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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. 1clearhead
    LOL! I got three very similar cases! ...I bought them at the Walmart in China. :beerchug:
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  2. baskingshark
    WhatsApp Image 2019-12-03 at 21.05.59.jpeg

    I am but a young humble padawan compared to the master @peter123 . I must learn from the master!!

    Though a more pressing problem to solve now is to explain to my wife why a second storage box is needed (now that the first one is full after 11/11 and Black friday).
  3. Infoseeker
    Air conditioning copper stripping thieves would be proud.
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  4. yorosello
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  5. TeSamwiseG
    Oh Damn. I bought a wooden one from the craft store, This is much better. Its got a mirror and everything
  6. Infoseeker
    I would take whatever material could make the box lighter.
  7. DUNU-Topsound
    Just wanted to interject and clarify: the DM-480's dual dynamic drivers are not push-pull. Isobaric, yes, but we call it 'dual-push'.

    Why? Because the two drivers are wired in-phase, rather than out of phase. Push-pull drivers require one driver to be wired in the opposite electrical phase so that when one 'pushes', the other one 'pulls'.

    This is usually termed a 'clamshell' or cone-to-cone configuration. This is a common design in speaker subwoofers, because of their compact design.

    Want to bump some beats while cruisin' in your '64, but don't want to sacrifice too much trunk space? Install a clamshell subwoofer.

    In 'dual-push' mode, the drivers are in cone-to-magnet configuration. While it also saves some space, it does not save as much space. However, it doesn't matter when it comes to small earphones and especially in a large shell like the ones the DM-480 come with. There's plenty of space to begin with.

    Thus, the isobaric design of the DM-480 is less like Trinity's or the one in the ATH-CK2000Ti, and more like Audio-Technica's Dual Symphonic Driver, used in the ATH-LS70iS/LS50iS.

    For those interested, there's a good layman's explanation of the different types of isobaric designs on VUE Audiotechnik's website: https://www.vueaudio.com/isobaric-subwoofer-design/

    Coincidentally, VUE Audiotechnik also uses Materion's pure beryllium foil in their high-end speaker designs, so we share a bit more in common!
    DUNU The world's first pure beryllium rolled foil dynamic driver flagship, LUNA, just debuted at CanJam Shanghai! Check it out on our official website! Stay updated on DUNU at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/DUNU.FANS/ https://twitter.com/DUNU_Headphone https://www.instagram.com/dunu_topsound/ http://www.dunu-topsound.com/ int_ops@dunu-topsound.com, support@dunutopsound.com
  8. DynamicEars

    Nice box of happiness! Don't forget to throw desiccants packets into it
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  9. peter123
    That's a beautiful box, and a very nice collection too, what kind of box is it?
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  10. Banbeucmas
    Really like your collection of cable. And nice boxes...
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  11. Dani157
    I've ordered option C which is a 2DD iem. Think it's bbooll one but still awaiting my order to ship. Sigh.
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  12. RikudouGoku
    Is there any other brand that has an anime picture for their box/poster like Ikko,moondrop and Faael hibiscus? :)
  13. Makahl
    Tanchjim and FitEar.
  14. Banbeucmas
    Tanchjim waifu is cute... Damn glasses.

    I always want to try both Moondrop KXXS and Oxygen Tanchjim together. Providing how they seem similarly on paper
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  15. baskingshark
    It's a watch display case. It can be gotten for around $20 USD in local watch shops.

    I'm still trying to figure out which CHIFI is the 2DD IEM. Any ideas? Anyway let us know once u get it!

    For the 3DD IEM option, I'm pretty certain it is the Kinboofi F60 or one of its clones. Though I don't need the BT stuff so I gave it a miss in the end.
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