut down high mids. Later i will try because with red filter, listening to the bass part only give me Raw presentation of their great double DD tuning, I can't sure enought to tell if they are sounded better (the bass and lower mids part) because I feel more clean and unveiled (with other filter obviously they are veiled by the damper), just a slightly better but i dont dare to confirm this as maybe just in my brain.

    Blue filter is the worst. They are meant to be bass booster, or reduce any other frequencies but the bass section. But my observation they just double the paper damper like on the silver filter. They reduce the high mids more become too dull while keeping the bass buuuttttttt they left with 7khz and 10 khz tizzzzinesss which i heard, boosted bass but a little bit bloated, dull mids, still with that tizziness highs. These blue filters will be stay in the box for me.

    Technically they are good, good soundstage with depth and height even though not so wide, above average. Great resolution, good imaging, good separation. Close to lovely tuning if they dont have that tizziness. They are still new, I need to burn in them and will put my additional impressions later. Easy way to remove the tizziness just put in low density sponge (sony high end IEM are using sponge for their dampers) but I will try to burn in first. Bottomline bass are punchy and clean and well controlled.

    To the burn in machine they go..


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