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Cayin i5 Lossless Android DAP with AKM4490 DAC supporting 32/384 PCM + 64/128 DSD

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nmatheis, Mar 21, 2016.
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  1. pr0b3r
    I'm using a Mozilla Firefox browser on PC. Not sure on mobile if this thing is possible.

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  2. BrianD19
    Many Thanks. I installed Firefox and I can see it now. I'll check the settings later in the other browsers I've been trying.
  3. BrianD19
    Now I can use the "search this thread" option :) I found the message below on page 78 of the thread posted in September 2016.

    Not too sure I'm confident enough to buy another i5 given this answer. The firmware has been updated twice since v1.8 and gapless play still does not work so how long is temporary, I wonder.
  4. davidcotton
    So it comes back to the question asked earlier by another headfier. How does the i5 cope with third party apps? Were some rumours of lag, but if anyone with recent experience can shed some light that would be helpful!
  5. freshman66
    Sold my i5 as long as I can still get some money for. Very frustrating user experience despite of the great sound. Got myself a LG g6 (QuadDAC) and can't say I hear a great deal of difference using my se846. Lossless sounds even 'fuller' to my ears.
    It's a shame a product like the i5 has such a limited life span and Andy's "community marketing approach" leaves a foul taste now that he disappeared ...
  6. JaeYoon
    He didn't disappear totally.
    He's very active on Cayin N3 thread.
    However my attempts to get andykong to come here to this thread... Has not been successful.

    It's sad because firmware updates fixing these issues would never cause people to sell their i5s away and look elsewhere. A lot of you seem happy with sound.
  7. taylon
    Hello all.
    Reading through this thread it seems the I5 is no longer recommended due to lack of updates. I recently sold my AK Jr for basically the same reason. Initially the ability to replace the battery is what interested me to research. Is there another player in the same price range that is recommended over the I5?
  8. JaeYoon
    What features are you looking for? Is there anything specific you looking for.
    we need more details.

    If you are just after sound, Cayin N5 or N3 is good. N3 is much smaller than both her sisters but she retains most or like 90-95% of their sound signature.
    Both N5 and N3 lack android. But N3 has Bluetooth capabilities. N5 has dual SD Slots, Balanced port.

    FiioX5III does have dual sd slots, wifi/bluetooth. But still has bugs to iron out but FiiO is still active bringing out FW every month or so.

    I think more people can help as well.
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  9. Andykong
    First of all, I would like to clarify that Cayin has not ceased the firmware development work of i5 DAP. We are still working on several problems/improvements but these issues are related to low level programming. HiBy has tested their code on other platforms and the problems (such as gapless and sorting of alphanumeric list) do not show up at all. We believe the issues are chipset related and we have been waiting for patches from the solution provider of Leadcore since then. We were most disappointed when we were told that Leadcore will not provide further support to LC1813 (i5 CPU) on portable audio applications, they shall focused on other chipset and application area. Cayin is working with HiBy Music to resolve the problems by building codes to wrap around the current SoC kernel but the progress is indeed very slow. We have deployed some of the team members to other projects while we were waiting, now that we know we are on our own, we shall beef up the Android solution team again and speed things up a bit.

    There were comment that Cayin, or Andy Kong in specific, has avoided the i5 thread. Before you come to this conclusion, I invite you to check out the status of other Cayin product threads as well. For the record, we have maintained the same level of priority on our online presence and support on i5, N5, N6, C5, iDAC-6, iHA-6 and HA-1aMk2.

    We have continued to monitor the discussion on all these Cayin threads, collecting problems and conduct testing and evaluation whenever necessary. Please be rest assured that Cayin is not in-active while we are “silenced”, we just believed that we shouldn’t jump on board with empty promises only.

    We have noticed some users prefer v2.0 firmware and consider that is more stable than the v2.2 firmware, and asked for option to rollback to v2.0. We take these comments seriously and have conducted a small scale reliability test on this subject. We have repackaged v2.0 firmware into v2.3Beta and asked several staff/users to “upgrade” their i5 to v2.3Beta. However, the test result is non-conclusive (i.e., there is different opinion and “V2.3Beta is more reliable than v2.2” is not the majority opinion), and we suspect the issue might be a combination of Firmware + File Format + Usage, so some users preferred v2.3Beta in our test, but some preferred the extra features in v2.2.

    Despite the result is non-conclusive, we would like to entertain our customer’s request whenever possible. We can provide v2.3Beta firmware to users who would desperately want to roll back to v2.0. We have evaluated the situation and decided not to release v2.3Beta as an official firmware update (in view of the non-conclusive result), so this firmware will not be available in our official website nor through OTA. Users can download the v2.3Beta and install the firmware manually. Installation of v2.3Beta will not affect your warranty.

    Please be reminded that this is an one-time special arrangement, once you “upgraded” to v2.3Beta (which is a re-numbered v2.0 firmware), you cannot roll back to V2.2 again, so please think twice before you go for this. If no one is objecting to this proposal, I’ll upload the v2.3Beta to Google Drive and release the link later today or tomorrow.

    Cayin is indifferent to other brands on our marketing campaign; we have been extremely busy in attending numerous shows and events in past few months. I have represented Cayin in three CanJam: NYC in Feb, Singapore in March, and SoCal in April. I had a short trip to Taiwan in May, and I’ll be attending Los Angeles Audio Show in LA next week. So managing all these shows and events have taken up a lot of my times and resource, I have to slow down on my participation on HeadFi forum inevitably. I allocated my limited resource to support N3 product thread at a higher priority in past two months, I assume that is understandable because N3 was newly launched on late March only.

    I hope we have clarified our status and explained our short-term absence on the forum. I apology for all inconvenient and disappointment caused while we were occupied. Hopefully our shows and event schedule will slow down slightly in second half of 2017 and we can get back on track immediately.
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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  10. Necron99
    I'd like the link please, I have a 2nd hand i5 I don't mind trying this beta on.
  11. frost15
    Do not worry Andy, I (we) know you are busy and I had not lost all hope, yet I admit I was a bit worried about the i5 firmware development (blame past experiences with other brands) Thank you very much for your post and hope everything goes well for you.
  12. BrianD19
    Thanks for the update.
  13. Joseph Lin
    Thank you for your updates. Is there anyway to fix i5 stopped while using DLNA? I cannot stream music over network at all.
  14. Farsh
    Andy rather lay out the 2.3 beta , thank you for taking such a step and gave the opportunity to temporarily return to a stable firmware . Good luck with the further development of the firmware for the i5 .
  15. Andykong
    I have tested i5 reading music files on my NAS through DLNA, quite stable in my experience, I was using Synology 4 bay. I was streaming 16/44.1 FLAC or WAV in most of the time.

    Can you tell me more information about your network setup? format and resolution of file streaming when the i5 crashed?
    Cayin Stay updated on Cayin at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
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