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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. doof-ed
    Newcastle to sydney train is always fun... But sydney public transport is, well, useable, i guess haha.

    I might be able to attend, depending on where i am (could be in coffs for a holiday). Cant bring anything like you guys have, probably bring my DT440 (vintage - oh yeah).

    edit: as a student i can bring mi-gorengs [​IMG]
  2. pkwak
    Welcome doof-ed, I have added you in. Timmyw is also from Newcastle and you could come together?~ ^  ^
  3. Jaben Australia

    All in due time mate...
    We've just started up and still in negotiations with some companies and waiting on stock for others [​IMG]
  4. svyr

    well, hope you guys do well. hph.com.au charge through the nose :wink: need more good local dealers
  5. svyr
    um, is anyone free this weekend? I need to have a micromeet with someone with a decent high powered HP amp. I just received a K340, but none of my amps can drive it at all. (I was hoping to use it with my NFB-10WM, but me and ADG didn't work out :D ) (preferably not too far from Castle Hill by pub transport, since I'd have to go to your place with the K340 :D). I just need 10 mins :D... Alternatively, we could turn it into a mini-meet, but I doubt anyone can be bothered...
  6. Yogui
    Well, there are lots of suburbs mentioned above.
    Since we can't make everyone happy
    I wanted to say: any of them will do for me. [​IMG]
  7. nelda


    I got Schiit Lyr if you're interested....
    But it has to be Saturday afternoon, late afternoon.
    PM me.
  8. svyr

    thank you for the offer, but I fear Rivewood being half across Syd from castle hill is a bit too far :) (3h total travel time :D )
  9. qusp Contributor
    i'll probably be there. will bring a limited amount of stuff this time
    opc's 'the wire'  perhaps a balanced out version by then, but the bal/se version is ready and singing
    portable sabre 9018/balanced iem amp
    dunno if i'll bother bringing the ackodac down, makes it a right pita, but maybe
    modded D10
    perhaps a DIY solid state power jfet circlotron
    various cables including some cryoparts and piccolino, low profile uLODs and uConnects of course. 
    s this a definite date? need to think about flights, only just by chance saw this, as i havent been around here much lately
  10. bajaiman
    I've never been to a meet before.... so how does it normally go?....you bring your stuff in then put them up on table?, do you get your own table to place your headphones/amps?. I'm assuming I need to bring my own powerboard?.
    I'm interested to go but got no clue on the procedures.... I'm interested to try some of the Audio Beat cables ... If I'm going I can bring some of the following:
    T1 balanced/SE
    LCD2 with Q-audio
    Denon D5000
    ES7 with blue dragon V3.
    UM Miracle
    Schiit Lyr
    Audio GD C2C
    Audio-GD NFB3
    Centrance Dacport
  11. svyr

    >you bring your stuff in then put them up on table?, do you get your own table to place your headphones/amps?.

    pretty much, depends on the amount of stuff/# tables.

    > I'm assuming I need to bring my own powerboard?

    generally. and some extra ones :D ...

    also, nice gear...
  12. pkwak
    Unless someone can find a venue for me on Sunday 10/07/2011 or Saturday 09/07/2011? (Church groups have booked out every single one of the venues I have inquired about) we are going to have the meet in Mill Hill Centre located in Bondi Junction 5 Min walk to station and shopping centre on 9/7/2011 from 10am to 4pm (Sat). I have submitted my application which have passed the initial assessment and the committee will confirm by Monday/Tuesday. I can still cancel it if appropriate venue comes up. I wish to finalize the venue and date by 1st week of June. (To give ample time for distributors to make arrangements).
    There are still venues that I will make inquiry at more 'Central Sydney or outer city', and I will do so on Monday. Fingers crossed.

  13. mitos
    I'm definitely appreciating the effort going into this pkwak[​IMG]. If only I didn't have an assessment due every other week, I would be helping with venues.

  14. qusp Contributor
    Agreed, you are doing a really good job, perhaps should have started earlier with the venue, but al the same the effort i can see you putting into this meet is admirable and its perhaps bigger than any we have had before and its a larger portable audio crew than I remember. I havent read the thread, but did the group size outgrow first numbers when all the sponsors came to the party, meaning other arrangements had to be made for the venue?
  15. pkwak
    Qusp: how this meet happened, I was reading into unique melody and have emailed them about their products and inquired about auditioning them and they said if I had enough people then they would come up from Melbourne with all their products so that I can audition them all without having to go through procedure of paying deposit and freight. So I started this thread and others were also interested in auditioning them (thanks cloudq for being the first one to respond~). Initially, I thought about having it at Uni but there were issues with that, so the quest for venue has begun. And then I thought, maybe Australian are interested in meets and perhaps only reason they are not in the open is because there is not a properly organised meet. I have experience in organising events in my earlier days and I thought I would give it a go and see where it takes us. I did have help, I have inquired with John as to Headfi meets and mitos and svyr have been very helpful from the start. 
    There are no sponsor at this stage unfortunately and members are happy to contribute themselves for venue hire. I am thinking $10 for non member of trade and $20 for member of trade. However, I am planning the meet with giveaways and Jaben has contacted me that they are happy to supply some of their products in the giveaways (as it was against their policy to sponsor in means of finance at this state). I have not contacted other suppliers yet as to if they would be happy to supply any product in the giveaway or perhaps offer special discount for the attendees or discount for those who purchase that the meet.
    At the meet: At the beginning of the meet after everyone has set up I am thinking of providing up to 10 minutes to each of the members of the trade to promote/inform/sell their product in front of everyone. This is done by introduction and short showcase of their products in front of everyone and members can ask questions. I will probably ask my brother to mind the tables in the distributor section for security while you are in the front presenting. (Note: I am expecting heavy traffic around distributors, so I am placing tables away from normal members tables. 
    At the end of the meet I will organise the registration information, and for those that have agreed, I will pass on their name and email (only) to the distributors so that they can be contacted with news about special offers or new products. Distributors are encouraged to bring brochure to give out to attendees.
    If this meet is successful, hopefully we can organise another one next year. And I promise it will be better organised. As the rule of any meet states that venue and date need to be organised before anything else and for this meet neither is confirmed.
    Hope this clears lot of your questions~
    Cheers. Paul.
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