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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. bluedolphin
    Sent a private where i purchased the player

  2. bluedolphin
    Hello could you explain how to do this
    check device manager for MTP conexion for cayin, me windows 7
  3. bluedolphin
    Qoute Andykong This is my problem when i set i5 to MTP mode
    it show up instantly very fast on PC (unlike usb mode which take 5 minuts, it conect and disconect and make me wait that is bad)
    But in MTP mode when i click on PC is nothing inside this folder.
    I will follow your instruction where to search for this in device manager,

    What i think happen is that Player is recognized as USB 3 instead of USB 2 and it should work best in USB 2 even if i ahve usb 3 port, i use usb 2 ports which work best.
    i have tried like 4 or 5 usb port on pc and same result

    if i set player in USB mode it disconect and conect for 5 minuts and get windows 7 message of download driver failed and after 5 minuts
    it conect to Player , but this should be straith away, i realy want to keep Cayin i5 , but this part when cayin i5 not connect properly to computer is the only part that make me want to return the cayin i5
    i cannot sit 5 minuts and wait until it conect, i update often music on players and need it to take 1 to 2 minuts to conect to pc, this is unfortunate.
  4. bluedolphin
    Thanks , it would have been cool if a future update could display the Artist Album cover from say the cover.jpg or something like that
    since it look so grey with all the similar square boxes without the album art.

    I remember ZUNE player it had artist cover art under artist and it looked so cool.
    it could just read it from a folder.jpg file you put inside the album should be not problem

    One more thing, inside Artist there is ALBUM cover art, this album art display the LAST album art inside the cover
    Say i have a Album Mix of 40 different song that is made like a Album with 40 songs (each song with different album art, so is realy like a playlist but is a album) i used this metod since i was born
    i never made playlist i used a program and tagged a folder with 40 songs with differnent album arts from 1 to 40 then make it show up as a album My favorite album etc...
    Problem is cayin i5 show the album art of the LAST song Nr.40 of the album, how can i make it show The FIRST song album art of that album
    since i update that mix album and the newest update i have as song nr.1 then song nr2... .and song nr.40 is the oldest then song nr.40 show up as the album art cover.
    is there a way to set song nr.1 as album art instead of it read the last song nr.40 as album art.

    I tagged the song directly with tagandrename software, i dont have cover.jpg inside folder
    but tagged inside each track a different cover, and always what happen
    is that cayin i5 in artist-album view then pick the album art from last song in the album
    instead of picking it from the first song, this is how i want it.

    My problem is same as this guy

    This is my problem i update often my customized playlist which is a folder of 40 songs
    that i use tagrename program to tag the songs to make it like a playlist
    i put the newest best song on nr.1 etc... and the lesser updated and oldest song as nr.40
    so when i go in cayin i5 artist then album it give me the album art
    of the oldest song , song nr.40 in the album, i should have had the first song
    which is the newest, is like a Top 40 chart list i make, i dont use playlist i make it like an album on pc and then tag it to show up like a album with each song which different song
    i like it better than playlist but is realy better.

    The reason i make mix album instead of playlist is that i can use them on different players crossplatform
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  5. BartSimpson1976

    I am sorry you feel offended, so I will consider this as my last post in this thread (will try to control myself). As you might remember I was one of first who got an i5 here in Singapore and I was very happy with it (Although I had to exchange it as the first one I got come with heavy scratches on the back panel right out of the box). I actually have been a strong supporter of the i5. Beautiful device, amazing finish. Great sound signature.

    Some FW issues appearead which is normal and I assumed they would be fixed soon. But after one year it still can't play gapless properly or sort alphabetically. I also cannot read date and genre tags. That are very basic issues which
    should be on top of the priority list when not working at initial release. But when it was mentioned it seems that it came as a surprise for a DAP maker that people consider gapless as important.

    Andy had asked me to send some sample files which have these problems with the genre tag. I did, but never got a confirmation whatsoever. Hissing was adressed in an early FW-update. Much appreciated.

    I can't say whether the problems are at Cayin or at HiBy for the FW. But for me as i5 user Cayin would be the point of entry.
    It seems HiBy is not listening very much also. The 30:00-bug which was famous on the i5 for some time zones also appears on their Android-app.
    Reported to Hiby months ago and it is still there even after they released a major update.
    Also still a mystery why the app which does most of the things right has so many issues when it is used as stock player on a Android DAP.

    What I find extremely disappointing was the issue with the case. The first version was absolutely unusable as the device could easily slip out. So a new version was thrown on the market.
    and the only solution was to buy the second version. What is so difficult to say "Sorry, the first version was a mistake, here is 20% off the second case for customers who present the first version"

    After the N3 came on the market here was total radio silence and only after some weeks where suddenly then the maker of the chipset was pointed at for not supporting any further updates.
    So it really gave the impression that further development of the i5 has been abandoned.

    If something is still happening tomimprove the existing issues that is great for all i5-owners. Maybe it would be nice to give some hints what is planned and an approximate timeframe.

    So, for me this chain of events led to a happy customer turning into a disappointed one. Maybe for a company it might be good to look into how such processes happen for happy customers turning into sour ones
    and what can be done about it instead of threatening them and playing things down.

    For my next DAP I might see how the Cayin DAPs have developed. The initial impressions of the N5II are looking
    nice (although I would offer a version where the scroll wheel is not golden for the non-China market).
  6. bluedolphin
    Here is my initial impression so far on Cayin i5 (have had little time listen to my cayin i5) just played around with interface as i got it like yesterday.
    I am considering now if to keep it or return it

    1. First when i got it the Google android google play app store icon was missing in third party app only had file browser app it came with, this was one of thing i needed to use poweramp and neutron players as it android (even if is not fully android)
    I almost got a headache and many hours trying to find how to download Google android play app and this almost ruined my first impression of Cayin i5 it realy confused me and i didnt know what to do
    thankfully the sugestion here in forum to update to firmware 2.2 international helped a lot as suddenly google play app store apeared under third party application and i could download
    The shop provided me only with this answer go on internet somehwere and download APK file , shop also said in the manual it say in some region google android play is not avaible, Come on cayin i5 was anounced as a android player and i expected to use it for poweramp and neutron.
    the suport from the shop only told me to go search for APK manual installation file of android google play store, and Cayin have yet not answered my questions on player on email
    I finaly got the Android play store app working and could download poweramp and neutron app

    2. When i got the first problem solved i had the new problem of Player taking long time to conect to my windows 7 Pc, it only conected instantly fast one time, the other times by USB mode it conected and disconected all the time, and it took like 5 minuts for player to conect
    this is NOT ACEPTABLE i paid 500 euro for a player that do this.

    3. Then Poweramp it DONT work good with cayin i5 despite of what they say both the original Poweramp (paid version which i have) and the Poweramp skins i own, FLICKER on the screen with a flashing dot, everytime i pause song
    Onkyo Music player App dont work, Neutron worked good, however Poweramp can still be used despite the flashing problem upon pause song

    4. Then is the Hibby music player which is i think the best music player software for Cayin i5 being that Poweramp has flicker problem for me, and not being used so much to neutron yet, Jetaudio and onkyo music app DONT WORK on my cayin i5.
    In Hibby music I had problems making album art show up properly and even some Albums came in incorrect order on the player, This do not happen on other Daps i have, so i had to go into Tag rename again and retag this for the order
    track order was tagged but had to change disc tag number which on other dap was of no issue as track order was only needed to be tagged.
    The Album art on some albums i have that have a different cover for each song (not just one cover for the whole album) only showed one cover and had to remove cover.jpg and folder.jpg from the folder, then it displayed fine.
    Then the Artist view in hibbymusic dont show album art at all, only Grey square, i remember seeing a youtube video before i purchased it where Album art showed up under artist view in hibby music, so i had hoped it did for me
    but i see many if not most youtube videos, album art in artist view dont show up only in Album view and the part i use is Artist view, comming from Cowon Artist view which is only text not Squared with missing album art, i liked then the cowon artist view better.
    Then it is Albums where each song has a album art, i use this albums as playlist i create on pc and put them on my daps instead of creating playlist on daps one by one easier for me, on most of my daps album art under Album view show the LAST song in the album
    so if is 40 songs, the album art will pick song nr.40 as album art in album view, updating this album often with the freshest song i wanted it to show the cover art from the first song in the album not the last.
    The solution for now is having 41 songs in those albums, having song nr.1 repeated as Song nr.41 then the last song show up as album art in album view thumnail which make me belive is the first one
    This is also a possiblity i can use Poweramp or neutron instead of Hibymusic but the flickering from Poweramp make me want to return to Hibymusic app, i will need to test more Poweramp and neutron today.

    5. Last problem i encountered yesterday was Cayin i5 getting Hotter than my other Daps, My Cowon Plenue D dont get hot at all almost, Cayin i5 player was hot in my hand on backside, but not very very hot so i guess is normal
    it seem cayin have a heat problem but this problem i can live with.

    The worst right now dear Cayin users, is the conection problem i have with Cayin i5 when i conect it to PC this i probaly cannot live long with.
    First time i conected it conected fine by usb mode, then next times it give conection problem conect on and off when i conect it by usb to pc, and i do that often to put new songs on
    when i am in a hurry and want some new songs on Dap before i travell i cannot sit and wait 5 minuts for Cayin i5 to conect and disconect until it finaly detect it.
    and in MTP mode it conect fast but there nothing show up theres nothing in MTP mode so i cannot acess or move over my music only in usb mode.
    I asked cayin for suport on this but still waiting for answer.
    If i have to return the player because of this last problem then is a pity.

    Considering so many problems i had with Cayin i5 since i got it , I apreciate any help i can get with it
    now being the conection delay problem i have when it conect to Pc this is not normal in a player, the other daps conect fine and fast to my pc
    tried several usb ports, it is bugging me very much.

    Except for this problem I Enjoy the Cayin i5 is a nice player reason why i bought it , i like how it look.

    I purchased Cayin i5 sealed and new

    I could return Cayin i5 and get something else but now also the Cayin i5 leather case is on its way
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  7. Soundtrap
    I am with BartSimpson1976 on this one and I don't think you should be apologizing for been unhappy with manufacturer who does not appear to be rectifying the issues that should not had been there at the first place. If, like myself and I am sure you did pay for your player with your own money and issues are not getting resolved than you have every right to be upset. I, myself am as well, should had never upgraded firmware from 1.18, as I posted couple of pages ago, volume wheel now works in the opposite direction, What? AndyKong's answer to your post is certainly not helpful and, as a matter of fact I find it to be patronising and treating you/us as 12 year olds. If Cayin wants to show that they have customer service par excellence, than if they can't resolve these software glitches, perhaps they should offer refund for free return of the devices to customers who are not prepared to deal with their shortcomings and not to preach to us to have patience. This is not just concerning Cayin, but all other manufacturers in this industry. I personally will not give up on Cayin, the hell I've just ordered C5 from Massdrop, but please don't treat us like spoiled children from rich parents, but put some more money and effort in fixing your flawed devices. Rant over.
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  8. bluedolphin
    If i just could get Cayin i5 to conect fine usbmode to Pc without delay 5 minuts every time then i be satisfied
  9. Necron99
    Yes, they aren't like Apple. No problems with 3rd party cables.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  10. bluedolphin
    When i conect cayin i5 as MTP to Pc it conect instantly but this is what i can see

    then Inside Music and playlist is empty
    inside Android this files.

    So i cannot acess and move over music files in MTP mode
    in Usb mode i can and music files show up but it take like 5 minuts to conect in usb mode which is the big problem i have with cayin i5
    and this can i not have

  11. s4tch
    @bluedolphin why won't you simply use an sd card for your music and leave the onboard storage for other purposes like installed apps and/or tidal offline?

    btw it's the music folder that should store your music files. android folder is reserved for system files, you shouldn't mind it at all.
  12. bluedolphin
    I made this test now
    I Timed How long Cayin i5 take to conect to my Pc
    In Usb Mode with Cayin i5 Turned on
    Both test done in same usb port and in same pc

    10.08.00 I plug in cayin i5 turned on in usb port conexion sound heard
    10.08.10 conexion sound pc heard
    10.08.27 conexion sound pc heard
    10.08.30 now I Click Turn on usb storage on Cayini5 button under Android logo
    10.08.35 conexion sound pc heard
    10.08.40 conexion sound pc heard
    10.09.45 Removable disc I show up (is nothing in it cannot get in)
    10.10.10 Removable Disc E show up, Cayin i5 is conected i can get in and move music in and out.
    (removable disc i still there but cannot use it not sure what is for)
    when disconect Cayin i5 both Disc E and disc I disapear

    Total time to conect Cayin i5 2 minuts and 10 seconds in Usb port 3
    Total time to conect Cowon plenue D

    Compare it to Cowon Plenue D

    10.15.00 I plug Cowon Plenue D turned on in
    10.15.03 conexion sound is heard
    10.15.05 Cowon plenue D conected and can acess music

    5 Seconds it take to conect cowon plenue D
    2 minuts and 10 seconds it take to conect Cayin i5
    I do not find it normal that long on cayin i5

    Update made another test and it sometimes take faster
    like 1 minute faster, now i tested it took the same but get lesser conexion sounds

    11.08.00 I plug in cayin i5 turned on in usb port conexion sound heard
    11.08.30 now I Click Turn on usb storage on Cayini5 button under Android logo
    11.08.35 conexion sound pc heard
    11.09.45 Removable disc I show up (is nothing in it cannot get in)
    11.10.10 Removable Disc E show up, Cayin i5 is conected i can get in and move music in and out.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2017
  13. Vitalii
    I noticed that bluetooth does not work correctly. If I connect to the system in the car and then reboot the i5 or car audio system, I do not reconnect. Even if the top curtain is turned off and then back on, bluetooth connections also are not present. You can reconnect two devices only if you go directly to the bluetooth settings and choose the desired device there.
    Also does not work pause with bluetooth connection, on any devices.
    This is a serious defect in the engineers cayin. Correct this please.
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  14. bluedolphin
    Tested Cayin i5 on another pc it take 50 Seconds to Conect tried it several time
    Other pc is running windows 8 and is a good pc.
    Dap should conect in 5-10 seconds and show up instantly like my other dap.

    On the First pc it take 2 minuts and 10 seconds
    So problem is NOT on Pc is with Cayin i5

    Now i must conectact cayin
    I glad i found out is the Dap player that is the problem
  15. Vitalii
    What are you talking about? I do not have such a problem with connecting to a PC like you. Here's a video to confirm my words:
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