oppo pm-3
  1. T

    Connecting Oppo HA-2 SE to iPhone 11 Pro Max

    I have just switched from Android to iPhone and gave my new iPhone 11 Pro Max a try with Oppo HA-2 SE paired with PM-3. Connected using Oppo's supplied USB to lightening cable, everything works fine. But, the iPhone volume rocker change the volume. This is something I can't understand...
  2. Hay2104

    OPPO Pm3 [Query for Potential Buyers]

    I currently have a near mint condition Oppo pm 3. Since it is a now rare item, I’m going to see if anyone here would be willing to buy them at my asking price. They come with: - Oppo pm 3 headphone (black) - original denim Oppo Case - original short 3.5mm cable - original OFC 3.5mm with 1/4...
  3. toby23

    Can I get some help with wireless options please?

    I have an Oppo PM-3 paired with an Oppo HA-2 DAC that is attached to my PC via USB and set up to use the Oratary1990 profile from HeSuVi. For travelling, I use the 2016 QC 35's and value the ANC but I would like to get a new pair of wireless headphones as I do not enjoy listening to music on...
  4. pure5152

    [SOLD] FS: Oppo PM-3

    Selling an Oppo PM-3 in excellent condition (see photos below). These were purchased new in October 2017, and have <100 hours on them total. They are surprisingly punchy out of my lyr 3, with good slam compared to my pmx2. I like the way they sound, but unfortunately need funds to purchase...
  5. H

    Senn 650, HIFIMAN HE-400I, OPPO PM-3. Which should I buy?

    Senn 650 and Hifman 400i can be bought about 200usd. Oppo Pm3 gets nice discounts so it's in my range too. I mostly going to use them for listening Jazz, Rock (70's) and Blues. I like listening guitar solo's from Gary Moore , Clapton, Vaughan and similar. Would a warm headphone go better with...
  6. ksorota

    Sold-Excellent Condition Oppo PM-3

    I am selling my excellent condition Oppo PM-3's that have been my go to travel headphone for the last year and a half. My position at work has shifted and travel is no longer a big part of my job so I will not be needing to keep these around. These headphones are in great condition with no...
  7. trevinthefionaapplefan

    Headphone suggestions? Help I'm stressed.

    Hi, This is my first post here. I made this account because I have a big dilemma and that is that I don't know what headphones I need to get. Here's some backstory, skip over this next paragraph if you don't care. So I've only ever had about 3 expensive pairs of headphones. A few years ago...
  8. C

    Audeze Sine Competitors

    Longtime listener, first time caller. :) I’m in the market for a set of closed over/on-ear cans (prefer over for comfort) with a budget maxing out at $500. I’m primarily looking for clarity, speed, and comfort for long listening sessions. My music tastes range from jazz to pop to rock to a...
  9. Markdude

    Otherwise flat headphones with hefty bass (Spirit/Listen Pro, PM-3, MDR1A?)

    I'm looking for pretty flat headphones that have a really good bass extension/response (so perhaps some bloating there is OK) but also don't have a very steep treble rolloff (I don't want to trade more bass for an overall darker sound signature). I plan on using Sonarworks and likely fine-tuning...
  10. T

    Portable DAP suggestion for Oppp PM1/3

    Greetings. I have Oppo PM1 (home) and PM3 (trips) which I use with Oppo HA-2SE having plenty of power to drive either. I'm looking for portable DAP which has enough power to drive them. I already have Onkyo DP-X1A which is not powerful enough to drive my cans even on high gain. My preference...
  11. SciOC

    Oppo PM-3 (blue) (sold)

    SOLD For sale are my oppo pm-3 in blue. All original accessories and boxes included (Android cable). Used for about one year (original receipt from oppo available upon request, with order date of 4-21-17). I would estimate I have ~500-750 hours on them. Excellent condition. More pics on...
  12. HuoYuanJia

    FS: Oppo PM-3 Balanced

    These headphones are from my private collection. I purchased them first hand from Oppo directly. There are no scratches or any scuffs. If you see anything on the pictures, it's either dust or a lint. Even the packaging is completely undamaged. I have a small head so the headband is just as...
  13. audiorefinery

    Dac/Headphone Amp for Critical Listening

    Greetings Head-fiers!! I am using a pair of Oppo PM3s for mobile critical listening and mastering. I was looking a dac/headphone amp that has a smaller footprint but doesn't need to be "portable". I was curious about the following units: Oppo HA-2/HA-2SE JDS Labs El Dac & EL Amp Wyred4Sound...
  14. sauronmordor756

    Need help finding closed headphones under $400 that emphasize vocals

    Hi, I'm looking for a closed pair of headphones under $400 that emphasize vocals and are good all-around. I usually listen to stuff like Hamilton and other pop music. I've looked at the Oppo PM-3 and it looks like a good fit. Would you recommend this headphone and what other headphones...
  15. azydos

    Sold oppo pm-3 with forza Audioworks cable

    Lookin to sell my oppo pm3 with very low hours, all the accessories, and original boxes, unused iOS and normal cable, just a small almost impossible to see scratch in the right side Forza audioworks Cable with 6.3 mm jack. Pics added Rising funds for CIEM PayPal fees and shipping to be...
  16. Byrnie

    SOLD FS: Oppo PM-3 (barely used, like-new)

    I bought these a year ago and have used them for 4-6 hours at most. It's time to downsize my headphone collection due to another hobby. I asking for $275 + paypal fees ($9) so $283 total. This includes free shipping to anywhere in the continental US. I will be shipping these via UPS Ground...
  17. akatsuki

    [WTB] Oppo PM-3

    Looking for a good closed headphone for travel, etc. Please PM me how much you want shipped to California!
  18. P

    Oppo PM3 good for movies? Or not wide enough soundstage, not enough bass or surround feel, etc?

    Would they hold up well watching movies like Star Wars, Dark Knight, etc. or feel dull/off/very un-theater like? Side note: I'm not implying I'm looking for a movie headphone - I'm aware there's tons out there better for movies probably...I'm looking at the PM3 primarily for music but want to...
  19. S

    For sale: Oppo PM-3 Like New

    LIKE NEW pair of black Oppo PM-3s! Zero blemishes. Less than 10 hours listening time on them. Comes with all original packaging, Apple-compatible cable with inline microphone, 6ft cable, and carrying case. $325 SHIPS FREE
  20. G

    Can Fiio X1 drive the OPPO PM-3?

    Hi, this is my first post so I'll apologize for any bad question formatting in advance. I am new to the audiophile community, so I guess I am totally new to tech. I decided to upgrade my current listening from casual appreciation of mp3 files on my iphone 5s to lossless files. Because of the...
  21. G

    Will hifiman he-400i have sound quality with lg v10/20

    I have an LG v10 and thinking about upgrading to the V20. I also am wanting to upgrade to Hifiman he-400i from audio technica m40x. Considering the lg v10/20 can play hi-fi DAC, will my phone be sufficient to hear the Hi-Fi quality intended frombthe He-400is? Thanks
  22. jamescheru

    SOLD: Hifiman HE400i for trade

    8 months old Hifiman HE400i for trade. I bought the headphones 3 weeks back from a fellow head-fier who bought them new. The headphones are in excellent condition without any signs of wear. They are not the best synergy with my Astell&Kern AK70, they were however the best sound I have...
  23. DronEvil

    [SOLD] OPPO PM-3 (excellent condition) with balanced & other cables

    I'm selling my Black Oppo PM-3 in excellent condition. I bought them in November of 2016. You will get: the original shipping box the original oppo box the jean case the original paperwork (including proof of purchase receipt and warranty papers, all still in the envelope they came in) I am...
  24. linux4ever

    (Sold) Oppo PM-3 $300 Shipped

    Hi, I got this headphone 2 months ago from another member here in Head-fi. It is in mint condition and comes with the following: Oppo PM3 Long cable 3.5mm single ended termination Short cable 3.5mm single ended termination Case Oppo PM-3 Portable cable for iPhone Small pouch I'm a IEM kind...
  25. aikicoops

    Headphone Recommendation for Gaming.

    Hey guys, Can anyone tell me what the DT1990's are like for gaming? Currently, I'm using AKG Q701. They are good but looking for an upgrade. I listen to all sorts of music from Chillstep, pop, rock, country, classical you name it I listen to it. I game heavily mostly FPS. I watch a lot of...