CanJam Singapore 2017 (March 11-12, 2017) Impressions thread!

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  1. raypin
    Mm...were you able to audition Stereo Pravda SPearphone?
  2. jeffri

    Yes, but unfortunately my ear is not made for it. I can't get a seal properly, so I can't speak of how it sounds.
  3. HeadAmpTeam
    Thanks to everyone who came out and made CanJam Singapore 2017 a great success! We can't wait come back again next year!
    Here's a few fun photos from our booth over the weekend, it was a blast!
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  4. supabayes
    Peter: Excellent focus on her eyes! Is this taken with a phone camera? This is my favourite photo from CanJam 2017 SG. Thanks for posting. 
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  5. gward4

    I agree, this photo is really special. Well done. It evokes that sense of curiosity and discovery that I see when my kids try something new.
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  6. Toolman
    Next generation audiophile in the making...
  7. HeadAmpTeam
    No, I took with with a Fuji XT20 and 56/1.2 lens. Glad you liked it! She and her dad were having fun!
  8. BartSimpson1976
    and you asked them for their permission to post a picture of her?
  9. noobandroid
    asians aren't too concerned on pics taken by a lot if not profiteering from it
  10. BartSimpson1976
    so you take it for granted that it's just ok to take a picture of someone's child and post it without their consent?
  11. darkarn
    I don't think so, in fact in Japan unless consent is given, for event photos, people's faces are usually censored, whether closeup or not. For us Singaporeans, we don't do that but also we don't exactly like our closeup photos to be up online either (this depends on context though. For example, cosplayers are ok with their closeup pictures posted online as long due credit is given to them and it is not posted on "unsafe" websites). We close an eye on crowd photos though
  12. crabdog
    I'm sure there were hundreds of people at Canjam who had their photo taken without consent. In this age of the selfie you can barely leave the house without ending up on some type of camera. Here in Thailand it's like everyone's mission in life is to spam as many photos of themselves on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram as is physically possible. Let's not go down this silly "political correctness" path and ruin a good thread.
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  13. raypin your photos, there are several Obravo iems. Which model(s) were you able to audition? Brief impression(s)? Tia.
  14. jeffri

    I don't remember the model, there is at least 8 different models and 2 prototypes. One model in particular, which have a wooden housing sounds good to me, dark and natural sound, very smooth. There is another model with ceramic housing and that I don't like, much more airy and too bright for me. Then there is also the prototype, which the higher one will cost as much as $9000. I quite enjoyed that, very smooth sound (there is no iem I have heard with sound smoother than this), superb details but it's a bit too colored than natural for me, so I feel the timbre is a bit off. Overall, enjoyable experience but unaffordable stuff. :D If anything, I think the one model with wooden housing still quite worth the price tags (around SGD2300 if I'm not mistaken), but the rest is... well... Haha...
  15. soniccali
    Does anybody know what the price of the customart fibae will be? Also, do they do universals?
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