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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. pkwak
    Man, I wish it was MY b'day~ ^^ just kidding. although I did get a nice b'day present at the end of last month~ ^_-
  2. commanderkeen88


    Well, I wouldn't mind winning a set of UM Merlins [​IMG]
  3. xplict_concept
    I'm coming!!

    I can bring:
    shure srh840
    RSA p51 mustang
    ipod nano

    I live in Campsie, Sydney. I will probably be able to drive there.
    See you all there!
  4. pkwak
    Welcome, xplict_concept~
  5. 3lusiv3
    Have fun guys.
  6. johnwmclean
    Thanks Paul for your brilliant efforts in getting this off the ground,
    If I may be so bold, I’m going to through my 2c worth into the mix. I haven’t been through the whole thread, just skimmed, I’m not sure whether a venue has been set. But I will say from experience the UTS or UNSW libraries are not the best setting for a head-fi meet.
    Hard furnishings in small spaces tend to compound any noise, there is also a a level noise from air conditions, computers etc that is ever present, killing any noise floor with open cans.
    A suggestion would be the hire of a local hall with enough power outlets to cater, with enough space to spread out. This way the group will not divulge into one noisy social gathering, always fun but not conducive for any critical listening. There would be a small entrance fee once divided amongst subscribers for hall hire.
    Ultimately I’d prefer a quieter setting for higher end gear if possible, I think it would be a drawcard for other head-fiers with alternative gear.
    I have available:
    Balanced Beta22
    Balanced EHHA
    Buffalo DAC
    Balanced HD800 Vortex cable with Bocchino connectors
  7. Jaben Australia
    Hi all!
    Jaben is in the process of starting in Melbourne and I would love to show you guys what we'll have to offer!
    I'll bring in the following:
    - Hippo line (VB, shroom, boom etc)
    - Crossroads HR1
    - Go-Vibe amps
    - Futuresonics Atrio M5
    - Final Audio Forte buds
    - 9Wave NW-STUDIO PRO
    - Ordnance amps
    - UE Triple.fi 10
    - Hifiman RE0
    and maybe these too:
    - Graham Slee amp(s)
    - Crystal cables
    - Beyerdynamic headphones
    - Headamp amps
    and a bunch of other stuff, it all depends on when stock comes
    I can also bring a pair of HD25-II and K501 from my own collection if anyone's interested.

    Basically I can try and get anything from Singapore Jaben if you want to try anything in particular.
    Just ask!
    I'll bring some stuff I can giveaway too [​IMG]
    P.S. I'm in Melbourne so I'll need to know if the date is solid
  8. mitos
    The ball is finally..finally rolling- so to speak, lol. Yeah, i already with John, UTS isn't the best place, but since 1. it's July all the kiddies would be on holidays(I think it's still holidays for UTS?). Furthermore, since there's nobody in the library, chances are UTS will use less air conditioning- yes, I know it's central a/c.  2. Cost of hiring a hall, in the near the city- pricey!
    Now that we know, we'll more likely have the numbers, I think it's time  we plan on getting a location.
  9. Dragon23


    Most UTS students will still have their month's break during July.
  10. pkwak
    Yep, I have been looking at function rooms. Sorry if I did not make it clear, but UTS venue is scrapped~ The function rooms vary in cost and size and hopefully a suitable one would come up. But we need approximate number. Ideally it would be best if we already had 40 people on the list attending so that we can book one of the larger function rooms but we do not. Also unfortunately the church would be great but the church, my church anyway, uses its hall for the whole day on Sunday and I would not be able to borrow it. Well, if any of you dear headfiers have any ideas for venue feel free to participate in this brainstorm~
    (Meanwhile, I am going to check out this venue in Homebush Bay Apartment block._

    Cheers. Paul.
  11. pkwak
    Yeah~ I always wanted to try out the Re0. They always had good reviews as to SQ and this is great~

  12. alex699
    Hey I'd love to come it's just as a chef my roster can be all over the place, day or night 7 days a week.
    Can bring: AKG K702's with Cardas Audio upgrade cable and (cardas audio 6.3mm-3.5mm converter),
    AKG K 240 Mk II's (using same upgrade cable)
    160g iPod classic loaded with lossless audio,
    Sendstation- portable DAC for iPod, using the iPod's 30-pin plug,
    Headroom's Total Bithead- portable headphone amp.  It's able to drive the hard 600 ohms headphones from an iPod!
    And of course my Macbook unibody and my 1TB external HDD with all my audio files.
    Possibly my other notebook, for some proper HD audio.
    Would like to bring my B&W MM-1 speakers but don't really have any private transport yet.
    Would really be interested in a decent headphone amp that I've been searching for, for quiet a while.
    Anyone have any remote chance of borrowing a Beyerdynamic A1 headphone amp for the day?
    I really hope I can be there.  Is it still going ahead in Melbourne?  I'm from Caringbah, Sydney so details would be good if for no other reason than for work,
  13. pkwak
    Welcome Alex699. I'll add u in.
    Also what do you mean melbourne? Is there a meet happening there as well? This meet we are organizing is for Sydney... I am confused.
  14. pkwak
    Just an update: I checked out the homebush bay pulse function hall and it was great, big room with many desks and chairs. It could easily fit 60 headfiers with their gears. I could not speak to the person in charge because she did not work on the weekends but I will contact her on Monday to confirm the availability and price. There is a chance the hall is only available to the residents who live in one of the homebush bay apartments. Does anyone know anyone who live in homebush bay apartments?
  15. Dentian
    I am interested in coming to the meet, will bring my Ultrasone 2500 and Rudistor sistema amp if someone wouldn't mind letting me borrow a source. I am really interested in hearing the UM range.
    I live in the Homebush Bay apartments, so if you need a resident to book the venue just let me know and I'll see if I can sort something out.
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