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CanJam SoCal 2019 (June 22-23, 2019)

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  1. DecentLevi
    Hey I just had a super fly idea. Let's have a freestyle dancing contest. Put on some well mastered funky electro, footwork or hardcore techno, and myself as probably some others would be sure to bust some unreal moves on the dancefloor. I'd totally be down for a little dancin' for a change of pace between long listening sessions, and what better way is there to draw attention to a speaker setup. Though I'm not sure if there's any speaker rooms in the works for this year's show...
    tenor (1).gif tenor.gif
  2. MadDane
    super fly?!?! :peace: LOL!! I would pay for that!!
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  3. mimizone
    even better to do it with headphones on your head.
  4. DecentLevi
    I would love to see any of the main Head-Fi figureheads dance a little jig :beyersmile:
    Dancing with headphones has its' limitations, though could be funny to watch silently.
  5. moedawg140 Contributor
    I hope you feel much better as soon as possible! Unfortunate to not see you at this year’s CanJam, but it will be a blessing to see you next year!

    Keep staying positive, and all will go well for you. :beerchug:

    *side note - I took a screenshot of your post, so I’ll do my best to fill you in with regards to answering your requests*
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019
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  6. Tex Irie
    Thank you @moedawg140. I really appreciate the positive energy, well wishes, and addressing my requests. Feeling a little bit better today.
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  7. Chessblitzer2017
    Walk in ticket price is the same?
  8. Watagump

    Usually $20.
  9. Watagump
    Here is what you all have been waiting for, weather forecast for the weekend.

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  10. MadDane
    Wheres the preview????
  11. third_eye Moderator
    Here's the current list of Show Specials for this weekend! We'll be updating before the show and will also be providing a handout at the Registration Desk with all of this information. Looking forward to seeing everyone this weekend, it's gonna be a great one!!

    SC Show Specials.jpg

    64 Audio

    20% off all Universals and Customs (U12t, A12t, tia Trio, U18t, tia Fourte)
    64 Audio is giving away any universal-fit or custom in-ear monitor. Visit our booth to enter. Winner will be announced around 3pm the final day of the show. Must be present to win.
    Audiophile Zone
    10% off Chord products
    Visit booth to enter a raffle to win a Lagoon headphone
    dekoni Audio
    Free Nuggets to the first 5 visitors to the booth on each day
    15% off during show
    Effect Audio
    15% off during show
    Visit booth for a series of product demos to enter a raffle to win an Effect Audio Leonidas II worth $888
    Headamp Audio Electronics
    $50 off Gilmore Lite mk2, $200 off GS-X mk2
    20% off Sundara, Ananda, and Arya
    10% off on HE1000se and Susvara
    iFi Audio/Mount Rose Music Visit booth for product discounts of up to 15%
    Visit booth to demo Mag-Lev turntable and enter a raffle for a free ride in a McLaren!
    Jerry Harvey Audio
    Up to 20% off custom IEMs during the show
    Free Ear Impressions when you order during the show
    Free IEM cleanings to current JH Audio customers
    Jomo Audio
    15% off during show
    Noble Audio
    20% off Khan, Encore, and Katana
    25% off Django, Sage, Dulce Bass, Savanna, and Trident
    Periodic Audio
    30% off everything at the booth
    $200 off Nickel when paired with Be or C in-ear monitors and No Sales Tax!
    2 Free Hydrogen sets given away every hour!
    Free 30 day, no credit card Roon trial. Valid until June 30 for new subscribers only. Promo code available at Registration Desk, valid for CanJam SoCal 2019 attendees only.
    15% off storewide (shop.musicteck.com), coupon code SOCAL2019
    The Source AV
    15% off Sennheiser and Audeze
    10% off MrSpeakers and most other brands
    Ultimate Ears
    20% off UE11
    25% off UE18+
    30% off UE Live
    Upscale Audio
    10% off on Feliks Audio, Pathos Acoustics, and PrimaLuna brand headphone amplifiers
    10% off Sbooster Audiophile Power Supplies
    $300 off Verite
    $200 off Auteur, Aeolus, Atticus, and Eikon
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  12. singleended5863
    Very nice! Hope to get something interested Thanks Ethan.
  13. Matthew420
    Twenty percent off 64 Audio sounds sweet, but damned if I can figure out the interaction of "all Universals and Customs" with the parenthetical list that follows it: "(U12t, A12t, tia Trio, U18t, tia Fourte)"

    Are those the only models they'll have at the show? The only customs they'll be taking orders for? The only customs that will be discounted, while all Universals will be? Are those the exceptions from the word "all"?

    Need a Venn diagram, stat!
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  14. Watagump
    Just so there isn't any confusion, the Audiophile Zone 10% off Chord gear is at the Noble booth.
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  15. boblauer
    Will Noble have any of the Wizard designs available on the site at the booth and will the discount be applicable to them?
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