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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. jant71
    Keep telling you they weren't fitting you right. The RT10 need some treble sparkle :) They are a bit rolled and smooth. You are in the minority like 7 to 1 of owners say they lack some treble brightness. They are difficult to fit right even if you think you might, you may not.
  2. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Personally, I'm not jumping on the trending "More is Better" BA driver Bandwagon. Even with the Noble 10's, although they are a Stellar definition and Soundstage Earphone, (Yes I have auditioned them), they simply LACK the Bass IMPACT, (I'm not certain of the word here), having all BA drivers that a B/A--D/D complement has. The BAs (to my ears) just lack that certain something, (Dynamics?[​IMG]), that is afforded by a larger dynamic Bass driver. Ultimate would be like 2 11mm Dynamics and 10 BA with Crossover networks. They might be too large to insert in your ears though....
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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  3. Vidal
    Hi mate, I find the 4in1 at the top end of my treble acceptance but the RT-10 are a lot darker in comparison. Looking at Hisoundfi's review he said this about the treble: -
    Treble response does take a small step forward from the midrange, but is still on the more neutral side of things. It is a snappy and accurate treble with good PRaT. I think it’s in a really good spot to round out a very entertaining and non-fatiguing tuning that many will really appreciate."
    That mentioning of non-fatiguing seems to indicate he found the treble fairly relaxed as well, you must have had a defective pair. I know the Macaw use a carbon fibre diaphragm which Hisoundfi mentions was previously used in a pair of JVC's that he found too bright. Maybe your pair was missing a bit of gauze or something.
  4. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] You may be right jant. I can only call my impressions as they worked for me. Remember, I also had trouble with another very popular Visonic earphone that everyone raves about but I heard as very Small and Tin-ish. I could NOT get them to fit.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  5. Vidal
    Just in case anyone misses it my comment regarding the 8BA relates to the fact they have Man United on the side. A British football (soccer) team who has a rivalry with my own team. Old Trafford is a huge stadium but is famous for being a bit quiet  on match day unless United are playing well.
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  6. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Vidal, It could be also like jant said, I may not have been able to get them to Fit properly due to my personal ear anatomy. THIS is the main reason I prefer down-cable type of Earphones as I know I have a propensity for not getting the best fit from all universal Over-Ears.
    I also can't get Foam Eartips to work consistantly, and I have tried every technique possible for insertion.
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
  7. jant71
    BTW, I recommend the Penon hybrid tips for the RT10 as they are a stupid picky phone for tips to get the best sound out of them. They are good tips regardless. I got the gray/orange and they are very nice tips.
  8. haiku

    BA´s are useful in a hearing aid imo, nothing more. Never heard anything that convinced me. The 8mm driver of the KZ ATE on the other hand pumps bass and subbass quite nicely! [​IMG] 
  9. mochill
    Zst is awesome , powerful subbass with clear midrange and treble that is diffused
  10. trumpethead
    I agree although I think we are in the minority on that oinion so far, no pun intended...LOL
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  11. Vidal
    The only multi BA driver earphone I've used is the 1More Triple Drivers - I find these have too much bass for my liking normally and I EQ both the sub (slight) and mid (a lot) down.
  12. Deb1995
     I'm looking for an earphone under $30.....I listen to almost every genre( mostly Rock, Pop, R&B, Vocal...).......I love the sound signature of Ate, But I'm looking for something better like Warm & detailed......I was thinking of Tennmak pro or piano or SENFER 4in1 .....Which is the better? & has more bass?......Also, are there any other option which I can consider?.....Please help me to choose!
  13. d8n0g
    The senfers are awesome indeed! You said you'd like something a little warmer...the senders IMHO are a little sparkly but can be tamed by eq'ing. Haven't tried the tennmak
  14. Vidal
    I don't see the Pro as a significant step up from the ATE. The 4in1 is a significant step up 'but' as many have said they're a bit bright. I work in GBP so some of these maybe above the $30 but only just: -
    1. Senfer 4in1 (bright), DT2 (less bright, less bass) or UEs (balanced)
    2. Urbanfun (Balanced)
    3. BK50 (Warm + detailed)
    4. Tennmak Banjo (Bass)
    5. Audiosense AS20 (slightly v-shaped)
    6. Mannhas C190 (cheaper) - my favourite single dynamic driver (apart from the Tingo copy of a very expensive earphone)
  15. mashuto
    Those are hybrids though, 2 ba's and 1 dynamic, which would be for the bass. And I think he was referring specifically to multi ba only sets.
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