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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. Jaben Australia

    Hiya mate,
    I'm not quite familiar with the DAC but it does have an analog output. Therefore if you buy the Headphone Amp 160 you can simply connect it up to the DAC using RCA cables as syvr suggested.
    However, this will bypass the headphone amp in the Maverick, so the signal chain will go source (computer, digital input etc)> Maverick DAC> Amp 160
    It may not necessarily improve the sound though, you might prefer the Maverick's tube amp.
  2. pkwak

    Ok, bondi is great but no tables unfortunately, however, I have spoken to Liverpool council abd their facilities do have tables and rates are affordable. Check the above link and can u tell me what u think? Liverpool city pipe band hall was available and can fit 80 people. But only downside is it is in the park and parking is not right next to the park.
  3. Yogui
    I would like to attend.
    I can take a Lehmann Black Cube USB and HD800 (hopefully balanced and with XLR to 6.35 adapter by then)
    I'm happy to donate/pay for the organization
    Cheers, Yogui
  4. pkwak


    I believe this is another alternative to Liverpool location. I have contacted Gore-Hill and they say the venue is available.
  5. pkwak
    Thank you John, your knowhow is greatly appreciated.

    Now, for the venue, If everyone can let me know the preferences, Liverpool or Chatswood area, then I will book the venue. I have check the availability for both sites. Liverpool would be little under $200 for 10-3pm and Chatswood/St Leonard Gore hill park centre was little under $300 for 10-3pm. let me know.

    Also Mill Hill Centre hall in Bondi Junction


    I will have to confirm the availability and parking but looks good also. Full/half hall at $56/$34 per hour.

    And Some properties in Woolhara are affordable and clean. I will contact them tomorrow for information as to availability and parking.


    If there is a area you do not want especially, then PLEASE let me know now, otherwise I will presume that you are fine with whatever venue I choose.
  6. pkwak

    Welcome Yogui, I will add u in~
  7. HiFidelity
    Thanks All for the replies. Yes the Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1 does have a Pre Amp Output and Audio Output (see diagram). Apologies for hijacking the thread. Just not sure when it comes to driving high quality headphones. Always get confused I'm messing up the source by layering and all in one system with another headamp. Anyhow I think the logic makes sense to me so just have to decided to take a shot at it. Appreciate the feedback and help to you all. Thank you so much. Would love to say thank you in person...
    Headphone Amp 160 = Burson HA-160 Headphone Amplifier (Typo on my part)
  8. Yogui
    Thanks for adding me pkwak.
    I rather go Liverpool, I suppose everyone from South would be glad NOT to cross the CBD
    West is away from the CDB from all directions...
  9. mitos
    See if unique melody can sponsor a bit? Most members will probably chip in too. We need a definite location but. I still say a scout hall or something, since they're bound to have some chairs and tables.
    edit: I prefer chatswood.
  10. Timmyw
    Coming from Newcastle, Chatswood would be perfect for me.  Liverpool would be terrible.  Mind you, I don't mind so much I realise I am the odd one out.
    I was really hoping someone would have a T1 to bring I have been dying to listen to those.
    Also a scout hall would have a wooden floor. That means a lot of noise would come from people simply walking around, and a lot of noise echoing around.  A carpeted environment would be a lot better for critical listening wouldn't it?  Like perhaps a conference hall in an RSL?  Those are usually pretty quiet.
  11. Jaben Australia


    Look, I can't promise anything but it's very likely that I'll have the whole Telsa range by then.
    Damn, I've just realized how big my suitcase might need to be...
  12. svyr
    strange, you website only seems to be showing a few lower cost iems and portable amps O.o

    yes, you definitely can connect one to another, but no one can guarantee you'll like the sound... Perhaps it's worth seeing if anyone brings a 160 to the meet and plugging it into your tmd1 before you buy it...
  13. Timmyw

    Hope you do!

  14. pkwak
    Ok, I really like the mill hill centre but it is available from 1:30pm onwards. If the meet is on 1:30-6pm, what are your thoughts?
  15. 3lusiv3
    The most central part of Sydney is Parramatta, or if you want to go a little further east then Homebush or Homebush Bay.
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