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Cayin N5ii Android based Master Quality Digital Audio Player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by PinkyPowers, Oct 14, 2017.
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  1. Metalomaniac
    This was the first and last Cayin product I will ever buy. Awful short-term support for the player, and fundamental problems with the UI and UX.

    Fortunately I was able to sell mine to a good home to someone who won't be using it for streaming. I couldn't sell mine with a good conscience for that purpose, as it's just not fit.

    Since you're in the EU you're entitled to a minimum two year warranty regardless of what the manufacturer says.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
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  2. Hogwash
    Are you sure?
    I have to look that up. Of course I know that this is the case in germany, But I thought it'd be different in the UK, cos that's what advancedmp3players wrote me.
    I'll check that. Thanks for the hint!
    However advancedmp3players were really nice, so I have to see how I'll handle that.
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2019
  3. Metalomaniac
  4. Hogwash
    “for now“. My thought exactly. :laughing:

    I wrote an email to the EU consumer council, because maybe it makes a difference of you are not the manufacturer of the good, but just the retailer. Just to be sure...
  5. Dobrescu George
    Woah, really sorry to hear you had that kind of experience, but just a thought, maybe you didn't get an answer quite yet because of all the audio shows that are taking place now, and I think that all Cayin reps have been away for the past month or so.

    I mean, I think Cayin are quite helpful with stuff, heard good things about their service so far... Would expect them to keep that up.

    @CayinSupport @Andykong
  6. seanwee
    Andy did mention that they are away for SIAV currently and straight after that they will be busy with Munich High End when I sent him a PM.

    After that blows over I sure hope we finally get the update.
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  7. CayinSupport
    May I know which email address you send the email to? I will ask our after-sales service staff to check if they have received your email. It will take a great help to us if you can provide more information about your email.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  8. Hogwash

    thank you for getting in touch.

    My first email was sent on 2019-02-25 and the second one (flagged high priority) on 2019-03-30. I mailed both to info@cayin.cn, because that address is on your website.
    Subject was: "N5ii battery/screen problem".
    In a private conversation I can give you my email-address, too if you should need it.
    I cannot say how advancedmp3players did contact you, though.

    Feel free to send me a message anytime.
  9. originalsnuffy
    Hey Cayin support....are there any firmware updates planned in the near term for this unit? There are still some lingering issues with USB and some kind of improvement to the lag in pause/play function would be great. In general it would be nice if it crashed less.
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2019
  10. CayinSupport
    Thank you for your reply.
    I am sorry that we have not responded to your email in time,as we have been dealing with all kinds of exhibitions recently.
    I have checked with my after-sales service staff.Please take note of your email.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  11. Saltyfatboy
    seanwee, just about to tell had a brief listen to DX200(w/AMP1?) and DX150(w/AMP6?) a while ago, tested with E5000 on BAL
    found DX200 is quite nice even feel like its sound signature is after SP1000, less dynamic but with spacious and fine details, suit more for all BA IEM
    and disappointed for DX150, not sure it was with stock AMP6 ... lack lot of detail from DX200, close soundstage too
    is DX150 better with different AMP card ?

    Sure will give DX120 a try, friend is looking for entry DAP too, see if can fit them.

    Have you tried FiiO M11, how's it compare to N5II ?
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  12. seanwee
    Yeah, that sounds about right. I've tried the Final E5000 and boy it was too warm for me.

    Pair that with the DX200 and it's a nice pairing but it's a big no no with the DX150. And I've also only tested them with their stock amps, never got to try amp 7 or amp 8.

    And regarding the SP1000 vs Ibasso DX200 the gap between the two will widen if you use very revealing iems. They are quite far apart imo. Further than the gap between the N5ii and DX200.

    And yes, do give the DX120 a try if you can.

    The funny thing is, I just narrowly missed demoing the FiiO M11. The owner of the audio store decided to take their demo unit for along for his SIAV and Munich High End trip the day before I went :sweat_smile:

    Maybe next time.
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  13. wakokokoyz
    thread is dead already? :astonished::astonished: cayin support, we need firmware update. at least make reverse firmware flashing possible. in latest firmware 3.6, i am unable to use buttons for spotify when screen is off
  14. originalsnuffy
    Cayin has clearly decided that this is a dead unit in terms of support. I would love to have them prove me wrong.
  15. Vort77
    Hi guys, my unit screen has gone unresponsive no matter with the resetting and wiping cache and restoring to factory default. It has been sent back under warranty. Anyone with experience on the time frame for RMA? I figure it will be months.

    I am thinking of getting another player. Curious to know what upgrades everyone has moved on to?
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