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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Vidal
    Ah, my bad! I assumed there must be 1 DD in there given it's size.
    Why would anyone make a BA only custom? Seems like a crazy pursuit of oneupmanship 
  2. peter123

    What crap, to me the ATE is one of the worst IEM's I own so your opinions are just your opinions (thankfully if you ask me)........

    Edit: Oh, I'd also include one of those smileys that people think they can use to get away with any stupid posts but I'm on my phone so none available.
  3. Holypal
    I found out the Senfer has a new earphone DT2Plus, with one DD and 2 BA drivers. The look is similar with DT2 and DT2Pro. The price is only few dollars higher.  In Chinese:
    Do you have good relationship with HCK or the banned seller? Could you ask them to add this iem?
  4. fyne
    Hi, I'm new here and am in a bit of a pickle concerning the Senfer 4in1. I ordered a pair of 4in1's in early September and received them on Sept. 24. At first they worked fine and sounded good but around four days ago the left earphone (blue one) began to sound very muffled and nowhere near as clear as it had been before. I'm pretty sure it's a problem with the driver and not the wire as the right earphone works fine. I contacted Jim from NiceHCK asking for a new earphone and he asked me to make a video demonstrating the drop in quality. What would be the best way to make a video doing this, apart from just blasting music on max volume and hoping my phone (the only thing I have that can take video) picks up the differences? Thanks for all of your help and for recommending this IEM; it's great quality and I'd be very satisfied if not for this defect that suddenly popped up.
  5. jant71
    Anyone gonna order the Moondrop IX?? Peaking my interest [​IMG]
    mochill likes this.
  6. loomisjohnson
    completely ungentlemanly comments. if you're a man you should apologize.
  7. Roen
    Sounds like he was probably drunk.

    I just received my Havi B3 Pro 1.

    OOTB, this is my kind of sound signature. Bass forward, mids slightly forward, treble neutral to weak, but not muddled like cheaper single DD's.

    Instantly has become by go to over the 4in1, A2S and DBA-02 MkII.

    It will go on the burn in station and then I will post some new impressions.
    loomisjohnson likes this.
  8. crabdog
    Nice find! These could be something special, especially if that treble peak of the 4in1 is absent I think @1clearhead would be interested in this one.
  9. Brian Coffey
    Here is the same on Ali https://www.aliexpress.com/item/New-Development-DT2-Circle-Mixed-Iron-In-ear-Headphones-Can-Change-Line-Upgrade-Iron-Unit-Fever/32380712864.html Or I think its the same can't see the one on Tao.
  10. crabdog
    I think that's the original DT2 which is a double hybrid. The one @Holypal linked appears to be a triple driver unit.
  11. Brian Coffey
    My bad :) Just seen the double part list and moving iron and thought it was double armature one.
  12. d8n0g

    Sweet, I've been wanting to try the havi's, looking forward to your impressions
  13. Roen
    Havi's are not better overall, they're just better if you like a smooth bassy sound like I do.

    If you like sparkly, 4in1 is better.

    If you like flat, I can't really recommend a cheap Chinese IEM cuz I haven't found one.

    OTOH, my $220 DBA-02 MkII are a very good monitoring, flat IEM that I would recommend to anyone seeking a flat sound.
  14. VinceHill24
    Seriously ?! 248RMB for 3 drivers hybrid that's not even 40$. Just wait through the weekend, i believe both AE stores will have it soon enough with even cheaper price. Thanks for the good discovery, now we have more options to choose.
  15. ChickenButcher
    that's crazy. they even stated that the dual BA are from knowles 
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