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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. seanwee
    That's very interesting. What type of files did you delete?
  2. jbast0160
    I deleted some .rar, .7z, .zip, .log, .cue, .iso, .ini, .pdf and .html
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  3. seanwee
    I think the culprit may be either the .ini or .log files because i have the rest on my sd card and it works fine.
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  4. jbast0160
    I think so too. I thought my dap is a goner, it hasn't been 6 months on me
  5. Jazzbass12
    Has anybody tried 3rd party music apps such as Neutron on this device? Any better then the stock player?
    Any recommendations?
  6. seanwee
    Unless you're looking for player specific functions there shouldnt be any improvements to be had.
  7. thedud3
    Sorry Seanwee but i must disagree with you on that point. There are many 3rd apps that can really improve N5II/N5IIS user experience IMHO.

    For instance the cover art constant redrawing really annoys me and i'm glad app like RocketPlayer handles this waaaaaay better than the Cayin Audio app.

    Playlists management isn't really good with Cayin Audio App when again RocketPlayer or even Onkyo HF Player offers much possibility for eg building / editing playlists on the fly.
    Cayin App also for some reason shuffle all your playlists if they are in the same directory (which doesn't make sense to me), when all other aps i tested so far do not have this strange behaviour.

    RocketPlayer and Onkyo HF Player also provides crossfade option which is very nice too (Onkyo HF Player can even add crossfade not just when song ends but also when you manually skip)

    I'd also say that these apps also offer way more possibilities with the EQ (more settings, bands... and just allowing to enable/disable EQ through a dedicated icon in their app is already better than with the built-in Cayin App where you have to go to the Root menu to enable/disable EQ)

    And finally, there are many less-important features but still nice-to-have that eg RocketPlayer includes (tag editing/ customizable list sorting in all views, display nb songs + running time when entering albums...)

    I would also add PowerAmp app which is great too, although not free.
    Last edited: May 2, 2019
  8. Jazzbass12
    New N5iis user. I tried to use as a USB DAC with my windows LT and Audirvana. Was surprised how bad it performs. Crackling and popping. This happens regardless of ASIO or WASAPI. Are there any work arounds?
    A little disappointed in this unit. Very laggy as well.

  9. originalsnuffy
    I have a philosophical issue with HiBy. They basically left customers of Shanling and Cayin high and dry when they essentially exited the software/firmware business in search of hardware riches.

    Not to mention how poorly they handled the R3 rollout; and the generally mediocre sound *in my opinion* of the R3.

    I think I am far more likely to go back to FIIO than try HiBy again. Course those iBasso units look mighty fine.
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  10. originalsnuffy
    I had similar problems with Outlook. It just kept choking on one email but boy it was hard to figure which one that was.....basically had to cut the email stack in two, see which half froze, then cut that half again....etc.
  11. DiederickFritz
    I’ve been having a few issues with my Cayin n5ii model:
    - a black/white pixelated screen (like on old tvs with no signal) after i leave my device idle for awhile
    - my device tends to ghost actions on its own without me doing anything (e.g. pausing the music when I haven’t touched anything, opening menu items when I’ve left it idle; one time i was downloading music on Apple Music, i came back after 30 mins and the device was on Slipknot artist page playing their music)
    - the Wifi is also incredibly bad, like real slow to download anything. My old Nintendo DS had better wifi than this.
    -the google play services bug (i applied the workaround though so that’s not a problem)

    I have v3.5 btw so will upgrading to v3.6 fix these issues?
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  12. NicholasS
    And that's just the beginning, believe me :) No joke.
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  13. seanwee
    Currently I'm considering the DX220 since the price of the N6ii is a little too steep. The FiiO M11 on the other hand may be too small a step up to be worth it.
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  14. ElKabong
    I'm in the Fiio M11 boat for now. Have not seen the N6ii, the slow ui of the N5ii is enough for me to steer clear.
  15. Dobrescu George
    Make sure to get AMP7 with DX220, that's a really really interesting experience.

    I'm curious to compare it to N6ii (?)
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