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CanJam London 2016 Impressions Thread (August 13-14, 2016)

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  1. Rowethren

    Not really either of the items are at fault that is just how they were designed. Mojo can still power the Ether to volumes that can do permanent hearing damage so don't worry too much, was mostly a comment on battery life.
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  2. canali
    Flc listeners at canjam...Did anyone listen to both the flc 8s as well as the new and soon to be released total Celeste?
  3. piercer
    Yes, I did. The 8s were amazing for the price - I mean amazing. In the brief time I had with the Celestes I was blown away. The Celestes had an amazingly coherent rich sound - much better than the Noble Katana IMHO. Good bass, mids and highs - Jude thought they may have a dip in the sibilance band to make them sound sweeter but they still sounded incredible. They had excellent detail (I was hearing things that I hadn't noticed before). They had a wise sound stage. I thought the Celestes were better than my JHA Laylas! That good!
    They were a pre-production pair, so I hope the final commercial offering is as good. If so, I will be buying.
  4. episiarch Contributor

    I auditioned them with my Mojo, and to my ears yes, they really sing.
    I didn't audition with gutsier amps (presumably it scales nicely but I couldn't say). 
    Probably needless to say, I didn't listen long enough to have an informed opinion about how quickly ECF might drain the Mojo's battery.
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  5. Jobbing

    +1 big shout out

    When I go to visit people who have been to Africa most of them are talking about the ‘Big Five’, they hardly have any pictures of the thousands of other extraordinary and beautiful creatures on the continent. It is just like they have not really ‘been’ there and feeling, not experiencing the obvious presented before them.

    Thank you @glassmonkey for trying to capture as many products, taking notes for us at CanJam London and writing about them so that others can make an opinion. Not only the usual suspects but the upcoming brands also. Paying attention to them will give us all better insight in what the future will hold. Hope you still have some write ups left to share with us over the coming days. It was nice meeting you!
  6. Middy
    I think the vendors are missing a trick here on Can Jam threads. Pics and links They all have smart phones and know the links to thier products....Reserve slots in the thread so they can add more detail.. Who where when links products pics of the day... Give the visitors a bit more time to play and they reduce questions to specifics...

    Just a thought... + none visitors get more of the low down...
  7. masterpfa
    This is not going to be a review but a plain and simple reaction

    Mr.Speaker Where have you been all my Audio Life?

    I was blown away by both the Ether Flow and Ether C Flow.
    I had stopped by initially to say hi to @Leonccyiu who was manning the Mr.Speaker desk and thought well as I am here lets have a listen

    My Oh My Oh My

    The only decision left is "Which version Closed or Open"
    Loved them both
  8. Middy
    It's a statement that either pleases or worries Dan...:kissing:... But one shared by me.. for the headphones that is...
  9. Mimouille
  10. soundoholic
    First of all - many thanks to all organisers, especially to Ethan and Jude. Very impressive weekend at CanJam!
    Electrostats are my speciality. So I heard to HE-1, MSB Select and BHSE, both with Stax 009. Separately, it was very interesting to hear the prototype HP Sonoma with Warwick drivers and dedicated amp. Congrats to Sonoma - open, airy, with good dynamics, in all a consistent message. And this with only one stator and 1.400V BIAS...
    HE-1: It is my second encounter with new Orpheus; very impressiv entrance, very technical design with some gimmics, very smart sound, but... I´m not sure, but subjectively it sounds for me not this fluently, smoothly and homogeneously, as I know it from old Orpheus HE-90. I hear rather state of art in estat-technology, effect embossed signature.
    MSB Select: DAC and estat amp - summit of technical possibilities? Stax 009 grows to a soundstage- and dynamics- monster, we become super-sound with MSB technology. I could almost suspect to discover inside of DAC or amp some chips with soundprocessors inflating and giving "make up" to the good but normal recordings, we usually know. Hmmm... VERY IMPRESSIV and kind of similar to the marvel of ...Smith Realiser in the next room. I was not able to hear to music, but to the amazing technology behind.   
    BHSE: Stax 009 sounded much more unaffectedly, naturally, almost ordinarily in comparison to the both instances above; though it sounded precisely and fast with not just big bass, with pleasant and estat typical excellent midrange and good, proportional trebles. But, playing rather small stage and forward with some overbrightness (more good for 007). Nothing special or exciting in comparison to what I know and hear everyday at home.
    Warwick/Sonoma: To that said at the beginning above - this set it could be a bestseller at price of 3-4 thousand dollars, but maybe not at level wished: 5-6.000. Only my suggestion...
  11. Jobbing

    Any chance you got the Sennheiser team to lend you the HE-1 and connect that beauty to the MSB rig next door? :big grin:

    Did you have a listen to the Mitchell & Johnson Electrostatz as well?
  12. glassmonkey
    Did I forget to put it in? Whoops! Will update when I get home. The Opus #2 was one of my favourites of the show. It took everything I liked about the Opus #1 and increased amplification power, made it full on Android and gave it a nice weighty in hand feel with a metal construction. I'm hoping to get more time with it in the future.
  13. stewtheking
    This was my first CanJam, and I was pleased that the promised friendly atmosphere lived up to expectations and beyond. I didn't make detailed notes, but did make a brief jot down of some of the things that either particularly impressed me, and/or I decided to buy as a result of the listen. I managed to visit every stall, and completed my SHaG card, but it did take me pretty much the whole two days!
    The SHaG also provided my favourite moment of the whole weekend. I was having a chat with somebody whilst the draw was on, not really paying enough attention. We chatted about what we had heard and were impressed by, and then got to talking about cables. I was just saying that I am not really a true believer in high-end cables, that I am yet to really hear a difference, and certainly not enough to justify spending money on them. At that moment, I hear my name read out, and find I have won… a nice Moon Audio IEM cable! I haven’t had the time to listen to it properly and have my cable-scepticism squashed, but it is very well built, and certainly less microphonic than the one I was using, which is a plus!
    This was one stall I was determined to spend some time on, partly as I wanted to compare the dragonfly red to the black I currently own. Although the red was clearly more detailed, it sounded brighter to my ears, and as my IEM's are a little bright anyway, it was not a good match for me. I was also persuaded to try the jitterbug here, and was fully prepared to say "nope, no difference whatsoever". I was definitely wrong, it was certainly doing something. (Insert cash-register sound-effect here). Then I tried the nighthawks. These were very pleasing to my ears (I am clearly a fan of the audioquest house-sound) and these became my second post-CanJam purchase. (Ker-Ching!) I also enjoyed having a brief play with the NightOwl prototype, made even more exciting by the ‘no photos’ rule. 
    Flare audio. 
    I couldn’t manage to get a fit and seal with their IEM’s, but I did really like their earplugs. Will probably be getting myself a pair at some point soon; very nicely made things. 
    Smyth Research.
    Their ‘Realiser’ was the biggest surprise of the weekend: I expected the effect to feel toy-like, but it was a very convincing experience. Some interesting tech that I would definitely like to play with some more. As a side-note, the SPL Phonitor looked to be doing a similar thing with processing, delay and crossed to create a more out-of-head experience. Very nice, but not as much fun as the Smyth!
    I am not a DAP guy, so the Explorer was not for me, but I liked very much the Finder X1. Felt absolutely indestructible (the lady on the stall said that they had run one over with a truck in testing!) and sounded very balanced. I may well pick up a pair. 
    Their T1 flagship was pretty exciting. Masses and masses of detail, but without feeling too harsh or like it would become fatiguing. These are definitely going on the shopping list at some point soon. 
    Lime Ears/Custom Art.
    I particularly liked the LE3SW from Lime Ears, sounded very balanced in the standard mode, and was nice to be able to switch to ‘childish extra bass’ at the flick of a switch. The Custom Art Fibae was also very impressive. Exceedingly flat response, and correspondingly balanced sound. 
    Trinity Audio. 
    I have a pair of Trinity Atlas already, and so was interested to hear some of the newer models. The Phantom Sabre was very interesting; very quick sounding. The Phantom Hunter was particularly good.
    Warwick Audio. 
    Their electrostatic rig was interesting, but seemed to not go loud enough. I could just get it to listening levels with the knob at near maximum, and that to me feels too unsettling to be that near the top of the amplifier’s range. The fear that it is suddenly going to cut in at high-volume was distracting. Otherwise, they sounded great. 
    Mitchell & Johnson. 
    Their line of electrets was very fun to listen to, exceptionally fast-sounding. The quirky design also appeals to me, however the clamping force of the model I enjoyed the sound of the most was a little high for comfort. 
    Rupert Neve. 
    It’s a great amplifier, and the guy manning the stall was hilarious to talk to. Essentially saying that rather than trying to launch into the head-fi market, they are being dragged in by us! 
    Sennheiser HE1
    Yes. I had my turn. Yes, it was very, very nice.
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  14. Shini44
    if anyone can compare  Liquid Tungsten and WA5-LE that would be nice ^^ i am too interested in the difference. 
  15. soundoholic
    Yes. But, do I need the electrets with dyn-crisp? No, because I do have the needed crisp and crunch with 007mk1 or 009 in my system that plays at level somewhere between BHSE and Select. :)
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