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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. Slater
    With my Sednas on the BL-03, I found that keyboard o-rings don't make any difference at all. The Sednas lock onto the BL-03 eartip groove so tightly, they don't budge a single millimeter. O-rings only help when the eartip slides down the nozzle.

    I am, however, using keyboard o-rings for channel identification.
  2. RikudouGoku
    How? By painting them blue and red? :)
  3. peter123
    I really like the look of these:
  4. mbwilson111
    Of course you had to do that! I was trying to say no. If I do say yes it will be for the last time!
  5. PhonoPhi
    What about the sound? :)
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  6. peter123
    I've only had them since yesterday but with the silver filters I enjoy them more than the original version. Too early to say something more yet.
  7. Jacobguy
    Hey how do you guys feel about the Kinera Seed Yin? The set I ordered should be in around christmas. Thanks
  8. Otto Motor
    Where did you get the Sednas from?
  9. superuser1
    i found it to be nothing extraordinary... perhaps just okayish.. this is from memory.
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  10. Slater
    I ordered a pack of blue o rings and a pack of red o rings:


    Wait, what sorcery is this?!?

    haha j/k

    Not all sellers have them. Most have clear. You just gotta search through all the keyboard o ring listings. You’ll find a few sellers here and there that offer them in different colors. I remember seeing black, white, green, red, blue, etc.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  11. Otto Motor
    I only got clear ones. Do they come in difference sizes?
  12. DynamicEars
    yeah I've yet to play with the shell cover. They are beautiful.

    I've write my impressions 2 pages back

    And update after around 30-40 hours burn in, high mids until high trebles become little bit smoother. tizziness are reduced a bit along with that sibilances around 7khz also tamed, they become very detailed highs with some crispiness, with some shimmering. They aren't harsh from the start, but they are getting better. OOTB they have glaring sparkles at the edges, now become smoother. I'm not treblehead person but im very enjoying the highs. I just checked the sound after 30-40hours burn in, I didn't listen to them at all while burning. What i love the most is decay after hand claps, finger snaps, snare drum. They are echoing very nice and details until last sound heard until completely gone. Sound signature is U shaped with silver filter. I did try come back with red filter after 30-40 hours burn in, and while not as piercing as OOTB, but the lower highs still a bit too much for me, but they are much better.
    I didn't hear any big changes on lower and mids part. Man, great quality bass with very detailed smooth high parts, they are sounded like mini andromeda with boosted bass (of course with less resolution, not as wide soundstage, less detail). The bass arent shy at all. Basshead will love them too i think (extreme basshead maybe still want some boost), since for me I would like bass part to be reduced by a little bit. But they are a quality bass, very well controlled, and not bleeding
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2019
  13. superuser1
    Im sorry but i want pictures of how you use them.. the proof is in the pudding :D
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  14. Infoseeker
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  15. superuser1
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