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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. bluedolphin
    Thank you i do that
  2. bluedolphin
    Firmware is downloading to pc now, But now i have another problem on Cayin i5
    I cannot get it to conect somehow to Pc wont show up, it conected before and after safely disconect it i am not able to conect it again

    Update : Yay now it conected to my pc but it took like 3 minuts my pc is fast so not so normal
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  3. bluedolphin
    Now I have updated my Cayin i5 to international Firmware 2.2 and is installed
    I finaly have the chinesee text tab removed on the left over thrid party app
    Also finaly i got the Android google play app icon it apear under third party application and work when i click it yay

    I want to thank you etteoh for helping me out
  4. etteoh
    Don't mention it, everybody's inputs here are good stuff. Looks like you're all set...enjoy!
    bluedolphin likes this.
  5. bluedolphin
    I have this problem now
    Now it take long time to conect cayin i5 to pc to transfer music from pc.
    when conect it to pc in usb mode i get Android logo on cayin i5 i click conect usb on cayin i5 and i hear conect sound on pc
    Then i get this error from windows after it try everytime upload device driver for it
    it seem to conect but take like 3 minuts for cayin i5 to show up on my pc

    Cannot install software controller for device
    Error Device MTP USB

    I see now cayin i5 is detected on pc as a USB 3 card reader O_o
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
  6. etteoh
    I've not experienced the kind of delay you are getting so I may not be in the best position to provide a solution. Might be worth a shot trying a different cable and / or different computer.
  7. bluedolphin
    When i conect in mtp mode it show up instantly but there is nothing inside folder so cannot drag music over.
    when i conect in Usb mode i can drag music over but it take long time to show up and windows always promp for usb mtp driver, this is the biggest problem i have now

    i only have this cable that came with cayin
  8. bluedolphin
    I have conected cayin i5 to 4 different usb ports in the pc , only have this pc now but other dap conect fine
  9. bluedolphin
    Hello, How do i get Album art to show up under Artist in cayin i5 hibymusic i only get album art under Albums and also on each songs
    when i click Artist tab in hibymusic album art are empty grey squares
    All songs are tagged with Tag3rename
  10. Andykong
    Sorry, you can't display the album art on the Artist tab. The Artist icon is designed to display an artist profile photo stored on the music server in China, you need to enable WiFi connection, let the player connect to the music server, acquire the profile photo and then display on the i5 screen. Unfortunately the connection between the music server to service request outside China is not very stable and there are occasional obstacle or "wall" get into the way "unexpectedly".
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  11. Numpsy
    Hmm, I'd wondered about that myself (none of my tracks are tagged with any art other than a cover/disc image, but the foobar2000 tagger does support artist images as well - those wouldn't be displayed on the i5 in any case though?).

    I've connected my i5 to a couple of systems (Win10) and it mounted as a storage device without issue, so I can't help with that (I've also used ES file explorer to copy files onto the device from network storage, which also works).
  12. Andykong
    Other then the availability of Google Play, you should notice that the Personal Cloud Music gateway is changed from Baidu to Dropbox.

    Can you tell me where are you located and which shop you bought your i5 DAP from? Selling a Chinese version i5 to an oversee customer without warning or explain the different in advance? This is hardly acceptable. Customers should not be required to go through this tough learning curve before they "rectify" their device to the correct firmware version.

    If you want to transfer music from your computer to i5, you should use MTP mode. The internal memory and TF card in i5 will show up like a USB reader. If there is nothing inside folder and you cannot drag music over, then something is wrong in the connection. Please check the Device manager of your computer and check out the USB section, see if any items is/are marked as exclamation mark or question mark? Most users can transfer file in MTP mode straight away, although the file transfer speed is not particularly impressive. If you want to transfer music to a large capacity TF card (64G or above), you might consider getting a USB 3.0 card reader that support TF card directly. It works much faster then copying music via the Type C port of i5. USB 3.0 card reader are kind of expensive 2 years ago, but the price has gone down significantly. The following is an example of that:

    In fact, even when i want to copy music file to internal memory of i5, I find it more trouble free by copying the music file to a TF card first, then then "move" the file from TF card to internal memory through the ES Explorer app. The transfer rate from TF card to Internal memory is a lot faster then copying from PC to internal memory directly.
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2017
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  13. Andykong
    I haven't try the Foobar2000 artist image tag, so I am not sure about that, but i doubt that i5 will recognize that.
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  14. Andykong
    My friend, I understand you are taking every opportunity to step on Cayin, in this thread as well as in other DAP discussion. I can't stop you from doing that, so be my guest. My advice is to do it with patient. if you rush in too fast, you'll shoot at empty air and lost your credibility, this will dilute the negative impact that you have created, wouldn't it?
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
  15. twister6 Contributor
    Out of curiosity, I did a quick search and see that in less than a year you made over 230 posts in this one thread, most of them negative about i5 and Cayin. I do understand, people are vocal about their problems, and that's what forums are for to share their problems and to look for a solution, but over 230 mostly negative posts in the same thread?!? I think everybody got your point after the first dozen lol!!!, now it just looks like you are really doing it on purpose with an agenda... :triportsad:
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