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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. pkwak
    Can you send him a pm then for us?
  2. sum1
    Thanks for the PM pkwak letting me know about this meet.
    Please put me in the attendance list as i should be able to make it to the meet. I am fine sharing the cost of venue with the members.
    I can bring:
    Beresford Caiman
  3. svyr

    re: 'weight in sound' - it's not LCD-2, but it's fine otherwise.
  4. elliot42 Contributor
    Got your PM pkwak. That weekend should be fine for me to attend, but which venue is it at, or hasn't that been finalised? I read through the last few pages but may have missed a decision...
    I'm not sure what amps/sources I'd bring, but I can bring the following headphones:
    Audio Technica AD2000
    Sennheiser HD580
    Alessandro MS2i
    Yamaha YH-2 Orthos
  5. qusp Contributor


    you already have, i'm staying at his place. I be talking about Natonrice, aka lurker supreme (Hi Tom)
  6. mitos
    Thanks Qusp. Would be cool to see how cables compare. SE cable upgrade Vs Stock. Balanced Vs Stock. SE cable upgrade  Vs Balanced.

  7. wink
    Between his maths Ph.D. and T2 it's a wonder he has time to breathe.
  8. svyr
    hmmm, by the way, is anyone bringing a Stax omega, 007 or 007mk2?
    Always wanted test the claims of the people who recommended my Transistoramp-v3 that it can easily and satisfactorily drive those...
  9. pkwak
    Hahaha sorry~ yeah the venue is not finalised yet~ And hence the date as well. The date will be set when the venue is set~ And it will need to be set this week as the distributors from other states need time to organise their trips.
    Initially it was at an uni but now we are looking elsewhere~
    We have a back up venue of Bondi Junction on Saturday if other venues do not work out. But there are still 10 places that I still need inquire tomorrow. The place are spread in the North of NSW from North of Manly to Hornsby.  Bondi is great but I was told it was difficult for people to get to. Also I went there today to check out the place and was little disappointed because it was not as large as I expected it to be. Also I only saw 20 chairs and 8 desks. (maybe they are stored somewhere else). The difficulty in finding a venue was that some headfiers preferred Sunday as they work on Saturday and church groups have booked majority of the places out and because of the delicate nature of the equipments we need a large hall so that people can move about without bumping into things. And hence function halls were not appropriate as we need place that is big enough to seat 150-200 people and that tables would need to be removed to make space. Also the price.)
    Also I am putting up the suburb of the attendees so that car pool can be organised among the attendees.
    And depending of the appropriate location, I will need to organise pick up from the nearest train station for those that do not have appropriate means of transport.


  10. elliot42 Contributor
    Ah, OK. I saw mention of Artarmon and Chatswood, both of which are nice and close, but I'd be driving so any distance isn't really a bother.
    I will agree though that Bondi Junction would be difficult to get to; more specifically, carting gear to.
  11. svyr

    lol, can't remember, is it before or past King's Cross on the train line :wink: ?
  12. pkwak


    Any chance that he would be joining us?
  13. svyr
    by the way, we can also try inviting http://www.wickeddigital.com.au/ I think they're the official distributor for god-only knows how many brands :D... e.g. firestone...
  14. $qwuzzy
    Hey everyone
    I'll try my best to make it over - although I work Saturdays, so could only make it on a Sunday. Could the gear in my signature.
    (Main setup is also for sale if anyone is interested)
    Subscribed for future updates.
  15. qusp Contributor


    well i cant speak for him, but since i'm staying at his place and i'm going, theres a good chance :D that is unless i drink him under the table the night before and hes still sleeping it off on the tiles. we planned to go out for drinkies last time, but didnt get around to it, so its a must this time.
    i imagine if he manages to get the KGSS done, then he might bring the O2, but i gather they are fresh unused, so there might be some hesitance there understandably.
    at the moment i'm working on
    a second ackodac akd12p
    Balanced DCB1 (just casework left)
    Aleph JX (power supply, setup and casework)
    Semisouth Circlotron (<^both Class A power amps) (same casework as above)
    Central 1800VA power supply for the above (ditto, all 3 of these will come together at the save time, pcbs are populated and all fets matched)
    final PCB for regulator board in portabuff (schematic mostly done after v1 on protoboard works quite well)
    F5X (another power amp, havent got the pcbs yet)
    scanspeak 2 Way, digitally crossed biamped speakers (drivers here only, baffle design part done, materials chosen)
    regulators for a new hirez usb->i2s convertor (just waiting for transformer, unit arrives tomorrow)
    power supply for mac mini to drive the crossover  (just started planning)
    mystery dac (just an idea, but pretty developed)
    I think thats it, thats not counting the various experiments for my own stuff
    @ wink, indeed, busy boy, but he has a lot more projects on the boil than the T2, hes as bad as i am with running parallel projects
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