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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. silverfishla
    The cable is not that bad. It sounds like the default brown KZ cable, a little strict. I find that the upgrade KZ cable ($10?) gives it a little more breadth (as do other multi-wire upgrade cables). The default cable has a slight turn in the plug, which is fine. The QDC plug on most cable that I’ve seen (also on the CCA upgrade cable) have a slightly more severe angle. Those don’t quite work for me, because the turn is too close to the back of my ear (so it fits short). I now use a cable that fits straight and is soft (also a CCA) Very comfy now.
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  2. baskingshark
    Hi I made a post in another thread about the BLON BL-03's stock cable and stock eartip issue:

    IMHO, the eartips are the ones causing the headfiers majority of the fitting issues. Not everyone has a fitting issue with the stock cable, but if u do find the fit is wonky with it, get an aftermarket set, do a heat/reform mod or cut open the earhooks. So my advise is to first focus on getting some spare eartips ready for the BLON's arrival. If u have extra cash lying about, then the cables are a lower priority after the eartips.
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  3. Toastybob
    Many people reported that QDC or KZ style cables do not fit without modification.
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  4. Jmop
    Haha. You get into this hobby in search of a destination only to realize that everyone who said life is a journey was correct.
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  5. citral23
    I have the blon-03 and KPE and there's a huge difference in sound, the blons are ok and probably some of the best for their price, but they aren't all that great and in 3 months everyone will be praising another "giant killer" and have forgotten them imo, which I very much doubt will be the case with KPE, kxxs, oxygen etc.

    Their main issues are they don't sound "effortless" so they get tiring quickly, they have too much bass to be a good all-rounder, and bad instrument separation in busy tracks they are quickly overwhelmed.

    They have ok timbre accuracy which is rare at that price, but I doubt the competition will close shop because it's over, the blon is everything anyone needs, close the forums and internets lol.

    Same was said of the T2 when it came out.

    Imo, with HiFi one gets what he pays for, up to a degree at least, and while cheap gear is making huge progress, it's still an "investment" to buy at least good mid-tier iems.

    Good speakers don't really become outdated either, Yamaha still sells the MSP5 I saved for to afford about 20 years ago, they've been on almost 24/7 since that time and still work and sound great, I doubt that'd be the case with 1998 Behringer "giant killers".
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  6. baskingshark
    I don't have the KPE/KXXS/Oxygen, but I have to agree the BLON BL-03 loses out in instrument separation to other single DD IEMs I have like the Toneking Ninetails, Semkarch SKC CNT1 and TFZ No. 3. Not to mention multi BA/hybrids.

    But I think for $28 USD, it is a steal, and it does most areas well, and it really sets a standard for other CHIFI releases. And I remember u mentioning the artificial timbre of the DT6 previously, the BLON BL-03 has one of the best timbre/tonality I've ever heard for sure.

    I think the midbass issue may be due to tip selection, as most of us use different tips with the BLON due to the subpar stock tips. Some folks find it lacks bass, some think the bass is boomy, I think it can be explained by the tip selection, and possibly source.
  7. Tonymac136
    The BL03 loses out on instrument separation to its £10 little brother the BL01.
    I tend to agree that the wonky bass on the 03 is caused by tips. I've tried so many tips looking for the best sound and fit. When I put MH755 tips on, suddenly the wonky bass was fixed. Though possibly it could have just sorted itself out with time and use. The 03 does need a good source to shine too. Feed it garbage and it will replay it faithfully.
  8. baskingshark
    Good points. I actually went the other way and went to tiproll until I could find a eartip that gave the most bass quantity LOL (I'm an unashamed basshead).

    I'm actually surprised that source is actually quite important for the BLON BL-03. With low powered sources and on higher volumes, the BLON BL-03 distorts especially at the mid bass frequencies. And despite the BLON BL-03's specs on paper, amping helps, especially in the dynamics and fixing the distortion IMHO.
  9. Jmop
    I wouldn’t doubt the Blon getting beat on some minor technical aspects but regardless, all those other iems aren’t without their faults. I don’t think any of those neutrality kings haven’t had at least some negative feedback about sharp treble, and the graphs do show elevated treble on them. The Blons could be better in that respect too, but I’m not gonna pay several times more for something that still has obvious issues. Refinement and effortlessness of sound don’t mean squat if the response sucks. Maybe if all one listens to is classical/ambient..
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  10. logiatype
    Definitely in the BL-03 having too much bass boom crowd. Stock tips are too long. Much prefer the shorter gray tips they come with.

    It’s my first foray into chifi coming from the IE80 (knob at 0).
    BLONs are very detailed but I keep going back to the laid back, wide, easy to track LR separation of the IE80s. Any recommendations for less bass and more airy presentation? Tin T2 pro?
  11. Tonymac136
    Not tried the T2 pro but the vanilla T2 is much less bassy - almost not bassy enough without an amp.
    Maybe also the KBear F1 which is a single BA design. The mids are sublime and really detailed but there is a roll off at both ends of the scale. The caveat here is that getting the "right" F1 isn't a given. I have two of the "wrong" ones and don't have the "right" one. There was some kind of mix up in the factory so there are at LEAST 4 different drivers used.
  12. PhonoPhi
    I very much agree with your observations about the bass, being quite bass-averse.

    Wide-bore shallow tips worked very well for me to have definitely not overwhelming and well-resolved bass and quite impressive treble.
    I used balanced right away after modifying connectors, as I learned here and very grateful for this knowledge.

    I am quite biased "all-BA fan" and I actually thought to get Blon to confirm my theories of all-BA superiority :)
    Not exactly! I have to say I am very impressed with the 03!

    I plan to compare 03 more closely with CCA C10, C12 and C16 and possibly 1 More Quad in the next few days.
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  13. baskingshark
    U can consider the hisenior B5+. 5 Knowles BA each side, retails 80ish usd. Very airy and slightly boosted lower mids. Roll off at high treble and subbass. I actually find the bass lacking and need to EQ the bass up a few dB, so it might suit you (though disclaimer is I'm a bashead).
    Excellent imaging, details and clarity. Great timbre and tonality for a pure BA setup.

    The T2 and may also suit you (based on reviews) but I never tried those due to feedback about insufficient bass.

    Toneking ninetails is another single DD with very airy presentation and great timbre/tonality. It has 9 customizable tuning configurations (front and back filters) to give a neutral to v shaped to basshead sound. But even on the most neutral configuration it is not as neutral as a "reference" set as the mids are still compartively recessed and bass a bit north of neutral.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  14. requal
    I saw there's two new DD models from Toneking on Aliexpress - named P10 & 1Q. Intresting cuz Ninetails as I see is good set.
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  15. dharmasteve
    With JVC Spiral Dots Large and the very thick ISN Audio C16 or balanced S16 cables, using the FiiO M9 as a source, the Blon 03s are totally integrated and very involving and organic. Now that I have managed to get Amazon HD & HD Ultra working on the M9 everything comes together. I know there is a lot of talk about cable fit, but a simple straight edge cable like the ISN audios are perfect. There is....to me a good upgrade on sound with this combination. So often QC is the reason so many ChiFi IEMs don't work to their peak. With all the factors coming together, including QC, the Blon 03 matches every bit of hype. Will be doing the same thing on the iBasso DX160, hopefully next week, and I can see how much the source influences the Blon 03's. So 9.00 out of 10 at the moment.

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