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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. pkwak
    Mitos, if it is not too much trouble, can I entrust u to PM others? Sorry, I won't have time at the moment to do this.
  2. pkwak
    Here is more info about the 'room' in the photo.

    Room: CM5A.01.44 - Sandpit

    Room type: Open space

    Location: Level 1 - Block A

    Facilities: 4 x desks (3 mobile, 1 fixed to normally be used as presenter position) 4 x 2 Touch Interactive White board 4 x Local Computer (inbuilt) with internet access 4 x USB connection Laptop – IWB 4 x HDMI connectivity 4 x Laptop VGA + Audio connectivity

    Capacity: 30
  3. svyr

    exactly how far is parking :D ? I'm not sure if people fancy carrying a 10kg amp or two for a few 100m
    and what's the reason why we want a meet in exam/assessment period for unis, when about 1/2 the people on the meets seem to be uni students :D (re: moving to start of jul)?

    also, is there an option for more desks (if people drag a lot of gear with them), and how many power points does the room have :D ?
  4. svyr
    the other option is to PM people in syd first (ask currawong for a list even if it is based on geoloc or something :D nice to have an Aus admin :D)
    and along with inviting them to a meet ask whether they know of a/can arrange a venue and we can if necessary pay x/attending provided we get n ppl.
  5. mitos
    There's plenty of parking near UTS. I'll keep people posted on the where abouts of parking near UTS main campus. But there's one at Paddy's haymarket opposite Law/Commerce building/library??  Also, there's parking behind george st, near a hotel. i need to the name of it, my mates park there all the time. It's basically a 5 min walk to UTS main campus.
    For people with lots of gear, just bring one of those wheelie trolley thingos
    i'll post further info or pkwak may, since he knows the city
  6. svyr

    Wheelie wha? Where are we supposed to get that...
    2x10kg amps, 1 laptop, 4hp, misc cables, etc lol... oh, I know, I'll bring my DT48e and that's it instead, lol :D
    perfect. I can also beat up anyone trying to roll me for them, since they're 'industrial strength' :D <--- that's the general logic people might use if the parking is too far from the venue :D (>20m :D and a couple of stairs)

    Btw UTS main campus, or Wynard thing? nevermind, read the above. BTW, they also have a few floors in a building at Wynard. Generally they're pretty booked during the week with corporate things, but IDK about weekends.
  7. pkwak
    mitos and nelda, can u tell me ur suburb of residence? I will post them on first page, so that people can contact each other to organize transport. Thnx.
  8. mitos
    I live in Epping, Northline line( Hornsby to City)
  9. nelda
    Riverwood 2210
  10. svyr
    > mitos and nelda, can u tell me ur suburb of residence? I will post them on first page, so that people can contact each other to organize transport. Thnx.

    lol, for that you also need to include whether they have car and are willing to give people living nearby a ride there & or back(yes, we'll chip in for petrol :D)
    or maybe people living nearby want to splits for a taxi or something...
  11. hpz
    Oh yeah I almost forgot, I can bring my brother's Wyred4Sound DAC2 as well.  Hope this meet gets finalised.  :)     I'm really looking forward to it.
  12. pkwak
    well, svyr once we have enough people, you can organise lift with people near you. for example, one of the member is coming from new castle and if the venue is west, then that member can pick some of the member on the way etc. and people would offer to give lifts anyway.
    hpz: is you brother coming as well?
  13. hpz
    Oh yeah my brother will probably come along .  Headfi ID: Yuh
  14. pkwak
    Just as update, I have pm'ed members.
  15. juzmister
    Hi guys,
    I might be able to come..
    I would bring
    Melos SHA Gold
    Northstar m192
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