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'Can Con' Sydney meet 10/07 Unique Melody, i-enjoy.com.au, Jaben Australia, Twisted Cables & Krispy Kables to join us~ Major prize giveaway by Jaben Aus~

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  1. nelda
    Well, as I'm a distributor for Schiit and several others, I can come with several gears:
    - Schiit Asgard, Valhalla and maybe Lyr (currently out of stock).
    - Eastern Electric MiniMax DAC
    - Heed CanAmp
    - Violectric V800
    As for headphone, I can bring
    - Senn HD600
    - ALO HFI-780
    Maybe if there's more gear, more will like to attend?
  2. pkwak
    Thank you nelda, I will update the list for people attending. This is great, we have another distributor joining our meet everyone~
  3. pkwak
    Hi, everyone. I think I have found the venue at UTS. Unfortunately, the rooms can only be booked in one week in advance. Also, how long would the meet go for, so that I can make arrangements. (1 person can book it for 2 hour per day, so depending on how long it goes for I need to find more people to book it for me). I was thinking 10am to 4pm. Also another issue is parking. Being in the city, parking are not cheap. There are free parking but they are far away. One more issue, the 'room' is not actually a room but it is an area semi enclosed with walls and have desks and chairs. So non meeting attendees will be around us and security may be an issue. Is there other headfiers who goes to UTS? Can you contact me, so that we can examine the area together.?
  4. svyr

    Errr, that sound a bit... I still think a church function room (e.g. like the one used in the latest Melb meet) might be a better option (perhaps somewhere not far from the city, but with parking/parking right next to the venue, since those generally do have spots...And it's private). It probably has less restrictive booking policies as well... (google for function room lease or have a look in the yellow pages or something)

    By the way, aside from the equipment list, you may want to explicitly state the proposed date and venue (even if they say TBA) on the first page, as well as to start a catalogue of who's living where and subsequently carpooling options
  5. pkwak
    All the 
    IMG_09841.jpg IMG_09851.jpg IMG_09861.jpg
  6. pkwak
    This is the "room" I was talking about. All the area inside the blue walls.
    As you can see from the first picture, there are desks and chairs for people to sit and study.
  7. pkwak


    I would person like to hold it at a church myself, but the meet being on a weekend, I do not see how it is viable. Normally, church have services and other activities on the weekend IMO, at least the few church that I know of. I wonder how they managed to borrow a Church... plus I dont think leasing a room is an option, because of the costs involved and people would not want to pay to attend a meet.
    In regards to the date and venue, I have not yet posted it up because the date will change with the venue. If a venue comes up and it may only be available on a particular date. And last thing I want to do is to change the date and people having to change their schedule or not attend.
    I admit I have not organised such a meet people and have many thing that I have over-looked. So any help from you is appreciated. Do you have any ideas on a specific potential venue that we could borrow for free?
  8. pkwak
    Also being at late June, it is end of exam period and there wont be many people about in the Uni.
  9. svyr
    > plus I dont think leasing a room is an option, because of the costs involved and people would not want to pay to attend a meet.

    we paid about $15 to attend last time for the venue costs + pizza and no one seemed to mind.

    Keep in mind, people get a change to 'try before they buy' some really high-end setups, so it's well worth the $15 :D (we had about 20 people if not more at the Melb meet). That's in the sense that you don't have to buy the gear to then lose the 10-50% on re-selling it used :D. In that sense, $15-20 is fantastic value.

    I wouldn't get hung up on the 'venue for free' thing. It's more important for it to be accessible and have parking/be relatively close to the city :D / have tables and power points ...
  10. pkwak
    Ok, I will try looking elsewhere, the the meanwhile can you also have a look as well?
  11. pkwak
    Actually, would it be too troubling to ask you svyr to organize the venue for us? Since you seem very experience in meets and know what is required of the venue? Honestly I have 5 assignments and 1 presentation due in the next four weeks and I do not think I can invest too much time at the moment. ^^;; PLZ~
  12. svyr

    Work 9-6 M-F :) / major project is due soon (yay overtime :D), so I'm not in a much better position. I'll have a look on Sat, for the venues, and I'll help you as much as I can otherwise, but I'm unfortunately in no position to organize the meet :wink:

    Another option is moving the meet over to mid june (what is it on now :D ? and when's after uni exams?) . (my nfb-10wm is faulty and I'm sending it back tomorrow for repair :frowning2: )
  13. mitos
    I actually dig UTS library lol. It does look alright. I guess, if you get permission from the UTS to mention that we'll be hosting a non-profit event, the security guards won't mind that much. Also, cause it'll be on a Sunday of week 12? I guess there may or may not be too many people in there. Yes, it's exam time but no, cause it's Sunday.
    Have you PM'ed any other guys that have already hosted Sydney meets? Might ask Currawong where he hosted.
  14. ldap
    Has this event already happened?
  15. pkwak
    svyr: we were thinking either 6th or 25th of june. It is Uni holidays from 2nd of July.
    mitos: the venue on the photo is actually law/business building next to library, so there won't be ID checks to go in. If you are available on Saturday morning, I can show it to u.
    Idap: welcome~ no the meet has not happened yet. Hahaha ^^;;; still deciding on the venue and date (depending on venue). Would you like to join us in our meet? What gear do have and would you bring any gear? If you don't then it is ok as well.
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