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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. Jobbing

    Neither do I, but somehow people in my surroundings like the closed headphones better, hence it gets used more than my STAX ear speakers + Telefunken tubes.
  2. Homage
    Anyone who attended, and managed to win a prize in the draw at the end of the day had any contact from the company who will supply their prize yet?
    I won a headphone package with Brainwavz but not heard anything from them as of yet!
    Had a great day, really enjoyed the MSB and Sennheiser auditions upstairs...
  3. Jobbing

    Congratulations! Yes, the company messaged me to ask for (shipping)information. I can imagine a company have to pick up their daily work before they contact a prize winner, but why not shoot them a message yourself?
  4. Homage
    I'll give them until early next week to contact me about shipment, and if I've still not heard anything then I'll make contact myself.
  5. glassmonkey
    It took a while to get everything sorted last year when I won something from V Moda. I ended up contacting the company myself. V Moda took good care of me last year. Here's to hoping we both are contacted soon.
  6. musicday
    Didn't hear anything but congratulations to you and all the winners.
    Do we have to contact the manufacturer of the prize was won?
  7. sujitsky

    I am in touch with lime ears audio for my Aethers and my wife's Mojo arrived today. Meaning my old one will be on the classifieds soon :)

    You might want to contact the vendor as Chord had requested my wife to email them. She emailed them yesterday and received the package this morning.
  8. ibbreezy
    Lol, still seething a bit about you wining the Aether. [​IMG] 
    I hope whoever won the Galloping Horse treading on a Flying Swallow posts a pic of it.
  9. paulchiu
    Were any of the measurements available to visitors of the show?
  10. Jobbing

    When we were talking about the Realiser - prior to the demonstration - Mike mentioned to me that any measurements stored on the Realiser that day could be used at a later stage. They didn't do that by default but I asked Mike whether it could be done now as I don't have any opportunity nearby where I live. He then told me to specifically mention that to Stephen who kindly did measure and stored the PRIR and EQ on the spot.
  11. paulchiu
    Did they mention how these PRIR files maybe shared online?
  12. Jobbing

    Mike said they would have to extract it first (from one large file) when they got home and it would be available to me later as download - that would be the upcoming dedicated website I guess -. Planning on using the M&J closed back headphones in my living room (my wife can't stand being in the same room with open cans) Stephen EQ'd those as well and should be available to me for this measured setup as well.
    paulchiu likes this.
  13. Deftone
    total Celeste?

    Cant find any info on what it is
  14. canali
    Celeste will be the new flagship TOTL iem from FLC with tuneability in 3 frequencies
    ...see their existing FLC 8S, already getting very good reviews at the show.
    also see the FLC thread for more details
    hopefully to be released in a month or so... and, like the FLC 8S, has filters so you can vary
    3 different frequencies.
    see this review on the FLC 8S too, by jokerl to give  you an idea of its unique design...talks about it in depth.
    (so the Celeste will be the new TOTL flagship)
  15. MezeTeam
    Hey @episiarch,
    The units of 99 Classics that we had at our booth were brand new, so they were unburned.
    Meze Audio Design. Comfort. Sound. True audio. Stay updated on Meze Audio at their sponsor page on Head-Fi.
    https://www.facebook.com/mezeaudio https://twitter.com/mezeaudio https://www.instagram.com/mezeaudio/ https://www.mezeaudio.com/ marketing@mezeaudio.com
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