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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Reverber
    I have no idea why someone bothered by so-called '2 sec delay bug':ksc75smile:
    Iam for proper USB Audio
  2. upsguys88
    I second the idea to better the USB capabilities would be a better use of firmware update. What is the 2 second issue?
  3. steve59
    Need the USB DAC facility,best one I have had for my laptop.2 second delay does not bother me at all.Need to make the fonts larger though!
    Should have said I am using Cayin N5iiS.
    Last edited: May 8, 2019
  4. somnarium
    Headed for a draw! Uh-oh
  5. Fletcher Woolard
    USB Audio for me, 2 second delay is annoying but fine.
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  6. noverbeck
    The only time 2 second delay is bad is when you start your player, expecting it to be at the preset volume, but find it returns to the volume you were using prior to shutting it off. Mainly an issue when switching between hard to drive headphones to sensitive iems. Not being able to pause with blaring music is not a fun thing to have happen.
  7. originalsnuffy
    I would suggest that you offer the firmware update with the information that certain capabilities have been removed or degraded. Those who want those capabilities as they are can stay with the current firmware; those who would prefer a more responsive interface can go to the new firmware.

    As I understand it, the primary USB issue is output to external DAC units such as the Mojo. I am not sure if there is an issue with use as a DAC/AMP as I've never tried that function. But it would be good to know the current status of those two USB uses and what would happen with the proposed new firmware.

    Personally a snappier UI would be great for me as it would address one key issue for me. The other key issue for me is that sending files via USB to the micro SD cards can be finicky; but I suspect that USB transfers may never be fully addressed due to the limitations of the USB implementation as described a while back.
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  8. seanwee
    Come to think of it, the firmware only seems to fix the 2 sec delay so those who'd prefer having the USB Audio out could just defer from upgrading.

    Ive never had any problems with the USB transfer process though. It's a bit slower compared to using a card reader but that's to be expected.

    Have you done the developer option tweak to speed up the UI?

    Simply set
    window animation scale - off
    transition animation scale - off
    Animator duration scale - 0.5

    Using the above setting it feels as snappy as the N5iiS to me.
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  9. upsguys88
    Yeah I agree, I’m of the liking the option to use an external amp/dac with my Centrance bluedac but the usb out is terrible...
  10. Saltyfatboy
    As a N5II user, don't think worth compensate one function, even though rarely use and can't output smooth DSD
    also possible lower SQ for the 2sec issue .. as above user said, a bit annoying but it's ok.

    I thought 2sec issue occur only on 3.6 FW ? or since 3.5 ? but sure it was not on 3.3 ..
    so vote for unchange

    didn't notice the developer option, thx @seanwee, feel flashy after setting your options
    let's bring it out for listen tmr
    for the N6II, shouldn't be a secret as posted by Andy, it SRP is 6998RMB, so comparable to DX220, both are in range : P

    can't wait to listen both !!
  11. seanwee
    I've heard the op amp circuit of the N8 and while it's not comparable to the nutube circuit it'll definitely be a great one at the 1200 buck price range.

    However, there will be a nutube module coming to the DX series so that muddles up things a bit. That said, there's no guarantee that ibasso will be able to make a nutube module that sounds as good the nutube curcuit in the N8.

    Being the flagship of Cayin there's not doubt that a crapton of work and effort must have been put into the Nutube Circuit to squeeze out the best sound possible from the design.
  12. upsguys88
    All of a sudden my n5ii won’t scan past 600 songs :frowning2:
  13. somnarium
    This happens to me periodically. Do you have 2 cards loaded?

    If so, try powering off and swapping the cards then power on and rescan.

    If 1 card, same procedure but swap card to previously unused slot.
  14. thedud3
    Maybe because one might expect a +/- 500 bucks unit to be as responsive as a 20 bucks one in terms of such basic and essential usage like playing / pausing songs ?

    Personally, i have no usage of my N5IIS for USB Audio Out and neither for USB DAC. So i would prefer to have the 2 sec delay fixed, even if i loose USB Audio Out. But i understand that other people might have different usage / expectations than mines.

    Also from what i understood, @Andykong didn't make it clear if only USB Audio Out would be affected by the 2 sec delay fix, or if the USB DAC capability would also be impacted. I guess he'll calrify this pretty soon for anyone's concern.

    The 2 second issue is that 1/2 seconds delay you have when you press play/pause and before the player actually operates the play/pause function.

    You can also check my short video showing the issue here.

    Sounds pretty fair for everyone IMHO. Except maybe for people not reading fw release informations...

    I always use a card reader for file transfers as i always found it much fast and reliable, not only in terms of file transfer, but also in not having to bother switching up the unit plus grabbing and plugging my USB cable. Now maybe this has also to do with the fact that i'm not using my N5IIS as a DAC, thus not having it plugged to my computer for listening... :wink:

    You might want to check this post and few previous/further ones (including also this one)
    Last edited: May 10, 2019
  15. thedud3
    Do you mean that the Startup Volume Settings in the Music Settings are not working on your end ?


    I personally prefer having the last volume level restored at start-up (as settings shown in my screen), but i guess setting up a 'Custom' volume on start-up with your own desired level, instead of 'Memory' should solve your issue ?
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