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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. K-Lawn
    I recently bought the KZ ZSX and am not understanding the hype. They sound a bit harsh and have a U-Shaped Signature that just doesn't do it for me. Good treble detail however. What would you guys recommend in the sub $80 IEM range for someone who wants a more neutral sound?
  2. voicemaster
    Blon BL03?
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  3. K-Lawn
    I've seen the BL03s recommended numerous times so I think I'm going to take the plunge and buy them. Though, I'm also intrigued by the Tin T2s. Thanks for the recommendation.
  4. Jmop
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  5. TimeSnow

    I have mountains of tips (don't we all} so HOPEFULLY something will match them at least well enough to see the potential - thanks again.
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  6. citral23
    I think it'd be more fair to say that the blon has too much bass, that is slow and boomy, but that it can be worked around somewhat with the right choice of tips (narrow bore)

    There's really too much hype over this iems, good Lord.

    The cable, connector and tips suck, the fit is not great due to short nozzle, they have bad instrument separation, a slow and boomy bass, and yet everyone who never listened to the more expensive offerings claims they are superior based on graphs vOv.

    They have good timbre and a somewhat "wow" effect due to forward mids and monster sub but there's more needed to make a "timeless" great iems.

    We'll see in 3 months what ppl say.
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  7. TimeSnow
    I'm hoping they make me happy enough that I can take my time choosing a more premium pair. And at tbe price if they're half as good as the hype I think they will.

    Thanks for the reality check.
  8. citral23
    Don't worry, it's well spent money. They'll make great "take everywhere without worrying" iems in the future, should you decide to get a more expensive pair and preserve it.

    I'm just a bit grumpy over people who claim mid-tier is inferior without having listened to them and talk everyone else into buying what they did because it cannot be anything but "the best".

    It's the same on all forums so probably not worth ranting tho lol.
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  9. dharmasteve
    Just to say, nothing that you are hearing with your Blon 03s match my experience of them. Of course we all have different ears and brains but is it possible you have a duff pair?
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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  10. Jmop
    I’ve listened to enough iems in various price ranges to know that graphs instill a lot of meaning behind the sound. I wouldn’t judge so critically if I didn’t bite the bullet every now and then.
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  11. K-Lawn
    So what would be your recommendation?
  12. TimeSnow
    I think that lol was because I'd come on here and started a huge Blon conversation accidentally... Right before you asked... Not about the Blons themselves....
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  13. Jmop
    Yup, I was merely laughing at how the Blon is so consistently recommended. It’s got my vote too.
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  14. Jmop
    Sony MH755 is also great if you can get it re-cabled.
  15. K-Lawn
    Lmao. Alright, cool. I’m going to order them and report back.
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