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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. Alexei23
    I ordered mine a week ago. It arrived on Friday.
  2. bluedolphin
    I have a very important question
    Does Poweramp and Neutron player work on Cayin i5, its a android player to download?
  3. BartSimpson1976
    yes, they both work fine. I tried all the "usual suspects" on the i5. Mediamonkey for Android had issues with findind the library but Poweramp and Neutron work fine.
    Also solves the gapless problem of the built in HiBy-player
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  4. Farsh
    Third-party player working , but incomplete . DSD and high rez downsampling to 16\44100 or 16\48000 . Since Android 4.4 there are some limitations .
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  5. Numpsy
    I found that only some of the controls on my backbeat pro headphones worked with the built in player, but they all work with foobar, so I guess the problem is software rather than hardware?
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  6. Alexei23
    I'm having trouble installing the update. The player keeps trying to download the update from the internet.
  7. Demard
    had you try to update with factory mode ?
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2017
  8. Alexei23
    Ermm not quite sure what you are on about.
  9. darveniza
    Quick question on other DAP's (Onkyo, Pioneer, Astell Kern) when you get to one of your main music folders with sub folders there is always a Play All feature, this makes it easy to just play everything within the main folder however I can't figure out how to perform this type of action on this unit. Any thoughts?
  10. Demard
    From :http://en.cayin.cn/download/show?id=13505

    B. Manual upgrade instruction

    The i5 v2.0 firmware package is around 250MB, consider some users are using the i5 as a standalone player or having a much faster network connection with their desktop computer, Cayin has offer manual upgrade option for your convenient.

    1. Go to download page of Cayin website http://en.cayin.cn/download), click into the latest i5 firmware upgrade entry, download the installation

    package titled i5-Update-2.2international.zip

    2. Copy the installation package to the root directory of i5 internal storage or the root directory of the TF card that will be used in firmware upgrade.

    3. Please make sure the player has not less than 50% battery power before you proceed.

    4. Enter Recovery Mode of Cayin i5 by pressing Down key at the right side and Power On/off at the left side

    5. Once you have arrived at Recovery Mode, you can move around with the Volume control or the Up and Down key on the left, and select an option

    with Power On/Off key

    If you have stored the installation package at root directory of internal storage, select “apply update from internal storage”

    If you have stored the installation package at root directory of the TF card, select “apply update from external storage”

    6. Select “i5-Update-2.2international.zip” with Power on/off key to activate upgrade process

    7. At the end of system upgrade, select “reboot system now” at Recovery Mode to complete the firmware upgrade.
  11. Demard
    anyone experience auto shut down of cayin i5 ?

    for example i left it on idle with song pause for 8 hours or more like overnight or when i am working,

    when i try to light up the screen after that nothing happen (which i had to power it up again ) with battery remain

    idle shutdown : off
    scheduled power off : off

    this happen 3 times this week
  12. Farsh
    It seems that all the same the development of new modified firmware for our player is stopped . Because a new budget player N3 constantly come out with new firmware with new features . For our player only made the possibility of going back to 2.0 . Surprising that the player runs on Android and has the complexity of the design , even though students are able to modify the firmware for their smartphones . I have now is a 2.3 , but even this firmware has bugs that are annoying for every day . The main error in this firmware is a non-entry from the song to the next song . Next
    error is to stop the music at any time . In General I am disappointed with the purchase of such an expensive product with such raw software !
  13. Demard
    v2.3 beta is out if you want to try it, check previous post
  14. Farsh
    You read this thread , the last 50-60 pages . To understand what and how . In this thread there is a link to the firmware 2.3 , which is 2.0 in another shell , made for those who did not like the 2.2 firmware .
  15. Andykong
    We didn't stop because of new products rolling out. The i5 firmware is not making any progress because the MCU company Leadcore has decided to pull out from portable audio market, without their solution support, we can only treat the MPU as a legacy system and develop codes to wrap around it, this is going to take a long time for minimum progress, or we even failed to solve the problem no matter how hard we tried.

    In case you are unfamiliar with the semiconductor industry, when we adopt a MCU into our product, we don't own all the intelligent or associated coding, we obtained service from solution provider and Cayin, or any other manufacturer in HiFi industry, don't have the necessarily competence to deal with the semiconductor shop directly, that's why we need to rely on solution provider.

    The N3 is based on a MCU from Ingenic Semiconductor, we are grateful to the support we have received so far, and that helps the firmware development task tremendously.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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