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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. citral23
    If I were you I'd get just 1 pair of really good iems recommended for acoustic music, like the kxxs or oxygen, it's a durable investment, and a pair of good earbuds like the BK2 that doesn't break the bank at all, really nice for classical with the wide soundstage that iems don't reach, it's more like listening to speakers and the bass quantity and quality is imo preferable for classical
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
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  2. Cevisi
    I would say wait there are very promising iems coming the next 2 weeks like tin t4 fearless one dd and the audiosense hybrid

    And i think in the range of 200-300 audiosense t800 is a killer very nice for critical listening and also nice for pop has bass kicks and snares sound really good on them

    And 11.11 is coming there you can get some nice deals
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  3. TimeSnow
    Thanks! Those Oxygen look like they'd be a very good choice!
  4. TimeSnow
    The audiosense t800 seems killer but it being so picky with sources probably makes it a no go for me as I only to carry my phone and maybe something like a HIDIZS OTG cable thing.

    But hmm... It is tempting. And thanks for the heads up. Re new things and 11/11...i can't believe I forgot that was coming!
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  5. RikudouGoku
    @TimeSnow if you are interested in the KXXS or the Oxygen, get the Blon 03 instead, almost no difference in sound and you save like 10 times the cost.
  6. TimeSnow
    Really? I mean I want that to be true.
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  7. Cevisi
    A lot of people say that
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  8. silverfishla
    It’s totally true. Bl -03 is better than my Kanas Pro....IT03, Tansio Mirai 4 Pro, all my CCA, Campfire Comet and a slew of others in that range. Or should I say, I prefer them. Some of these might specifically do things better (like the Comet has a really meaty midrange), but as an overall...the Blon beats them.
  9. TimeSnow
    Whoa.... Well... That seems like a no brainer then! Thanks!
  10. Jmop
    Yeah, unless I see a graph better than the Blon I’m not gonna throw hundreds of dollars on earphones anymore.
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  11. TimeSnow
    I just ordered the Blons. But might splash a bit more on something else as well...

    Chifi insanity... How I've missed you.
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  12. TimeSnow
    Oh crap.. Do I need to definitely buy a replacement cable for them to fit?

    Looking for one on amazon.co.uk as I can get it in a few days... Anyone know the right keywords? QDC 78mm?
  13. mbwilson111
    No.. fits me perfectly and I know others have had the same experience. I wish that when a person has a problem with something they would not assume that everyone will have the same problem. Just wait and see.

    I have had mine for three months. I only recently (a few days ago) did change the cable because I found out it is possible to wear them cable down so I needed one with no ear hook. Took the opportunity to use a balanced cable I had lying around.
    Last edited: Oct 25, 2019
  14. TimeSnow
    Thank you! Almost everything fits me so fingers crossed!
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  15. ozziecook
    Getting a BL03 should allow you to relax and get on with some of the more important things in life.
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