CanJam Singapore 2017 (March 11-12, 2017) Impressions thread!

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  1. RHA Team
    A big thank you to everyone that came to the RHA table and a big thank you to everyone who entered our Dacamp L1 giveaway. We will be announcing more details about the giveaway in the coming days so keep an eye on your email inboxes! 
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  2. evolutionx
    Thanks for the professional display and support at the RHA booth. Bought the L1 and CL1 combo and loving the sound. Works and sound great with my iphone 7. The 150 ohm CL1 really need the L1 to shine. It was a great CanJam event!
  3. manualvin

    I bought a silver cable for my UERMs so I guess that gives an indication of the type of sound signature I like. What was apparent to me it had crystal clear highs, extensions at the top end, given that I was auditioning per table per top IEM only, mindful of the people queuing behind me not to hog the table despite patient exhibitors, the only adage I would say is that I immediately thought to myself, wow I need to buy this. That is until I asked the price and I looked wistfully at it and gave my feedback to the nice German gentleman manning the booth. It was also nice hearing from some of the talks that exhibitors appreciated real world feedback from us and of course us similarly them raising the bar with new products, maybe not the pricing though....ahem

    Thanks again for the canjam team and hope it was a worthwhile stop for every one to gather feedback, good discussion and learning new tricks or two! Oh and I miss the lucky draw we had last year, sad there was none this year cos it always feels like Christmas came early in sunny Singapore.....if you won...:wink:.....I dunno, still haven't received my prize yet since
  4. manualvin

    Thanks it was always crowded but appreciated the opportunity to listen given the good reviews on Elear. Think there was an interested buyer for utopia next to me so I didn't listen to the setup you had, sensing it's a good opportunity for you to close and made a graceful exit.

    There was another setup downstairs by the head amp team which I listened to utopia and compared that to audeze LCD 4, both for the first time.
  5. RHA Team
    Glad to hear you are enjoying the CL1 and Dacamp L1! 
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  6. manualvin

    Wow, I also listened to this as well, great clarity in the sound, although I did feedback to the Japanese gentleman based on the songs available that to showcase the best of the setup, he should get the person auditioning to listen to the last album, it was a guitar album which I can't recall but had the most vivid, natural timbre I have heard, I can even imagine the guitarist next to me so strong the impression, however it didn't do too well with a heavy metal album they had, not sure if it was a poor recording it was overly shrill, didn't enjoy that.

    Oh and I still haven't received my vi Dac or the source so far, nor the chassis 2 Dac but it was good to know I heard some of the components!
  7. ejong7
    Thanks to the CanJam crew for hosting another great show. Special shout out to the volunteers especially the ones who helped out more than their share of shifts. Hopefully I was helpful to you guys when we were doing the show.
    On a side note, @joe I WANT MY BADGE .Give me a special one.
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  8. joe Administrator
    @ejong7 -- You're all set, sir. Big thanks to you and to all of the volunteers who were able to help us make this an amazing event!
  9. tim0chan
    And thank you for the opportunity to volunteer and not to mention the free tickets and tshirts as well as the chance to experience the he1
  10. Mimouille
    Thanks a lot. I really wonder how some people can say it is ultra warm...
  11. boneofimba
    @joe would like my badge too please, thanks
  12. raypin

    Mm..wondering. why did you not audition the Fourte? You were there, right?
  13. Andy Regan
    Andy from JH Audio here!
    I had a blast at Can Jam Singapore. The headfi crowd in Singapore is so enthusiastic and friendly its always a pleasure to be there. Many great products and friends makes the really long flight worth it.
    Many thanks to Jude Ethan and Joe for producing a great show again.
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  14. LouisArmstrong

    Nope, couldn't make it to Singapore at all.
  15. jeffri
    Some photos I took during the event, sorry for the long post :)

    Photo-2017-03-12-10-42-10_0304.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-10-43-07_0319.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-14-03-02_0351.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-14-03-20_0350.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-14-03-34_0349.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-14-18-05_0347.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-13-49-46_0353.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-14-23-17_0348.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-14-29-26_0354.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-17-03-58_0359.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-17-04-22_0358.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-17-07-28_0357.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-17-08-23_0356.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-17-08-31_0360.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-17-20-28_0355.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-17-31-06_0308.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-17-31-56_0303.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-17-32-45_0309.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-17-55-26_0307.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-18-02-22_0310.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-18-07-31_0302.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-18-15-03_0299.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-11-18-41-54_0306.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-18-42-10_0298.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-11-02-38_0320.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-11-03-40_0322.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-11-05-07_0323.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-11-12-04_0300.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-11-17-52_0297.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-11-18-35_0318.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-11-49-43_0321.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-11-51-33_0326.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-11-52-29_0325.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-11-58-08_0317.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-11-59-43_0315.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-12-03-33_0341.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-12-04-43_0312.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-12-37-01_0316.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-12-46-13_0324.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-13-25-15_0313.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-13-34-56_0314.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-13-39-52_0340.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-14-19-58_0339.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-14-34-20_0330.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-14-41-02_0329.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-14-44-21_0336.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-14-44-47_0338.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-14-44-57_0331.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-14-53-36_0333.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-14-54-09_0334.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-14-56-23_0337.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-15-08-50_0335.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-15-28-45_0328.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-15-42-11_0327.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-16-04-23_0342.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-16-41-45_0343.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-17-03-28_0344.jpg Photo-2017-03-12-17-06-49_0345.jpg
    Photo-2017-03-12-14-49-33_0332.jpg Photo-2017-03-11-14-55-08_0346.jpg
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