CanJam Singapore 2017 (March 11-12, 2017) Impressions thread!

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  1. WCDchee
    I thought one or two of them sounded quite nice, But I would have the fourte or the dream any day. However, it's a coloured sound, as rightfully mentioned and if you do like it, there's nothing else like it.
  2. Deezel177
    Here's a quote from Piotr on the CustomArt Facebook page regarding the price:
    "...Our FIBAE™ Single driver will be sort-of between Music One and Music Two in terms of sound. Price estimate is ~€275-300, Dual will be rather bass-heavy, thick sounding IEM with slight bump in highs - so more V-shaped signature it will be rather a replacement for Ei.3 than Music Two in terms of sound. Early price estimates is +20-25% over Music Two..."
    CustomArt also do universals, but they are currently by request only.
  3. daulagiri
    That's local pricing. International order can expect figure closer to €500.

    Shameless self quote from CA thread:
  4. sonickarma
    I have had 4 sets done and surprisingly 3 of them were a poor fit and the other one had really thin bore tunnels effecting the signature - I don't used them at all anymore.
    Others may have had more success than me
  5. roskodan
    nailed it
    idk if u can submit, but there is a hek photo contest going on here
    btw geeky enjoyment level in em guy's smiles is over 9000 !!!
  6. Townyj
    So it was my first Can Jam :) Flew on over from Australia to attend the Sunday session. Got there just before 11am with my GF. All in all it was very quiet and was able to listen to pretty much everything i had on my little list.
    First off we sat down with the Jaben guys, i didn't bring anything other than my phone for testing. Next time i will drag along a DAP for better trial and testing. The Jaben guys were quite nice to chat with and we were able to sit longer than 15mins with each item. Very cool experience.
    Grado GH2 - First time in a long time since ive heard a Grado headphone. Rock/Metal and Dance, sounded great with them all. Would of purchased a pair if i brought along some disposable income.
    Grado GS2000E - What a neutral beast, i under powered these imo. The soundstage and everything sounded pretty distant to me, not as easy as the GH2 to drive. Would like to hear them on a proper amp/dac set up someday. So i cant say much more really.
    Lotoo Paw Pico - Not at bad little device, sounded a tad warm but very pleasant through out with most genres. 
    Cayin N3 - Now this little guy sounded fabulous, neutral sounding, used it straight after the Pico. No lag when scrolling around, UI seemed fluid. Definitely want to nab one when available.
    Moving around the main room i stopped by and tested the new Meze 99 Neo via a Vinyl and Schiit Jotunheim setup. Now these surprised me actually, Sounded delicious with Norah Jones.. Music just flowed well, warm and soothing. Would like to hear them more down the track.
    Onto the Ultrasone desk as ive wanted to try the Edition 8's for some time now, Glad i never blind bought them after a 10min listen, price is way to high for the performance. Had a nice friendly chat with the guys attending the desk about the Jubilee edition, looks like a lovely headphone. But again... that price! Geeze!
    Next was the Hifiman desk. Fang was chatting to one of the Head-Fi Staff. Didn't want to interrupt so i sat down and had a listen to the HE-X via the Supermini, scrolled through a fair few test tracks. Was ok imo, didnt blow me away in any way really. Looked at the RE2000..... that price... Wow. The Shangri La and Ed 6 had some people waiting in line so i didn't bother waiting around and headed up stairs.
    Im a bit confused on which Ocean Rooms were which, so i will just go off what i heard in each room. Always been keen to try the Stax stuff.
    Stax SRS3100 - I tried both set ups and noticed hardly any difference between the dedicated PSU and without. Highly disappointed by these actually... both sounded thin and lifeless with no bass extension. Thought there was something wrong with the
    SR-L300, swapped to the PSU version SR-L300 and it sounded just as bad. I really hope there was an issue with these set ups.
    Stax SR-007 - Now damn!! I really enjoyed these, drew me in instantly. Smooth and sweet sounding... details just flowed and they really made me kick back and enjoy the test tracks.
    Stax SR-009 - Well after the SR-007 i didnt hear a huge step up, my ears are probably broken. Or i need a bit more time to take in the differences. Price wise the SR-007 would be the one id jump on.
    Auralic Taurus Stack/HD800S/HE-1000 - First off i preferred the HE-1000 sound over the HE-X downstairs, has a fuller sound to it. Probably because it was being driven by the Auralic stack. I did prefer the HD800S to the HE-1000, the HE-1000 bass sounded a little loose plus a darker overall signature in comparison. Didn't spend enough time with either to go into much more detail. But they both definitely carry a high end sound.
    Focal Listen - Sorely disappointed. There is better around for the price, id try them again and compare against my HD25-1 II.
    Teac Stack/Focal Elear - Putting these on i was expecting to be blown away a little, but alas i was not. They sound like an upgraded HD-600, quite good. Details popped and everything sounded quite neutral. There was a slight issue with the music skipping on this test setup. So i moved onto the Utopia.
    Meridian Stack/Focal Utopia - As soon as i put these on i nearly jizzed my pants, seriously.... Ok not that bad but these literally made my jaw drop. I handed them over to my GF after she used the Elear and said exactly the same. Wow!! Full sounding, insane details, just grooved and made me wanna dance.
    Headed back down stairs as i missed a few iem's i wanted to try.
    Stopped off at the RHA desk to try the MA750, the reps were very welcoming. After trying them it scratched an itch id had for quite some time. Would put them below my GR07, warm sounding like most people mention.
    Onto 1More.
    1More Triple Driver - Ok... now these are quite good for the price. Probably one of the better iems i have tried around the $100 mark. Great build and the packaging is insanely nice. Sounds like hyper Piston 3, details galore and some kicking bass. Great as a daily iem imo.
    New 1More Headphone -  Pretty sure its a triple driver design, nice surprise. Pumping bass and groovy sound throughout.
    I picked up the quad driver and had a look but someone wanted to listen so i passed them on. Oh well :) Maybe next time.
    Had organised meeting up with another Head-Fi member, tested a couple of his earbuds and modded X3. Which topped off the day nicely. Me and the gf had done enough listening by then.
    Will definitely be back over to Singapore, awesome city! Thanks for Can Jam i really did enjoy it quite a lot, it surprised my other half on how much is available to test.
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  8. noobandroid
    was it done on the 3d scanner too?
  9. sonickarma

    Yes 3d scan and i went to audiologist before and everything was clear.

    As they say in Dragons Den - Im out!

    Dont want to go too much off topic - PM me for more info
  10. raypin

    Mm..thanks. Can't wait to get my Fourte mid-April (promised delivery).
  11. Barra
    Just put up a 64 Audio A/U18 Tzar impressions/tour thread and I am looking for impressions. Can anyone that had a chance to listen to the 64 Audio 18 Tzar add their impressions here:

  12. third_eye Moderator
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