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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. bluedolphin
    I tried reinstall or upgrade driver right click cayin i5 in usb mode, click choose from list manually because windows cant find driver for it
    but MTP USB driver is not found on the list there is only this driver which is used to detect i think Cayin i5 in usb mode
    Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver

    I think this driver show up because on my windows it think cayin i5 is a card reader not a Portable usb audio player
    which is strange
  2. bluedolphin
    i Now tested Mtp on my other pc laptop windows 8 , it conect instantly 5 seconds in Mtp, all files i transfered before show up
    I can however only see the Music folder and the albums i put in root, which is strange but seem to be related to Cayin i5 and not to Pc since i have same problem on both Pc.
    I have not time now to test transfer in MTP on other pc to see if i get the warning window.

    Also tested USB mode again on other Pc and still take 50 seconds to 1 Minute to conect
    after 30 seconds removable drive E show up but if i touch it window freeze (just like on first pc)
    but after 30 more seconds nearly 1 minute in total it become stable conected and i can acess cayin i5
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
  3. Necron99
  4. Necron99

    One of the biggest failings of the i5. So much so that I've given up trying. Similar to your experience, just a pain in the ass and then piss poor response to button commands. If anyone gets this with Bluetooth in mind, don't!!!
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2017
    Vitalii likes this.
  5. Vitalii
    But I'm sure that it can be fixed. Simply engineers cayin should take and correct their mistakes regarding this issue.
    Otherwise, I will all recommend cayin products as an undesirable and unfinished bad product. And I think that not only I alone will do this with respect to cayin products.
  6. Numpsy
    As far as I can tell here, the pause button on Bluetooth devices not working is a hiby problem rather than something 'lower level' (works fine with some third party player software, which I would hope means cayin could do something about it in the hiby player).
  7. Vitalii
    Unfortunately, the problem is not only in the pause button, but also with auto-connection to various devices, when reconnecting.
  8. Soundtrap
    So, dead silence again by AndyKong about an issue with volume wheel with the latest firmware update?
  9. bluedolphin
    This is what i want to do , i have Cayin i5 in front of me
    inside hibymusic
    I click Album view and i get album art show up like this
    This is good and Album art show up fine this is how i want it

    This is important for me

    I use Artist view usualy to browse my music

    This is What i want Artist View the view i use most to show album art
    Is there a way to make the Album art (mp3) show up from a artist.
    This is my sugestion that the Newest Album of a Artist that was Scanned on Cayin i5
    Can be the album art of that album that show up under artist
    When i transfer a new album of that artist to player it can pick album art from that album
    and set it as album art for that artist under artist view

    Or... can have it like that you can just pick yourself a album art you want
    that is inside album of that artist and set as Album art in artist view.
    This would look very good.

    It look so sad under Artist only Empty squares there should be album art.
    Many players have album art under Artist
    Is there not any way around it so i can have album art of mp3 files under Artist view?

    Under Album view it look excelent with album art
    but i have always been using artist view to browse songs is easyer when
    i have many artist, but then there is the missing artwork in artist view


    If i could get Album art to show up in Artist view just like in album view
    then cayin i5 would be the best player ever :)
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  10. eaglesgift
    Can't you browse to the folder where you saved the driver? I can't remember the exact message but Windows gives you the option of specifying a specific location to search for a driver and you can browse to the folder containing your downloaded driver.
    Last edited: Aug 27, 2017
  11. BartSimpson1976
    I was wondering about the same issue when I had the i5. But from what I understand this feature works only properly with the Chinese version, taking the files from Chinese server.
    You would have artist pictures and not the album thumbnails if I got it correctly.

    I thought my previous port was the last one in this thread, obviously I was wrong with that.

    So if the artist pictures are not avilable for the global version then a possibility to change this to pure list view would be nice, making it easier to scroll through.
  12. bluedolphin
    Now when i conected Cayin i5 by MTP there is no music in music folder while there is on pc
    it suddenly disapeared
    Then the player is useless for me THIS IS SAD i think is best to return it
    When i gto Cayin i5 there was a problem with it from the beginning have tried it on more than one pc.

    There is another thing with my Cayin i5
    Some Songs that are short on Album 0.55 minuts dont show up on the player (they dragged over) but is not recognized by the player after scan on cayin i5.

    What this songs have in common is the first Prelude song on albums
    have 2 albums now where the prelude song dont work, because is too short?

    2 mb about is the mp3 or m4a file
    purchased it on itunes, i tried it in both m4a and mp3 mode.

    At first i though song was bad but is not, is because is too short to be recognized by the cayin i5
    Now i have 2 albums with 2 different songs happening the same.

    I continue to do test to see if more happen
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
  13. bluedolphin
    It happened again second time in 1 hour after i uploaded a couple of albums in Mtp mode
    disconect and scan songs, after some time when conect to mtp it wont conect on pc
    so i restart Cayin i5 and then it conect in mtp again but then only download folder show up, then music folder show up but is empty
    but music is there in usb mode which take 2 minuts to conect so is kinda useless.

    There must be something wrong with this player , I am very disapointed with all the problems i have with this player.

    I dont have time with all the problems this player have so i probaly return it.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2017
  14. etteoh
    I'm very sorry to read about the issues you are facing with yours. Might be worth returning it in exchange for a new one because the MTP issue you have is really weird. I've not seen anything like it, even on any given DAP. Regardless, I think the i5 deserves a second chance. And believe me when I say I understand your frustrations. My brand new i5 arrived a couple weeks back and fresh out of the box, it had even more serious issues than yours. It would freeze as and when it liked (usually anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes of playback). I tried factory reset, different memory cards, different format of files, flashing different firmware - 2.2 international, 2.3 beta and even Fidelizer's - the problem persisted. For days I tried everything and anything remotely possible but the intermittent (and surefire) freezing wouldn't go away. Convinced it was a hardware related issue, I returned it and am now waiting for my replacement unit to arrive. Should get here within the next few days. Truth be told, I could have easily given up on the i5 because the crashes were downright frustrating but I wanted to have another go simply because of 3 reasons:

    1) When the i5 worked, the sound was glorious. I cannot remember when was the last time I listened to a DAP that was this engaging...save my then AK380, perhaps.
    2) I love how the i5 looks (I openly admit that) and;
    3) It's nice to see Andy Kong's continuous involvement here. How many manufacturers do that?

    Personally, I don't expect Andy to be here 24x7 but he has shown consistency and sincerity in trying to address some of the issues owners face and doing what he can to get Cayin engineers to incorporate improvements / enhancements into the i5. I think the i5 has evolved quite a bit since and that's a good thing. I only hope the first i5 I received and eventually returned was one of those few with hardware issues to boot. Let's see what the replacement unit brings...
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  15. moby1974

    Might be totally unrelated to your issues such as any crashes, but when I got my I5 I had constant issues with PC seeing it.

    Plug it in and works 1st time, but if I unplugged it, I would have to swap USB slots or PC would not recognise it, this was every single time.

    By chance I had a type-c cable that came with my Samsung S8, I tried that cable.....works 100% of the time, no matter what, its perfect.

    So then I did wonder what would happen if I used the original I5 cable with the S8, will have issues right?....nope, it works fine.

    So thats weird but at same time problem solved.
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