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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Folly
    is this the one? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Newest-upgraded-Senfer-DT2-Plus-Dynamic-Balanced-Armature-IEMS-In-Ear-HIFI-Monitors-DJ-Stereo-Music/32751101024.html?spm=2114.30010308.8.40.HrvU8M
  2. VinceHill24
  3. crabdog
    That is indeed the one. I'd buy right now if I could but for the moment just added to my wishlist.
  4. notamethlab
    Senfer DT2 plus, is up on AE only a matter of time before more stores get it and drop the price. For anyone curious here's the link.

    Newest upgraded Senfer DT2 Plus
    (from AliExpress Android)

    EDIT:Looks like I'm late posting the link.
  5. Folly
    Already on my wishlist too. Just messaged the seller asking if they are better than the 4in1s
  6. Folly
    He replied with "this is newest and 100% better than 4in1"... Well pretty useless information and obviously he wants to make a sale, but with a further discount I figured I should take one for the team this time. So yes, order placed and will compare with the 4in1 when they arrive
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  7. peter123

    For what? He makes a broad generalization that all BA IEM's are useless and that the ATE is da schiit, I don't agree on either. Typically enough he also doesn't even care to mention which BA's he has tried and haven't even bothered to list his stuff in his profile.

    The quality of this thread has really gone downslope..........
  8. Cinder
    True. While you have a point, it was more about the delivery of your response than the actual content of your message. I can see where he was coming from, even though I do agree with you.
  9. peter123

    Yeah, whatever.

    I'm just tired of people that makes broad generalization without having (or caring to mention it) broad experience. I'm also fed up with people suggesting stuff to new members that they haven't heard themselves (I think that's extremely nonchalant towards other peoples money) and I'm also tired of people making negative comments about stuff they have not heard. I believe a couple of these points are also against the posting guidlines of this forum.

    Doing these things are really really not helpful to the community and especially not to new members coming here looking for advice (imo). Unfortunately I've also noticed a trend that it gets more and more common.

    I kind of liked the old days when people bought a lot of the cheap ones and shared their real lifeexperience here (good or bad) and made recommendations out from that. I can see from the last posts that I'm obviously in a minority thinking like this so I'll take a hike.

    You fellas have fun.
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  10. danimoca
    Now the Havi's are bassy?
  11. yangian
    Totally agree with bold atatement!!
    ATE is bad?! Definitely not! It's better than Monk+ IMO.
  12. crabdog
    Yes a bit useless regarding that info but we have to keep in mind the language barrier. I'm sure if you asked in Chinese you'd get a better answer. There has been a little controversy with that store in the past but I've only had positive dealings with them. Oh and my last 2 orders arrived in 6 days. [​IMG]
  13. peter123

    Once again you totally missed my point, what I was trying to communicate (buy obviously failed to do so) was that we all hear things differently and therefore making bold statements and broad generalization is pretty meaningless in this hobby imo.

    I know that you love to repeat in the dedicated threads that you don't like this and that product always questioning that other can enjoy it since you can not. Fortunately we're all allowed to like what we like and there's dedicated threads in here with people enjoying pretty much every headphone and IEM's that exist. To me this is a good thing and what makes this hobby so fun and interesting.

    Edit: I'm pretty sure there are unit variations in the ATE production and my pair may not sound like many others but they're the ones I've got and they really not enjoyable to me. This is really irrelevant in this discussion but I just wanted to clarify it anyway.
  14. Roen
    They're more bassy than neutral but nowhere near basshead levels.

    I'm comparing against a flat reference IEM.
  15. Majin
    Damn triple driver with knowles BA for that price is insane.
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