portable amp/dac
  1. D

    5 years out the game - please help! DAP/DAC

    TLDR: I need recommendations for great DAP/DAC combos (preferably a DAP with a great onboard DAC) to pair with my Shure Aonic 5s. Am open to used DAPs so my used budget will be around £250-£300. A few years ago I started taking sound quality seriously and have always favoured IEMs. During...
  2. CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2

    CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2

    "Get the most advanced portable amplifier and DAC by CEntrance. With USB digital input, 3.5 mm analog input and wireless Balanced Bluetooth input, this is our best portable amplifier yet! Exclusive CEntrance technology for extra audio enjoyment. Balanced circuits offer significant improvement...
  3. Shanling UP5

    Shanling UP5

    Introducing Shanling UP5 The new flagship model of Shanling's portable Bluetooth DAC/AMP line. Building upon our popular UP4, but with a few key improvements, making it not only a better Bluetooth device but also a better USB DAC/AMP. New Bluetooth chip Qualcomm QCC5120 Upgraded to ESS Sabre...
  4. Questyle M12

    Questyle M12

  5. darkunknown88

    Help me decide: Luxury & Precision W2 or Khadas Tone 2 Pro

    Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I have firmly decided on 2 portable AMP/DACs for purchase: the Luxury & Precision W2 or Khadas Tone 2 Pro. Can someone who owns both devices provide a sound comparison in terms of technical performance? I know both devices measure similarly (in terms of...
  6. Sabaj DA3

    Sabaj DA3

    Sabaj Da3 HI-Res amplifier using the second generation XMOS USB Audio solution - XCore200XU208.PCM sampling rate support up to 32bit/768kHz, and up to DSD512 supported.Exclusive customized driver supported native DSD which is very advanced in audio range. Using two pieces of ultra-low phase...
  7. K

    Connecting multiple portable amps? Is this heresy?

    So I'm relatively new to this hobby (less than a year in). I'm trying all sorts of combos. Is this allowed? Or am I gonna burn something? Spoiler it sounds great! We have a BTR5 connected via LDAC to my android phone which is on max volume. The BTR5 is on high gain, max volume and is...
  8. SoundMagic A30 Portable Headphone Amplifier/Dac

    SoundMagic A30 Portable Headphone Amplifier/Dac

    The SoundMAGIC A30 features a powerful A30 Amplifier that unleashes the true potential and performance of your high-end headphone. Allowing you to experience clearer sound with a great amount of detail and audio separation. So if you are looking for the high-quality sonic experience this might...
  9. Sound N00b

    Fiio btr5 and Qudelix 5k owners what was your Bluetooth range like?

    The typical use case of portable Bluetooth amps are having both your phone and your amp on your body so a Bluetooth range typically is not a problem however I need to communicate with a tv 15 ft away from me and I was wondering if anybody knew the Bluetooth range of the btr5 or 5k. I heard one...
  10. HiFiMan HM1000

    HiFiMan HM1000

    Copper model contains 4 PCM1704 DAC chips. Silver HM1000 has 2 PCM1704 & Red HM1000 has 2 PCM1702 DAC chips. None of these DACs, which were originally manufactured in the late 1990's, are currently in production. Although the HM1000 has a micro SD card slot, the implementation of this...
  11. CharmTek TPR22 USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone DAC

    CharmTek TPR22 USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone DAC

  12. N

    Budget portable DAC/Amps

    I've recently been looking into getting a decent pair of IEMs for use mainly while I'm out and about. I would be using my iphone xs max, which, when using a lightning to 3.5 adapter, doesn't have the best sound in my experiences. So, as a result, I think I might go ahead and get a portable...
  13. Steve Guppy

    Which music player and why?

    I'm currently an avid fan of Neutron, having switched from PowerAMP a year or two ago. I started off with cheap in-ears plugged straight into my phone, and have gradually progressed to a dedicated dac/amp feeding good iem's via a 2.5mm balanced connection. But reading through various posts here...
  14. Jobbing

    Portable 4.4mm to USB-C Amp/DAC adapter

    Awaiting the release of the xDuoo XD-05 PRO version (said to sport AES/Ebu and 4.4mm out) to pair with my xDuoo X10T mkII I'm wondering if there is any amp/DAC adapter available to serve the need for 4.4mm TRRRS to USB-C listening. If it wasn't for the 2.5mm connection the new iBasso DC-01...
  15. Shanling UP2

    Shanling UP2

  16. rockphotog

    [Solved...] Which portable dac/amp for DT 1770

    Hi - been using the trusty Fiio Q1 some years with Iphone, but I think I need more power for the 1770 (250Ω). Must be easy to connect to Iphone and USB and have a minijack out(!). At least 8h battery. Other inputs and outputs is just a bonus. I like the ifi xDSD, but I could do with an even...
  17. Thenewbie76

    small portable dac/amp?

    I am looking for a thumb size or fairly small dac/amp smaller than the nx4 dsd for my laptop use. I have a nx4 dsd but it is just too big for me and honestly I dont need that much power. All I plan to use the dac/amp with is with iems mainly my jh 13vs and campfire cascade both of which do not...
  18. Xzephyr23

    NEW DragonFly Cobalt Opinion? Worth it?

    Helllo, Transitioning my audio desktop experience to a portable one. Realizing I can’t stand still very much .. As the title states the new DragonFly cobalt has grabbed my attention. I’ve always heard of how great their portable products are and figured I would take the dive. It’s small -...
  19. XDUOO XQ-23

    XDUOO XQ-23

    This is a review of the XDUOO XQ-23 portable bluetooth receiver/amplifier. The unit receives bluetooth signals from smart phones or bluetooth enabled smart devices, and allows the user to listen to headphones that were previously only usable as wired headphones. So for example, I have an old...
  20. S

    Looking for a portable amp for my new headphones (budget: $300)

    Hi! I recently purchased a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 1770 PROs and am loving them. I'm currently driving them with a FiiO Q1 Mk2 but I'm not sure whether it's sufficiently powerful enough for 250ohm headphones. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the theory regarding headphones/amp matching...
  21. JustASnack

    Is it safe to leave my portable headphone amp plugged in?

    Sorry if this isn't the right forum to post this. I couldn't figure if there was anywhere better. I've recently purchased a used Oppo HA-2 for use at my office desktop and for when travelling. Considering that plugging into a PC for audio input also charges the device, would it be wise to leave...
  22. StevenF19

    Portable DAC Under $500 CAD

    Hello, I'm looking for a portable DAC under $500 for my Shure SE535s. I searched this subforum but couldn't find anything that recent. I'll mainly be using my Android phone's Tidal app (Xiaomi Mi Mix 2), a windows desktop, and my iBasso DX50. I've been looking at the Chord Mojo which is above...
  23. JustASnack

    Need portable headphone AMP/DAC recommendations

    Hi there! I'm looking to get a portable headphone AMP/DAC combo for use with my phone and office PC. Here are some details about what I'm looking for: - I have a budget of 150 pounds/euro/dollars, though I'm willing to stretch that budget to 200 if absolutely necessary - Needs to power...
  24. lamaslamas

    LCDi4 Amp recommendations

    I'm looking for a portable amp/dac or just amp, to pair my lcdi4 and Android phone/macbook, it should be something really portable, Bluetooth is a plus, ifi micro or similar footprint amp are way too big for my needs. I was considering the ifi xdsd or the fiio q5, maybe the mojo? I would...
  25. rramrram

    LG V30+ or Fiio X7ii

    hi strangers, Its my first post here, I'm considering a portable player, my headphones are Shure SRH840 and 1More H707, LG V30+ offers more functionality and is cheaper so as far as I know it'd be my choice so how does it compare to the Fiio? any other recommendations? (for the same 500ish price...