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CanJam SoCal 2019 (June 22-23, 2019)

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  1. Watagump
    Looks like SoCal exhibitor list is trouncing NY. Take that, you still have the top pizza title though.
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  2. third_eye Moderator
    Guys, here's the Seminar Schedule for CanJam SoCal 2019. Spaces are limited so plan accordingly!

    CanJam SoCal 2019 Seminar Schedule
    Come join us in the Rancho Las Palmas room on the main level of the Irvine Marriott for a series of interactive discussion panels with some of the industry’s leading experts in audio technology. Always entertaining, extremely engaging, and very informative, these seminars give you a behind the scenes look at the headphone audio industry like nothing else.

    Saturday, June 22

    1pm-2pm Segmentation of Listeners Based on Preferred Headphone Sound Profiles
    Can seven years of controlled listening studies about listener preferences, focused on the perception and measurement of headphone sound quality, identify a scientific approach to tuning and designing headphones? Join Dr. Sean E. Olive, Senior Fellow, Acoustic Research, Harman International for this fascinating discussion.

    2:30-3:30 Chord Hugo TT 2 And Hugo M Scaler Technical Seminar With Rob Watts
    Rob Watts will be talking about the new design and technologies behind the Chord Electronics Hugo TT 2, including a presentation of the Hugo TT 2’s measured performance. He will also discuss the importance of transients for auditory perception, and how the Hugo M Scaler guarantees better than 16-bit reconstruction of transients with its one-million tap WTA filter.

    4pm-5pm The Convergence of Two Channel and Personal Audio
    Understanding the convergence of two channel and personal audio is critical to audiophiles and music lovers alike. Today there are more options than ever before to listen to your music, in high fidelity, whether at home or on the go. Bring your own questions and join a star-studded panel including Rob Watts of Chord Electronics, EveAnna Manley of Manley Laboratories, Andy Regan of MrSpeakers, Jason Stoddard of Schiit Audio, Robert Greene of The Absolute Sound, and Jason Lord of The Source AV. Moderated by Frank Iacone of Headphone.guru. Produced by the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society.

    Sunday, June 23

    12:30-1:30pm Music Streaming and Future Trends (with Q+A)
    Streaming your music isn’t new but the opportunities to stream are expanding at a rapid pace. Interested in Spotify, Tidal, Qobuz, or playing that MQA enhanced album through Roon or want to know what those names even mean? Bring your questions and join Dr. Ying Kit Lee PhD, S.C.D., CEO and Chief Designer at Xponent Audio and Technology Guru of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society to navigate this important topic. Produced by the Los Angeles and Orange County Audio Society.

    2pm-3pm CanJam SoCal 2019 Personal Audio AMA (Ask Me Anything)
    Is there a correct sound signature - and if so what might that be? What is a tap exactly, and why can’t we ever seem to get enough of them? How much do measurements truly matter? You have questions. Bring them to the CanJam SoCal 2019 Personal Audio AMA, and let our distinguished panel of Dan Clark (MrSpeakers), Jude Mansilla (Head-Fi.org), Dr. Sean Olive (Harman International), and Rob Watts (Chord Electronics) answer them all. Moderated by Warren Chi of Head-Fi.org.
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  3. csglinux
    Great line up of talks here :) Since space is limited, is there a sign-up sheet, or do we just camp out the day before like Apple fans from the 90s?
  4. Watagump

    No need to camp out, pay someone to do it.
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  5. MadDane
    I would but I don't have enough Twizzlers.
  6. Watagump

    I don't have any as of yet either and the chocolates are MUCH lower now also. :yum:
  7. Matthew420
    Not to get overly philosophical, but do we ever REALLY have "enough Twizzlers"?
  8. AxelCloris Administrator
    Any more than zero is too many.
  9. Matthew420
    Are you one of the heretics who espouse the creed of Red Vines?
  10. Watagump

    If Red Vines came individually wrapped, I would get those. Red Vines do have Grape though.
  11. AxelCloris Administrator
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  12. Watagump
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  13. joe Administrator
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  14. bvng3540
    @third_eye can I buy ticket at the door? Thanks
  15. joe Administrator
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