portable amp/dac
  1. Tanchjim Space Lite

    Tanchjim Space Lite

    Technical Specifications: - Product name: SPACE-Lite Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier Headphone interface: 3.5mm single-ended interface Input interface: USB Type-C(Non-replaceable line) Frequency response range: 20hz-80Khz (-0.5dB) Background noise: <1uV Dynamic Range:126dB(AES17 20KHz) SINAD ...
  2. MusicTeck

    Lotoo Mjölnir is Now In Stock At MusicTeck!!!

    Lotoo Mjölnir Product Highlights 132db Excellent SNR 134db Remarkable Dynamics <0.8uVrms Minimal Noise Floor 2.5 W Powerful Output Fully Separated Multi-Layer PCB Design Multi-Processor Architecture Independent PSU Independent 3mm thick locked-in shield AK4499EQ Flagship DAC Titanium Chassis...
  3. Apos Audio

    Moondrop Dawn Pro DAC/Amp - Now Available on Apos Audio

    Hi all, Meet the latest budget-friendly portable DAC/Amp from Moondrop, the Moondrop Dawn Pro DAC/Amp. With its dual DS43131 DAC chips, it cuts noise and enhances the stereo separation. Whether you're a 3.5mm fan or prefer 4.4mm, Dawn Pro’s versatile connections ensure it’s always ready to...
  4. totuus

    Current recommendations for portable Amp/DACs in the US$ 300 - 400 range

    Hello folks, I've read a number of reviews both here and widely online, about amp/DACs for mobile use that make finding a unit other than the apparently gorgeous Mojo2, rather less hopeful. Can anyone just pop out some names of combined DAC-amps for mobile use that they really like, that are...
  5. 7HZ Sevenhertz 71 USB DAC

    7HZ Sevenhertz 71 USB DAC

    https://hifigo.com/products/7hz-sevenhertz-71 Features:- >Audiophile-grade AK4377 Chipset. >Supports high-resolution 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and DSD128(DoP) signals. >High-purity 36-core Silver-plated OCC copper cable. >Supports Android 5.1 and above. >Works with iOS devices(Lightning connector to be...
  6. Apos Audio

    FiiO Q7 Portable Desktop-Class DAC/Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, Here's a FiiO launch that might arouse the community's interest. We’re ecstatic about the new FiiO Q7 Portable Desktop-Class DAC/Amp. While it’s only 6” on its longest side, it boasts desktop-level power, a THX amplifier, and an ESS SABRE DAC chip, making it an undeniable solution for...
  7. Apos Audio

    10% off on the FiiO BTR5 2021 Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amp

    Hi all, We have some exciting sale that is currently ongoing with the pocketable portable FiiO BTR5 2021 Portable Hi-Fi Bluetooth DAC/Amp. This product has dual ESS SABRE DACs, Bluetooth 5.0, and nine-hour battery life. Community members can save 10% on the FiiO BTR5 if purchased within this...
  8. Hiby RS2 - R2R DAP Surprise

    Hiby RS2 - R2R DAP Surprise

    PROS + Full R2R presentation + Natural timbre and zero digital glare + Solid detail retrieval + Wide soundstage and spectacular depth + Very good battery live, no drain function + Premium build quality + Comes with a carrying case and premium rare cables USB cable CONS - Many filters but not...
  9. MoonAudio

    Chord Mojo 2 vs. iFi Gryphon: Epic DAC Battles of History | Moon Audio

    Chord Mojo 2 vs. iFi Gryphon: Epic DAC Battles of History | Moon Audio
  10. Apos Audio

    TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp Now on Apos

    Hi all, We’re thrilled to announce the release of the TOPPING G5 Portable DAC/Amp on Apos Audio. This hi-def unit features classic TOPPING architecture in a portable package. Enjoy 24-bit Bluetooth, 32-bit PCM, and incredibly low noise (<0.00009% THD+N). it’s an ideal unit for audiophiles and...
  11. MoonAudio

    iFi iDSD Diablo Headphone Amp DAC Review & Comparison | Moon Audio

    iFi iDSD Diablo Headphone Amp DAC Review & Comparison | Moon Audio
  12. FiiO BTR7

    FiiO BTR7

  13. Littlebear B4X Portable Tube Amplifier

    Littlebear B4X Portable Tube Amplifier

  14. Trojacked

    Chord Mojo 2 Confusion

    Hey Guys, Wondering if any of you would be able to assist me? Im wanting to purchase a Chord Mojo 2 to partner with my 64 Audio Nio’s to have an end game portable setup. However after lots of research I’m still unsure of one thing, and that’s where or not I’d be able to go straight from my...
  15. H

    Helm Audio Bolt + Moondrop Blessing 2 (volume is too low)

    Hey guys, I just got Helm bolt as my portable DAC to drive Moondrop Blessing 2 but very disappointed. I used to have Sennheiser MTW2 and Sony XM4, but for better clarity in sound, I purchased those two gears. While the clarity and separation are there, I am not happy with its volume. I usually...
  16. KaneMaxxx

    What portable DAC/AMP for Denon HP1100? (100-150$)

    Hi everyone, Can somebody recommend a decent portable DAC AMP for my Denon DJ HP1100 headphone? I currently have a TempoTec Sonata V , which i don't feel enough for this task: I've got the following parameter from the box Ear coupling: Over-ear Type: closed Transducer principle: dynamic...
  17. Cayin RU6 Discrete R-2R USB-C DAC/Amp

    Cayin RU6 Discrete R-2R USB-C DAC/Amp

    24-Bit Discrete R-2R Resistor Ladder DAC User Selectable NOS/OS Digital to Analog Modes High Precision Resistor Array Volume Control Dual Main Boards Layout DSD256 and PCM 384kHz
  18. D

    5 years out the game - please help! DAP/DAC

    TLDR: I need recommendations for great DAP/DAC combos (preferably a DAP with a great onboard DAC) to pair with my Shure Aonic 5s. Am open to used DAPs so my used budget will be around £250-£300. A few years ago I started taking sound quality seriously and have always favoured IEMs. During...
  19. CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2

    CEntrance HiFi-M8 V2

    "Get the most advanced portable amplifier and DAC by CEntrance. With USB digital input, 3.5 mm analog input and wireless Balanced Bluetooth input, this is our best portable amplifier yet! Exclusive CEntrance technology for extra audio enjoyment. Balanced circuits offer significant improvement...
  20. Shanling UP5

    Shanling UP5

    Introducing Shanling UP5 The new flagship model of Shanling's portable Bluetooth DAC/AMP line. Building upon our popular UP4, but with a few key improvements, making it not only a better Bluetooth device but also a better USB DAC/AMP. New Bluetooth chip Qualcomm QCC5120 Upgraded to ESS Sabre...
  21. Questyle M12

    Questyle M12

  22. darkunknown88

    Help me decide: Luxury & Precision W2 or Khadas Tone 2 Pro

    Hello everyone. As the title suggests, I have firmly decided on 2 portable AMP/DACs for purchase: the Luxury & Precision W2 or Khadas Tone 2 Pro. Can someone who owns both devices provide a sound comparison in terms of technical performance? I know both devices measure similarly (in terms of...
  23. Sabaj DA3

    Sabaj DA3

    Sabaj Da3 HI-Res amplifier using the second generation XMOS USB Audio solution - XCore200XU208.PCM sampling rate support up to 32bit/768kHz, and up to DSD512 supported.Exclusive customized driver supported native DSD which is very advanced in audio range. Using two pieces of ultra-low phase...
  24. K

    Connecting multiple portable amps? Is this heresy?

    So I'm relatively new to this hobby (less than a year in). I'm trying all sorts of combos. Is this allowed? Or am I gonna burn something? Spoiler it sounds great! We have a BTR5 connected via LDAC to my android phone which is on max volume. The BTR5 is on high gain, max volume and is...
  25. SoundMagic A30 Portable Headphone Amplifier/Dac

    SoundMagic A30 Portable Headphone Amplifier/Dac

    The SoundMAGIC A30 features a powerful A30 Amplifier that unleashes the true potential and performance of your high-end headphone. Allowing you to experience clearer sound with a great amount of detail and audio separation. So if you are looking for the high-quality sonic experience this might...