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Can Fiio X1 drive the OPPO PM-3?

  1. gunsxxroses
    Hi, this is my first post so I'll apologize for any bad question formatting in advance.

    I am new to the audiophile community, so I guess I am totally new to tech. I decided to upgrade my current listening from casual appreciation of mp3 files on my iphone 5s to lossless files. Because of the storage needed I wanted a portable setup as I am always on the move. I have purchased a Fiio X1(1st gen) player and am also planning to purchase a pair of oppo pm-3 cans. The reviews for the pm-3 are split between positive and underwhelming, but for a good pair of neutral portable cans, the oppo's suit me (largely because of my eclectic music taste). I have noticed in many reviews that, despite the low impedance of 26 ohms, the pm-3 actually takes a bit more juice to drive in order to make the sound really "shine".

    I am currently looking at either the Fiio e17k or the e18 as options for a portable dac/amp to go along with the x1 and pm-3. Before I spend the money however, I was wondering if those more knowledgeable than me could tell me whether the x1 can drive the pm-3 by itself? Also, even if it can, would the sound benefit through the use of a portable dac/amp? I'd also love portable dac/amp suggestions besides the e17k and e18, simply my budget is around $100 or I would have just went for the HA-2 pairing.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. cossix
    With a 102db sensitivity and 26?ohms, I'd say the FiiO could make them sound d decent, although I'd still recommend an amp anyway. The A5 may be going on sale for Black Friday, one of the best portable amps around a hundred dollars, especially if it gets marked down
  3. gunsxxroses
    Thanks for the clear feedback and recommendation. I will definitely look into the A5 during BF. Do you know where specifically there may be a sale?

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