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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. pkwak
    (Hi, lately I have been reading about the Unique Melody custom iems and really wanted to try them out. I have contacted them about trying the universal custom units and in one of the replies, they said that they would be happy to join our meet with their universal demo units if we have enough people.)

    So I was wondering if headfiers of Sydney would like to meet. (Unique Melody Aus is located in Melbourne, so I presume they would need to be given ample time to organize their trip). So, if you would like to attend and try out different gears or meet other people with same interests or even to kill time, reply to this post with you intention to come, the gear you would be bringing and the suburb you live in. This is so that people organise transport with others of similar area.

    If you are first timer, just in the reply box, say that you would like to come and I will add you in. For security reasons I request that you send a private message between 25/06/201 and 08/07/2011 of your Name, Address, Email, Contact number to me.
    At the meet, you would be required to provide a valid photo id when registering at the registration table. Your valid photo id will be cross checked with the details provided prior to the meet. (the details will be kept in the database of the organiser for future meets organised) and also you would need to tick if you do not wish for the organiser to pass on your email and name to the distributors for their news letter and special offers.

    Settings: Separate section for distributors and ordinary members will be provided and you will go to your appropriate section and set up your gears.
    Regarding the power point cords/cables, there will be some provided however you are encouraged to bring your own.

    Cheers, Paul.


    Community Center in Hornsby
    Sunday, 10/07/2011 (10:00am - 4:00pm).
    (Those that require pick up from the station, can you pm me? I will arrange a pick up from the Hornsby station at 9:40am)



    $20 for Member of the trade
    $15 for ordinary members. However, if you can`t afford it, then pm me prior to the meet, and will make a note to charge only $10.
    (includes hall hire, morning tea, drinks and lunch)

    Order of the day for 1st ever Sydney "Can Con" (Can = Headphone Con= Convention):

    09:30 - 10:00am Set up/ Registration
    10:00 - 10:10am Instruction session by qusp.
    10:10 - 11:00am Members of the trade presentation
    (11:00 Morning tea) (B`day cake)
    11:00 - 01:00pm
    1pm Lunch
    4pm End of the meet/pack up for 4:30 close of the doors.


    1. Everyone must register prior to the meet. The attendees are required to provide the organiser with their Name, Address, Contact number and Email between 25/06/2011 and 07/07/2011.

    2. Everyone must provide a photo id when registering at the registration desk and will be cross checked with the provided name and address. Also at the registration the attendees are required to tick the box if the attendee do not want their name and email details passed onto the distributors. (Note a copy of your valid photo id (that can verify name and address) will be taken and kept for two weeks before being destroyed).

    3. Please be careful and respect other member`s properties, ask before you pull a phone out of a plug – some amps if they are not powered down before inserting or pulling out a jack have the potential to blow. Again be very careful.

    4. Be on the watch out for power cords and headphone cable on the floor and tables, you can easily knock over equipment, or hurt yourself – if this is your first meet be weary the floor will be littered with cable.

    5. Consumption of food or drinks are to be taken place in the designated place ONLY and place all rubbish in the plastic bags provided. Also PLZ wash your hands if it is dirty before touching anything. There is nothing worse than an oily headphone.

    6. No smoking within 20 meters of the hall (NOT 5m or 10m). And please place all butts in the bottle/container provided.

    7. No wet hair, or put anything in their hair at all (e.g. wax, gel, mousse etc) (Will be refused entry). Strong aftershave or deodorant are also not good. Also, clean in and around your ears. Nobody wants their cans covered with earwax.

    8. Enjoy~


    The venue has wooden floor which will get noisy especially with the amount of people moving through the place during the meet. I ask that be aware of this and where possible wear soft soled shoes.

    People attending so far (also feel free to bring friends):

    pkwak (Campsie)


    Unique Melody (Matt) (MELBOURNE)
    Nelda (i-Enjoy :distributor for Schiit ~) (Riverwood)
    Jaben Australia (Josh) (Melbourne)
    qusp (Twisted Cables) (Brisbane)
    Good Times (Krispy Kables) (Narrabeen)

    1. cloudq (Chester Hill)
    2. hpz (BANKSTOWN)
    3. yuh (Bankstown)
    4. mitos (Epping)
    5. commanderkeen88 (BANKSTOWN)
    6. Idap (MASCOT)
    7. xplict_concept (Campsie)
    8. ojstagg93 (Mosman)
    9. alex699 (Caringbah)
    10. Dentian (Homebush Bay)
    11. HiFidelity
    12. Luco
    13. Covenant
    14. poo
    15. Sum1
    16. Elliot42
    17. nattonrice
    18. Mazz
    19. ZephyrSapphire (Kingsford)
    20. drez (Turramurra)
    21. boirefish
    22. superjohny
    23. mrAdrian (Castle Hill)
    24. Lord Mike. (Frenches forest)

    May be:

    Zorander (to be confirmed)

    Non headfi attendee (limit of 6)


    UM Marvel
    UM Aero
    UM Mage
    UM Miracle
    UM Merlin.
    Beat Audio cables, Interconnects and LOD's as well as a couple of CMOYS
    Headstage Arrow 3G.

    Schiit Asgard
    Schiit Vahalla
    Schiit Lyr (maybe)

    Beyerdynamic DT 150
    Alessandro MS1i
    DT880 pro 600ohm
    DT770 pro 80/250ohm
    Ear sonic sm3
    Heed CanAmp
    Violectric V800
    Senn HD600
    ALO HFI-780
    Benchmark DAC1
    HeadAmp GS-1
    opc's 'the wire' perhaps a balanced out version by then, but the bal/se version is ready and singing
    portable sabre 9018/balanced iem amp
    ackodac down
    Graham Slee Voyager
    Vsonic R04 PRo
    FoxL Bluetooth Speaker

    Plus many many more~ please refer to the posts by other attendees in this thread~

  2. cloudq
    i would love to audition some UMs and i've never been to a headfi meet so im very interested
  3. pkwak
    Thank you cloudq for your reply.
    I was starting to lose hope that anyone was interested in another meet nor sampling UM iems. Do you have anyone else who would also be interested?
  4. UniqueMelodyAus
    Hey guys,

    We'd love to be there, though we need you to make the trip up North worthwhile for us!

    We can bring

    UM Marvel
    UM Aero
    UM Mage
    UM Miracle
    UM Merlin.

    Heck if you want we can even bring a UM Merlin Prototype V1.

    Other bits and pieces,

    A huge range of Beat Audio cables, Interconnects and LOD's as well as a couple of CMOYS and a Headstage Arrow 3G.

  5. svyr
    > We'd love to be there, though we need you to make the trip up North worthwhile for us!

    haha, number of people or gear criteria :p ?

    mmm, usually Syd/Mel meets have plenty of both. Pity we didn't see you at the last Mel meet. :)

    Don't mind either Jun or May.
    You may want to add a vote (late, early jun/may, etc (or just the weekends or the actual dates))
  6. MomijiTMO Contributor
    Sounds interesting. :)
  7. pkwak


    I believe they mean people as their primary interest would be marketing.
    Also how do I add a vote?
  8. svyr

    you either state your preference for a date here, or wait for the OP to add a poll.
  9. mitos
    It'll be helpful if there was a poll, as svyr stated. Something on the lines of: mid may, late may, early june, mid june and late june. If you get what I mean?
    I'm up for it. I think there was a meet last December in Sydney, so people might not too be too keen for a meet so early again.
    In the meantime, if anyone wants a mini meet, I'm looking for a DAC with my Concerto. I got LCD-2, Senns HD650s if anyone wants a mini meet in the Epping/Eastwood(Northern train link) area.
  10. svyr

    I'd love to hear LCD-2 with my NFB-10WM, but problematically a) audio-gd continues to treat me like a fool, and still haven't shipped it yet (so will likely have it early-mid may). b) I can only get to Epping/Eastwood via pub transport and with 20k of gear that could be a problem (if you're interested, what's your opinion on castle hill :D)
    not having a car is great, until you have to lug 20kg of gear to a meet 10-20-30k away :D
  11. pkwak
    Okay, How about 4th of June or 25th of June?
  12. cloudq
    im down for both...
  13. hpz
    Sounds good, I'm down for either day.  UM customs! oh yeah,  I'll bring my usual gear of a Benchmark DAC1 and HeadAmp GS-1
  14. mitos


    Hey svyr, I rely on public transport too, it's horrible, huh!? Well my happens to have a car and audio gear worth about 5k( balanced T1s, reference 1 a. gd). Problem is I can't reach him, he never answers his phone :frowning2:.
    If only I could get transport to castle hill, I wouldn't be too annoying. I'll keep you posted :)
  15. mitos


    Wow, I'll love to give DAC1 and Gs-1 a listen :)
    Hey Pkwak, add me to your list :) . If you could get it going on a Sunday, it'll be preferable, cause I only work on Saturdays. If not, it'll try to get someone to fill in. Get your polling list working, haha :))
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